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  • Event Coverage: Power Fest Rally 2004

Event Coverage: Power Fest Rally 2004

Power Stroke Celebrates 10 Years

Thomas Voehringer
Nov 29, 2004
What kind of party do you throw for a 10-year-old? If your baby gurgles with the ferocity of a grizzly bear and emits the rich aroma of burnt diesel fuel, then only a one-of-a-kind of party will do. Over 300 registrants from all over North America drove into Indianapolis Raceway Park to participate in this year's Power Fest National Rally in support of the first 10 years of Power Stroke production.
The Rally set aside five days on the grounds of IRP to allow participants ample time and space to get situated and engage in a full schedule of events organized through the collaborative efforts of FOKISD (pronounced fo-kist), the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Super Duty club, Ford Trucks, International, and Indianapolis Raceway Park. This year's event drew a substantially larger crowd than previous years, with at least one other club cancelling its own event to attend.
Things got underway early. Thursday morning saw a mile-long stream of burbling Super Dutys threading their way down the Interstate headed for the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville. This was a poker run as well, with highest hands winning Ford Truck-branded swag. WIth over 100 owners eager to see a truck created before their eyes, briskly paced walking tours of the largest truck-building facility in America began.
What an incredible toy box it is. Stacks of shiny new axles, engines, transmissions, turbos, and exhausts populated an industrial landscape connected by miles of continuous assembly lines. Bodies for Excursions and F-Series Super Dutys dangle overhead awaiting a union with various engine and chassis packages. There wasn't an owner present that didn't want this ultimate garage of unlimited interchangeability.
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The same friendly, refreshed faces showed up Friday morning for another plant tour. This time, International Indianapolis Engine Plant was the host. Tucked away among quaint, single-family dwellings, the IIEP produces every Power Stroke engine in a fraction of the area that houses KTP's loading/shipping area. After ogling the vintage Scout stashed in the International garage, we're bused back to IRP for a Show-n-Shine and BBQ, followed by a run up to the Power Stroke Diesel 200 Craftsman Series Truck Race later that night.

FOKISD members and selected attendees saddled up for a pre-race display of the 10 Years of the Power Stroke Diesel. Members paraded around the oval showing off their own vehicles, one representing each year of P.S. production. The other volunteers helped with driver introductions by parading the drivers around the track in the open bed of decorated F-250s. Michael Waltrip was standing in my truck. I may as well have been Michael Jackson judging by the screams of "Michael, Michael." Each driver tossed bean-filled replicas of the Power Stroke Diesel Dog over the fence to the kids and kids at heart. I'm not sure how the Chevy-driving Waltrip felt about it. The young Waltrip DNF'd after 14 laps. The night went better for Terry Cook, driver for the Power Stroke Diesel Team, which does not, by the way, run a diesel engine. Cook finished one lap off the winner in 14th position before getting spun in an accident at the finish line.
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Saturday was reserved for the FOKISD-sponsored events. There was a mobile dyno to stir up the crowd as well as clouds of huffing diesel exhaust, and another Show-n-Shine. The dyno runs were originally scheduled for Friday, but were forced off schedule when the dyno unit was involved in an accident en route to the rally. Luckily, no one was hurt and another vendor was able to drive through the night to set up shop early Saturday morning. Tires spun nonstop throughout the day to cheers and pumping fists as the numbers began to climb amid eruptions of black smoke. A passing Super Duty from the local septic service was cajoled onto the dyno and turned out some impressive numbers. But King of All Torque went to Cris Mayhaus and his F-250 for churning out 400 horsepower and 806 pound-feet of torque. As the last of the rumbling diesels spooled down on the dyno, dinner was served and FOKISD prizes awarded to weary yet cheerful participants.

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It was a convergence of unique events and opportunities that made this a birthday unlike any other. It will be a tough act to follow, but FOKISD president Robb Wing doesn't fret. "This is first and foremost a social club. We're all about families and having fun." Mission accomplished.
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