Traditionally the first show of the season gives us a good idea of what the year will be like in the truck world. By all indications from the 8th Annual Spring Truck Jamboree, this year will be a great one!

After a long winter, everyone was anxious for the show season to start, and the unbelievable display of awesome new trucks in Irvine, California, did not disappoint the huge crowd. Everywhere you looked fresh debut trucks were displayed and surrounded by loyal truck fans eager to figure out what color paint, what type of interior, and what size wheels and tires were being used. While many great trucks were individually displayed, the largest grouping of awesome equipment came under the Master Image Customs banner. The level of quality that Master Image Customs produces is the benchmark for West Coast truck builders, and its wide variety of different types and style of vehicles leaves everyone inspired. We only wonder what the guys are eating over there to be able to produce so many bitchin’ trucks.

The all-day event in the warm sunshine had enough going on with the trucks to look at, live music, audio displays, and bikini contest to keep everyone entertained until the awards were finally handed out and the trucks were packed up and headed home. Now we can look forward to a great year of shows to follow this sensational season opener. For information on upcoming Inter-Shows events contact the 24-hour hotline at 949/598-5124.