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  • First Annual Outlaw Diesel Revenge by Firepunk Diesel

First Annual Outlaw Diesel Revenge by Firepunk Diesel

World of Outlaws

Chris Tobin
Aug 7, 2019
Photographers: Jade Tobin

Less than a week after an EF4 tornado (the Enhanced Fujita scale rates a tornado's intensity based on the damage it causes) struck the Dayton, Ohio, area, Firepunk Diesel was scheduled to hold its inaugural Outlaw Diesel Revenge race event (the second stop on the 2019 Outlaw Diesel Super Series tour) at Kil-Kare Dragway in nearby Xenia.

Fortunately, none of the Firepunk or Kil-Kare employees or crew were hurt during the storm, and the track managed to make it through unscathed as well. However, threatening weather forecasts came true just before the racing action was scheduled to get underway early Friday afternoon, with tons of rain and lightning strikes in the area keeping vendors, spectators, and racers sheltered, waiting out the thunderstorms. By midafternoon, the rain finally stopped, allowing the track crew to dry and prep the racing surface for diesel drag-racing action.

As is protocol for two-day ODSS events, the Pro classes (Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index, Hot Shot's Secret Pro Street, SunCoast Diesel Transmissions Pro Mod, and Flo-Pro Performance Exhaust Pro Dragster) were slated to have two rounds of qualifying on Friday afternoon. A Big Tire/Small Tire Shootout with a $7,500 prize was also scheduled, as well as an open test session for the Sportsman racers. The rain delay threw a wrench in the agenda, pushing the Big Tire/Small Tire eliminations to Saturday and eliminating the Sportsman Class test 'n' tune session, but the the first two rounds of ODSS Pro qualifying took place as planned.

While Friday's weather couldn't have been much worse, Saturday's conditions were night-and-day different. Warm air and blue skies appeared, and racing action ran through the afternoon and into the evening, with the final round of the Big Tire Shootout closing out the weekend.

Photo 2/123   |   Larson Miller attacks the track, his '00 Chevrolet S10 wrinkling the slicks' sidewalls as it launches hard off the starting line.

In addition to the racing, Thoroughbred Diesel sponsored the dyno competition, in which cash awards were given to the winners (highest horsepower) of three classes: 1 to 650 hp, 651 to 950 hp and Unlimited. Nearly 30 trucks rolled across the Diesel Doctor's mobile unit, including newly crowned 2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge Champion Derek Rose, who posted a casual 2,300 hp and almost 4,400 lb-ft of torque during his one and only pull. Cody Fisher's '06 Dodge Ram 2500 was the only other truck to break the 1,000hp mark, with a pull of 1,379 hp and 2,624 lb-ft of torque. Brad Helton won the 0-to-650hp class by hitting exactly 650 hp with his '15 Ford F-250. ODSS Pro Mod driver Larson Miller won the 651-to-950hp category with his daily driven '07 Dodge Ram 2500 making just about 900 hp. Of course, Derek Rose's 2,300-plus-horsepower blast was the highest-horsepower pull of the day, earning him the victory in the Unlimited Class.

Twenty owners dared to bring their show trucks out in the potentially unruly weather to compete in the event's XTP Diesel & Offroad show 'n' shine. The field of trucks ranged from lifted show rigs to some great looking daily drivers, with trophies and awards up for grabs for the Best Dodge, Ford, GM, and Best in Show. The Best Dodge award went to Brandon McIntosh for his bright red '18 Ram 3500. Cody Hamm's root beer-colored '05 Ford F-350 (featured in the August 2019 issue of Diesel Power) took top honors in the Blue Oval category, and the Best GM status went to Austin Engel for his bright white '05 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. Another GM was voted as the Best in Show: Brandon Troyer's stunning black '13 GMC Sierra 2500 HD.

Photo 3/123   |   The first annual Firepunk Diesel Outlaw Diesel Revenge event got off to a soggy start, with rain damping Friday afternoon.

A crowd favorite Saturday afternoon before the final rounds was the Hot Shot's Secret-sponsored group of racers from the Central Ohio Power Wheel Drag Racing group. Sophia Gilbert took home the trophy for the 12-volt Stock Class with her Ram (which features a wrap that looks like her dad's Pro Stock Dodge Ram 2500) taking the win over Hadley Cato. In 12-volt Modified, Ben Payton won for the second time this season over Tommy Robinson. Tommy overcame the loss by winning the 24-volt Modified category over Dayton Livingston.

In total, there were 123 entries on hand for ODSS drag racing. Once again, JAMO Performance Exhaust E.T. Bracket was the largest class, with 43 racers doing battle down the eighth-mile dragstrip. The ATS Diesel Performance/Diesel Power Magazine 7.70 and Maryland Performance Diesel 6.70 Index classes were also crowded, with 32 and 24 racers, respectively. The Pro Divisions had fewer entries; 12 in Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index and another dozen spread across the Hot Shot's Secret Pro Street, SunCoast Diesel Transmissions Pro Mod, and Flo-Pro Performance Exhaust Pro Dragster eliminators.

