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  • Rudy's Diesel and Offroad's 2015 Fall Truck Jam

Rudy's Diesel and Offroad's 2015 Fall Truck Jam

The Final Conflict

Jason Sands
Feb 27, 2016
Photographers: Jason Sands, KJ Jones
Just because the diesel event season has to unfortunately come to an end, that doesn't mean it can't exit with a bang. Held every October, Rudy's Diesel and Offroad's Fall Truck Jam is considered the unofficial grand finale of the drag racing and sled pulling seasons.
With the Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) and the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League (PPL) wrapping up their respective points series at Rudy's (as the event is called in short form), the event is tons of nonstop action. People on their way to Julian, North Carolina’s Piedmont Dragway need to make sure they’re ready for the annual drag-racing, sled-pulling, truck-showing jamboree.
Although the 2015 event was cut short by rain on its final day, it was a huge success nonetheless, as evidenced by the following photo highlights and results.
Drag Racing
Photo 2/28   |   003 Rudy Truck Jam Seth Vs Sam
The main draw at Rudy's Fall Truck Jam was a challenge laid down by Aaron “Rudy” Rudolf that put $1,000 in the pockets of drivers of trucks that ran 5.79 seconds or quicker in the eighth-mile. Two contenders for the cash were Seth Sullivan in his insane ’98 Dodge Ram 2500 (which actually scored the popular driver a cool grand with a 5.60 e.t.), and Sam Smith, who barely missed with a 5.83-second e.t.
Photo 3/28   |   004 Rudy Truck Jam Sam 1700hp 12v
Running in the XDP Pro Street Class, Sam Smith's ’94 Dodge Ram 2500 houses this awesome, compound-turbocharged 12-valve 5.9L Cummins that makes 1,700 hp on an engine dyno. The truck ran consistent 5.80s.

Outlaw Diesel Super Series action was hot and heavy on the eighth-mile dragstrip, as the XDP Pro Street Class drew some of the hottest racers in the country to compete for the 2015 class championship. To make things more exciting, Rudy’s owner Aaron Rudolf raised the stakes even higher by issuing a challenge during the qualifying sessions, in which a $1,000 bonus was paid to any Pro Street driver who could run a 5.79-or-quicker e.t. Seth Sullivan, Ryan Milliken, and Ben Shaddy were each able to claim the additional cash.
In addition to XDP Pro Street trucks, there were several dragsters and altereds on the grounds, competing in the MBRP Pro-Dragster and Diamond Diesel Pistons Pro Mod categories. Here is a rundown of the winners:
XDP Pro Street            
Friday, October 9, 2015            
    Name City/State Brand E.T. MPH
  Winner Ben Shaddy Osgood, IN Dodge 5.79 127.6
  Runner-Up Ryan Milliken Navarre, FL Dodge 5.83 126.7
Diamond Diesel Pistons Pro Mod            
Friday, October 9, 2015            
    Name City/State Brand E.T. MPH
  Winner Nathan Laws Spruce Pine, NC Altered 5.84 120.25
MBRP Pro Dragster            
Friday, October 9, 2015            
    Name City/State Brand E.T. MPH
  Winner Wade Moody Mechanicsville, MD Dragster 4.66 161
  Runner-Up Jared Jones Terre Haute, IN Dragster DNS DNS
Sled Pulling
Photo 4/28   |   002 Rudy Truck Jam Trump Pulling Truck
Photo 5/28   |   020 Rudy Truck Jam Work Stock
In addition to drag racing, sled pulling is a big element of the festivities at Rudy's, where everything from a Work Stock Class Ford to purpose-built pullers can compete.

