Local Finesse held a cruise night at Duke’s Cafe in Yorba Linda, California, and it is proof that the mini-truck scene is alive and well in its Southern California birthplace. Normally this is a meet reserved for club members and petitioners only, but the invitation was extended to some local clubs, and this normally small gathering was bursting at the seams. Members of No Regrets, Dropped Addictions, Relaxed Atmosphere, and Nu Minis came out to represent their respective clubs and be a part of the local scene. Mini-truck clubs have seen a decline in popularity in recent years, but one look at the overflowing parking lot would say different. The entire build run was on display as well, from fully decked-out show trucks with trick bodywork and skillfully sprayed paintjobs, and dressed-up daily drivers who wore their mileage proudly, to trucks that were being built on a budget and still under various stages of construction. In true mini-truck style, this was an all-makes, no-attitude show; all in attendance were talking about how long it’s been since they’d seen each other last and where they were going to show up next. The scene is also age inclusive, as many brought their kids so they could be exposed to some good clean fun. The event is held monthly and more information can be found at www.localfinesse.cc/join.asp and www.facebook.com/localfinesseoc.