A few drivers chose to race in the E.T. Bracket and the 7.70 Index classes. Ryan Riddle had a great weekend, winning both eliminators back to back. In E.T., Ryan took the win over Kyle Mireitter and his Dodge, and then bested Trey Sykes' BMW in 7.70 Index. Kyle Hutchinson took home the 6.70 Index crown by defeating Zack Danner in the final round, in a Dodge-on-Dodge battle.

Photo 4/123   |   Outlaw Diesel Super Series Pro Class drivers have their trucks lined up and ready to take to the track for their first round of qualifying Friday afternoon.

In the Outlaw 5.90 Index Class, Brett Marcum scored a reaction time win over Mindy Jackson and her '94 Ford Lightning. A better reaction time helped Johnny Gilbert win an all-Dodge Pro Street final over Derek Rose. A pair of two-wheel-drive Fords battled for the Pro Mod Class win. Rawlings Barnes' F-250 clocked a 4.66-second e.t. to take the win over Brian Gray's F-150.

Once again, the Pro Dragster Class was a solo affair. Jared Jones in Scheid Diesel Motorsports' Cummins-powered dragster has been the only competitor in the class thus far. But that didn't slow down the team, as Jared made his final-round bye-run at a blistering 4.28 seconds at nearly 180 mph.

Lavon Miller and the rest of his Firepunk Diesel family and crew put on one heck of a race, with something for everyone to enjoy. While the first-year event was plagued with bad weather and recovering from a recent major tornado, they still delivered racing action that surely pleased all who attended. Be sure to put the Firepunk Diesel Outlaw Diesel Revenge on your event calendar for 2020, and check out the photo gallery to see what you missed from ODR 2019.

