The Southern California Mini Truck Council had its annual Getting it all Together show in Hesperia, California, at the Mojave Forks Campground, and it was three days of camping, dragging, and bragging. Bringing a collection of mini-truck clubs from Southern California to one location also brought out the days of old, as older club members hazed new recruits, dragged their trucks around the campground, and consumed more than a few adult beverages. The feeling of the whole weekend was that of openness and brotherhood as there were no club rivalries or ill feelings among any of the attendees. The whole campground seemed to hum at the same vibration with showgoers walking around complimenting each other on their builds or recommending a new tweak in where to cut/weld or what paint scheme would go best with what interior. The SCMTC has seen its numbers slightly dwindle in past years, but judging by the turnout and the good vibes that it created, the Council is definitely on an upswing. Mini-trucks started in SoCal with its great weather and free-flowing ideas, and while the scene had a lull in recent years, it seems to coming back in force as some older club members want to return to their roots and new recruits get sold on the ease and affordability of crafting their own mini-truck to be judged in the court of public opinion. With this annual show in the bag, there is still more fun to be had as the Council has a cruise night the third Saturday of each month at Archibald’s restaurant in Ontario, California. For more information, go to, so get yourself a mini-truck already and join the fun!