Morrison, Colorado was the setting recently for the Merritt Equipment Truck Fest where custom trucks of all types as well as big rigs and Jeep enthusiasts from the entire Midwest descended upon the mile-high track at Bandimere Speedway for a night and day of bracket racing, beer drinking, and big rig racing. Scooting down 1320 feet at a rate of 20 seconds or so isn't so disrespectable when you consider the gross weight of these tractor trailers, many of them custom. Even the mini trucks got a place to pop off their hydraulics while a few bagged C-10s could be found dotting the landscape. Stealing the show though was a fully raced-out '38 Ford running 11's . All in all the scene was represented well as the many different types of owners were mingling with one another to share stories. The title sponsor, Merritt Equipment out of Henderson, CO, did a good job organizing the event and contributing sponsor Five-R Custom Trucks out of Golden, CO had their custom trucks on had to show off their work, as did other sponsors and vendors like ATS Diesel and BDI. This was a fun and exciting event that had both a traditional truck show being held with a drag race component so there was something for everyone to enjoy. Get this show on your calendar for next year as it will only grow in popularity. For more information, and to find out about future shows being put on by Merritt Equipment, go to