Photo 5/123   |   After Steve Royalty's burnout, a leaking fitting caused some fluid to catch fire under the hood of his Dodge Dakota. Thankfully, the track's starting-line crew got the fire out before any serious damage occurred.
XTP Diesel & Offroad Show 'n' Shine Results:
Best in Show Brandon Troyer '13 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 HD
Best Dodge Brandon McIntosh '18 Ram 3500
Best Ford Cody Hamm '05 Ford F-350
Best GM Austin Engel '05 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD
Dyno Results
0-to-650 hp Brad Helton '15 Ford F-250: 650 hp/1,182 lb-ft of torque
651-to-950 hp Larson Miller '07 Dodge Ram 2500: 895 hp/1,298 lb-ft of torque
Unlimited hp Derek Rose '06 Dodge Ram 2500: 2,330 hp/4,397 lb-ft of torque
ODSS Results
JAMO Performance Exhaust E.T. Bracket NAME HOMETOWN BRAND E.T. MPH
Winner Ryan Riddle Bellefontaine, OH '07 Dodge 2500 7.74 89.80
Runner-Up Kyle Mireitter West Salem, OH '98 Dodge 2500 7.44 82.39
ATS Diesel Performance/ Diesel Power 7.70 Index NAME HOMETOWN BRAND E.T. MPH
Winner Ryan Riddle Bellefontaine, OH '07 Dodge 2500 7.732 88.72
Runner-Up Trey Sykes Hamlet, NC '09 BMW 335d 7.699 87.33
Maryland Performance Diesel 6.70 Index NAME HOMETOWN BRAND E.T. MPH
Winner Kyle Hutchinson Clarksville, OH '01 Dodge 2500 6.703 104.46
Runner-Up Zack Danner Terre Haute, IN '06 Dodge 2500 6.75 104.34
Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index NAME HOMETOWN BRAND E.T. MPH
Winner Brett Marcum Logan, IA '06 Dodge 2500 6.008 119.27
Runner-Up Mindy Jackson Flooresville, TX '94 Ford F-150 Lightning 5.959 113.9
Hot Shot's Secret Pro Street NAME HOMETOWN BRAND E.T. MPH
Winner Johnny Gilbert Middlebury, IN '01 Dodge 2500 5.480 140.85
Runner-Up Derek Rose Casco, MI '06 Dodge 2500 5.280 136.86
SunCoast Diesel Transmissions Pro Mod NAME HOMETOWN BRAND E.T. MPH
Winner Rawlings Barnes Burlington, NC '08 Ford F-250 4.66 153.58
Runner-Up Brian Gray Middleburg, FL '96 Ford F-150 6.01 121.23
Flo-Pro Performance Exhaust Pro Dragster NAME HOMETOWN BRAND E.T. MPH
Winner Jared Jones Terre Haute, IN Spitzer Dragster 4.28 176.75
Runner-Up N/A
Photo 6/123   |   Watching a pair of jet dragsters run side by side at around 200 mph—covering the eighth-mile in about 3 seconds—is a treat every gearhead should get the chance to enjoy at least once in their lifetime! Todd Skelton pilots Southern Lightning while Terry Rosberg is behind the wheel of American Thunder as the pair rockets down the strip at Kil-Kare Dragway.
Photo 7/123   |   Better weather on Saturday brought a much larger crowd that filled the aisles, grandstands, and food court next to the track.
Photo 8/123   |   007 Odss 2 Firepunk Crowd
Photo 9/123   |   There were no fewer than three diesel-burning 335d BMW sedans over the weekend (on the track along with two in the parking lot) and a Volkawagen TDI-powered SUV as well. Could these sedans and SUVs be the next diesel "hot rod?"
Photo 10/123   |   Daniel Pierce has his Cummins-powered SN95 Ford Mustang looking and running great, with it crossing the stripe in 4.74 seconds at more than 150 mph.
Photo 11/123   |   Aaron Rudolf was on his way to making a good pass when the Ford F-250 overpowered the track and shot toward the center line. He kept the truck under control and didn't cross the line, showing great skill behind the wheel.
Photo 12/123   |   011 Odss 2 Firepunk Rudy
Photo 13/123   |   Tom Richey entertained the crowd with huge burnouts and high-speed exhibition passes in his highly modified '85 Chevy Astro van called Blastro!
Photo 14/123   |   Tom hauls the van in this highly modified Winnebago RV that sports a 6.6L Duramax V-8 engine backed by an Allison 1000 six-speed automatic transmission.
Photo 15/123   |   We spied this triple-turbocharged, 6.6L Duramax-powered Chevrolet Malibu as it made a pit stop at the event on its way home from SoCal Diesel to its owner in Pennsylvania. Expect to see more of this car in the future once the owner completes the build.
Photo 16/123   |   015 Odss 2 Firepunk Chevelle Dmax
Photo 17/123   |   XTP Diesel & Offroad sponsored the show 'n' shine, which featured approximately 20 trucks owned by enthusiasts who braved the inclement weather. The Best in Show award went to Brandon Troyer for his slick '13 GMC Sierra Denali 2500HD.
Photo 18/123   |   017 Odss 2 Firepunk Show Overall
Photo 19/123   |   Abraham Collins' '98 Dodge Ram 3500 spun the dyno's rollers to the tune of 505 hp and 961 lb-ft of torque.
Photo 20/123   |   Tyler Johnson's massive '95 International 4700 may be one of the largest trucks we've seen run on a mobile chassis dyno. The monster put down 316 hp and 716 lb-ft of torque.
Photo 21/123   |   Derek Rose was racing in the Hot Shot's Secret Pro Street Class but still found time to strap his Ultimate Callout Challenge-winning truck to the dyno for a blast of 2,330 hp and 4,397 lb-ft of torque!
Photo 22/123   |   021 Odss 2 Firepunk Dyno
Photo 23/123   |   Hot Shot's Secret sponsored the kids' Power Wheels drag race. Sophia Gilbert won the 12-volt Stock Class with her Ram, which features a wrap that matches her dad's Pro Street race truck.
Photo 24/123   |   Ryan Riddle (near lane) drove his silver '07 Dodge Ram 2500 to the JAMO Performance Exhaust E.T. Bracket win over Kyle Mireitter.
Photo 25/123   |   Ryan then hot-lapped around to compete in the ATS Diesel Performance/Diesel Power Magazine 7.70 Index final, taking out Trey Sykes, who broke out by one thousandth of a second (7.699).
Photo 26/123   |   Kyle Hutchinson (far lane) and Zack Danner competed in the Maryland Performance Diesel 6.70 Index final, with Kyle taking the win.
Photo 27/123   |   The Hot Shot's Secret Pro Street final round featured a battle of blue Dodges, in which Johnny Gilbert (far lane) scored a reaction-time win over Derek Rose.
Photo 28/123   |   A pair of ominous black Fords vied for the SunCoast Diesel Transmissions Pro Mod Class win. Rawlings Barnes (near lane) easily captured the victory over Brian Gray.
Photo 29/123   |   Despite running uncontested at this event, Jared Jones and the Scheid Diesel Motorsports crew put on one heck of a show with the event's lone Pro Performance Exhaust Pro Dragster. Jared piloted the Cummins-powered rail deep into the low-4-second e.t. range at blistering speeds nearing 180 mph.
Photo 30/123   |   We had hoped to see a pair of jet dragsters blast down the strip under the lights, but Todd Skelton had problems with the Southern Lightning car. So Terry Rosberg made a thrilling solo pass in American Thunder as the night of drag racing action drew to a close.
Photo 31/123   |   032 Odss 2 Firepunk Jet
Photo 32/123   |   The final race of the night was the Big Tire Shootout final round between Bill Lutz and Disco Dean Karns in Stinky Pinky Three. It was a close race all the way, with Bill's turbocharged Chevrolet Camaro edging out the supercharged Chevy Chevelle for the win.


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