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Richard Cabeza
Feb 14, 2014
Photographers: Staff
Hot Box
Why don’t we (North America) get any of the fun little pickups and van things we see all over the Internet? Don’t worry about answering that, it’s a rhetorical question. Anyway, Honda’s N Box+ looks to be in line with the styling cues of Scion’s xB and Nissan’s Cube, but has been equipped with many versatile functions that look to be usable and have real sensibility. The convenience of the multi-space system makes for superb interior functionality, and the retractable loading ramp does actually look helpful.
The N Box+ is currently available in Japan with no talks of it being released to our market, but maybe if enough of us watch Honda’s commercial for their funkly little box on wheels, we can sway the decision-makers. OK, probably not, but look for it on our website’s blog section (! It’s two minutes of pure bliss.
Subject: All Truckin’, No Trickin’
Dear Editor,
I just wanted to say thank you for not showing another Scion in the November issue of MT. I know they are popular with the younger generation, but the magazine title says it all … Mini Truckin’, so there should be trucks and trucks only. I know this is a subjective subject. But I really liked that slammed Bronco instead of another Scion. After all, not everybody wants or needs a “fullsize” truck, especially with gas at $5.00 a gallon. Keep up the good work!
John Behneman
Photo 5/6   |   Custom Scion Pickup
Hey John,
I’d have to say that I follow you … to a certain extent. It is true—you are reading the only magazine out there that is 100-percent dedicated to minitrucks. But I think there’s an invisible umbrella that also includes the likes of xBs and other smaller-scale SUVs and van-like vehicles into our market. In fact, one could even argue that our community sprung from van culture of the ’60s and ’70s, and these lil’ buggers are the new van generation. Certainly, there are purists out there who only want to see old fashioned, bed-equipped pickup trucks, which is fine. We love that, obviously. That’s who we are and always have been, but there is more out there to look at (at least recognize) to simply just write off. It’s really a good topic for discussion, thanks for writing in.
Agree? Disagree? Mistake this mag for Scion Quarterly? Drop a line to and let us know what YOU think!
Browsin’ Around
Winter is here! Check out Eastwood’s line of battery sustainers to keep your cell healthy and ready to crank come spring!
Photo 6/6   |   Eastwood Website
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