SEMA 2013 New Product Roundup

Richard Cabeza
Apr 9, 2014
SEMA is a joyous time for gear heads -- just look at the awesome new parts and tools that debuted this past year! We were thinking of you when we poured through the mountain of new products, so here’s a rundown of just some of the cool stuff.

Photo 2/12   |   Ingersoll Rand S R1100 Series Ratchet
Cordless Wonder
Ingersoll Rand’s R1100 Series ratchet is available in 3/8- and ¼-inch sizes and delivers up to 30 lb-ft of torque and has durable heads to handle additional manual ratcheting when the job demands it. The patent-pending slim-line battery design and paddle-style trigger allow for easy operation and a variety of grip positions and angles.

Photo 3/12   |   Kinetik S Hc Rev Series Power Cells
New Start
Kinetik’s new line of HC REV Series power cells feature an advanced silver plate AGM technology and an all-new case designed for maximum output while keeping heat under control. The battery also comes with a 2-year warranty. Join the REVolution today and provide your electronics the power they demand.

Spray Classy
3M’s Paint Defender Spray system comes in two parts -- the first being the spray film, which protects paint from rock chips, bugs, sand, salt, and other crap that can damage your beautiful finish. It dries as an invisible coating and dries to a continuous clear film that is removable by hand. The spray trigger, which can be used with any aerosol can, features a comfy grip that reduces hand fatigue.

Photo 6/12   |   Ironclad Touchscreen Work Glove
The Right Touch
The TouchScreen Work Glove from Ironclad, lets you operate touch-screen devices without ever having to remove your gloves. The exclusive TS1 material that has been sewn into the fingertip and palm side of the glove draws connectivity from the entire palm of the hand, which ensures that the maximum amount of conductivity us available at the thumb and fingertips, and that the glove functions in both clean and dirty conditions.

Photo 7/12   |   Tugboat Sounding Horn
Tug Job
Everybody has a train horn, so why not blow them out of the water with this tugboat sounding horn? The noise can easily be mistaken for a deep ship horn sound … coming in at full speed.

Photo 8/12   |   Ridetech S New Q Series Smooth Body Shocks
Quality Control
RideTech’s new Q-Series smooth body shocks offer superior ride quality of a monotube shock with tenability. The rebound adjustable valving allows for the ultimate handling performance at the turn of a knob. Available in a wide selection of universal sizes.

Photo 9/12   |   Professional Welding Helmet
Head Check
This professional welding helmet is auto-darkening, has a large viewing area, a variable shade #9-#13, and custom Eastwood graphics. Good eye protection should not be overlooked.

Photo 10/12   |   Portable Usb Charging Kit

The Portable USB Charging Kit, or the PUCK as it’s better known, is the ultimate power charger for the portable electronic gadgets in your life. The PUCK features a “Charge Through Technology” design that allows for charging and using the product at the same time, and also has built-in short circuit monitor. Data-Block technology keeps your phone safe from USB data hackers. Use it for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Droid, Blackberry, GoPro, Kindle, etc.

Photo 11/12   |   Air Lift Performance S Compressor Isolator
Quiet Life
Air Lift Performance’s compressor isolator is designed to secure a Viair 380, 400, 444, 450, 480 compressor, while keeping operating noise down to a whisper. The spring-loaded rubber mounts drastically reduce vibration. Simple mount brackets to your compressor, and install in your truck. Easy.

Photo 12/12   |   Fesler Built Glue Kit
Stick Up
This glue kit from Fesler Built includes one of every adhesive they have to offer in a 2-ounce bottle. A 2-ounce debonder and activator and a convenient carry case is also included. Fesler’s glue bonds wood, metal, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, leather, paper, and fabrics of all kinds. Stop using hobby glue, and step up to what the pros use.



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