As day turned into night at Piedmont Dragway, competitors of the Carolina Truck and Tractor Pullers (a smaller, state-centered organization) and national Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League put on a great show “under the lights.”
Hot Street      
Friday, October 9, 2015      
  Finish Driver Distance (Feet)
  1 Zack Pierce 305
  2 Randy Nall 301.55
  3 Matt Visci 299.01
Work Stock Diesel      
Friday, October 9, 2015      
  Finish Driver Distance (Feet)
  1 Jesse Boehne 341.64
  2 Heath Armstrong 319.04
  3 Brianna Hill 311.58
2.5 Diesel      
Friday, October 9, 2015      
  Finish Driver Distance (Feet)
  1 Adam White 336.21
  2 Dylan Detweiler 313.57
  3 Hank Carlton 311.07
Photo 6/28   |   026 Rudy Truck Jam 30 Class Beauty
One of the most beautiful trucks in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League AirDog 3.0 Class is Jeremy McDaniel's Burnin' Burley, which managed a 311-foot, Eighth Place effort.
AirDog 3.0 Diesel Trucks            
Friday, October 9, 2015            
  Finish Name Driver City/State Brand Distance (Feet)
  1 Off Constantly Curt Haisley Nicholasville, KY Dodge 318.65
  2 Bad Timing Andrew Grove New Freedom, PA Dodge 316.51
  3 Ran Broke Chapter Eleven Gasport, NY Dodge 315.87
ARP Super Stock Diesel Trucks            
Friday, October 9, 2015            
  Finish Name Driver City/State Brand Distance (Feet)
  1 Lethal Weapon Carl Atley Xenia, OH Ford 327.66
  2 Against the Grain Shane Kellog Kenton, OH Dodge 322.47
  3 Rock Hard Ram Van Haisley Fairmont, IN Dodge 312.39
2.6 Diesel Trucks            
Friday, October 9, 2015            
  Finish Name Driver City/State Brand Distance (Feet)
  1 All Attitude Rob Wright McArthur, OH Dodge 340.56
  2 The Crippler Joshua Land Lancaster, KY Dodge 339.7
  3 Girl's Night Out Corrie Baker Mt Pleasant, PA Chevrolet 333.19
Photo 7/28   |   005 Rudy Truck Jam Chase 560s
One of few four-wheel-drive trucks in Pro Street is Chase Lunsford's ’01 Dodge Ram 2500. The nitrous-assisted, single-turbo Cummins propels the 4,500-pound rig to 1.3-second 60-foot times, and 5.60s and 5.70s in the eighth-mile.
Photo 8/28   |   006 Rudy Truck Jam Brian Jelich 73
Brian Jelich’s ’00 Ford F-250 looked very impressive in Pro Street, running impressive mid-6-second e.t.’s during qualifying.
Photo 9/28   |   007 Rudy Truck Jam Seth Vs Ben
With an estimated 2,200 hp and an astounding 139.9 mph in the eighth-mile, Seth Sullivan's 4x4 was a heavy favorite to win the XDP Pro Street final. Ben Shaddy’s '05 Dodge Ram 1500 was flying, too, however. After eliminating Seth thanks to a holeshot and a 5.71-second e.t., Ben moved to the final round.
Photo 10/28   |   008 Rudy Truck Jam Pro Street Finals
The slightest starting line advantage and a 0.04-second e.t. lead at the finish line were all Ben needed to take seal the victory over Ryan Milliken's '14 Dodge Ram 1500.
Photo 11/28   |   009 Rudy Truck Jam Sleeper Ford
One of the best sleepers of the event was this Platinum Edition Ford Super Duty, which looks stock but runs high-7-second e.t.’s, at more than 90 mph.
Photo 12/28   |   010 Rudy Truck Jam Tubbed 2wd
Although Saturday's BD Diesel Performance 6.70 and ATS Diesel Performance 7.70 Index Classes were unable to finish because of rain, a number of trucks still made test passes. This unique, tubbed, longbed Dodge is one of the better-hooking two-wheel-drive trucks in the 7.70 Class.
Photo 13/28   |   011 Rudy Truck Jam Rat Diesel
With a mean VGT whistle, this 6.0L Ford-powered rat rod surprised a lot of folks with low-8-second eighth-mile passes.
Photo 14/28   |   012 Rudy Truck Jam Wade Wade Wade
Wade Moody's twin-turbocharged, nitrous-oxide-assisted, Duramax-powered dragster was extremely impressive, running a 4.49-second e.t. and 163-mph trap speed. It just might be the first Duramax-powered rail to ever run a 6-second quarter-mile.
Photo 15/28   |   013 Rudy Truck Jam Rudys Booth
An extensive vendors row is part of the extravaganza, which, of course, includes a Rudy's merchandise booth. Here, spectators buy apparel and check out some of the latest products Rudy's has to offer.
Photo 16/28   |   014 Rudy Truck Jam Monster Ford
The 54-inch tires and Rockwell axles demonstrate the owner of this show-’n’-shine old-body-style Ford did a great job of building his own monster truck.
Photo 17/28   |   015 Rudy Truck Jam Vendors Row
Some of the biggest names in the diesel performance industry have booths in vendors row, where fans can consult with the experts about turbochargers, transmissions, engines, and more.
Photo 18/28   |   016 Rudy Truck Jam Dyno
We saw Rams, GMs, Fords, and even a couple of BMWs on the chassis dyno, which was available for owners who wanted to test their vehicles’ might.
Photo 19/28   |   017 Rudy Truck Jam Rudys Ram
A Rudy's Edition Ram? Yep, the company is branching out, and it had this brand-new ’15 Ram with a trick lift and springs setup by Carli Suspension on display.
Photo 20/28   |   019 Rudy Truck Jam Show Row
Photo 21/28   |   021 Rudy Truck Jam Mean Dmax
Carolina Truck and Tractor Pullers offers Work Stock, Hot Street, and 2.5 (turbocharger inducer size, measured in inches) Classes and holds events throughout the Tar Heel state for local pullers who want to battle for sled supremacy.
Photo 22/28   |   022 Rudy Truck Jam Old Skool Puller
The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League (PPL) made its final stop at Rudy's, where 2.6, 3.0, (turbocharger inducer size, measured in inches), and Super Stock Classes wrapped up their points chases.
Photo 23/28   |   023 Rudy Truck Jam Crippler
Josh Land had a strong showing with his Dodge Ram 2500, a clean, blue rig that’s better known as The Crippler. Josh worked the wheel to a Second Place finish of 339.70 feet in the PPL’s 2.6 Diesel Trucks Class—just inches behind the winner.
Photo 24/28   |   024 Rudy Truck Jam Rob Wright
Rob Wright won the 2.6 Diesel Trucks Class at Rudy's, with a 340.56-foot pull.
Photo 25/28   |   025 Rudy Truck Jam Tazmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil, driven by Jeff Siler, competes regularly in the PPL 2.6 Diesel Trucks Class and was one of the most unique pullers on the property at Rudy’s.
Photo 26/28   |   027 Rudy Truck Jam Smokinya
Photo 27/28   |   028 Rudy Truck Jam Cummins Killer
The Cummins Killer had limited success in ARP Super Stock during the 2015 PPL season, despite running only a single (but enormous) turbocharger. At Rudy's, however, the truck experienced mechanical issues and could only muster an aborted 166-foot pull.
Photo 28/28   |   029 Rudy Truck Jam Ohio Cat Winner
Carl Atley was the winner in ARP Super Stock, covering 327.66 feet in Lethal Weapon: more than 5 feet farther than any other pullers in the category.


Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League
Outlaw Diesel Super Series
Carolina Truck and Tractor Pullers
Piedmont Dragway
Rudy's Diesel & Offroad



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