Lincoln once again has recaptured the luxury SUV market with this stunning 2017 Navigator Concept. Truck Trend News had ran an article earlier in the year when the concept was announced showing only conceptual drawings of what this stunning piece of automotive jewelry could look like when brought to fruition. Lincoln went one step further and decided to put their money where their mouth is and put the concept on display in its modern and luxurious storefront showroom in the equally opulent confines of Fashion Island, in tony Newport Beach, CA. The space itself is a reflection of where the automaker is right now, and where it plans to stay: on the very cusp of luxury and technology while still having a very modern and approachable feel. The Navigator Concept was put on display front and center in the showroom, albeit held back by stanchions, with the giant gullwing door that opens up the side of the vehicle for unencumbered access to the front and rear seats. To access the cab, a three step retractable running board system deploys and gently folds down within inches of the pavement allowing the occupants to bath in the 30-way adjustable Lincoln Perfect Position seating. Sadly, due to safety regulations the hood could not be opened to get a glimpse of the 3.5L twin-turbocharged V-6 with more than 400 hp. But was on display were the massive 305/35R24 Yokohama tires that were mounted on the equally massive 12x24-inch wheel that perfectly tuck up into the wheelwells providing a subdued and appropriate wheel gap for a vehicle of this size. The LED headlights are set back a little from the redesigned grille, separating the two. Speaking of separate, the rearview mirrors are not mounted to the body and seem to float off of their pedestals in a way that baffled this writer for some time. To quote, Kumar Galhotra, President of Lincoln, this is a representation of “quiet luxury – vehicles and experiences that are elegant, effortlessly powerful and serene.” While this salute to Lincoln’s past is only a concept, the new styling cues are decidedly softer and more understated than in previous generations, with a more modern design that is a hint of where the brand would like to go. To see the orginal article that appeared on, click here.