DPC '10 Competitor Interview: Brian Parker

2006 Dodge Ram 2500

Mike McGlothlin
Apr 1, 2010
We're confident that a few trucks will run 10-second quarter-mile times at this year's Diesel Power Challenge-which will be a first. One of the most powerful trucks attending this year's event, and representing Team Dodge, is Brian Parker's '06 common-rail 3/4-ton. Already having run a 10.80 in the quarter-mile, he may be one of several trucks that break into the 10s during this year's drag race portion of the challenge.
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But drag racing isn't Brian's only strong point. The 976 hp he's dyno'd in the past not only backs up the truck's 10-second quarter-mile capability, but the 1,874 lb-ft of torque that accompany it could give him the win at the dyno event (which is based on the highest torque number). Solid all-around potential makes this Ram a definite candidate to take home the win in 2010. How's Brian preparing? We picked his brain earlier this week and he gave us the following answers:
Diesel Power: What changes are you making to the truck?
Brian Parker: "As far as changes, I am going to run a bigger set of injectors and a little more nitrous at the event."
DP: What tires do you plan to use?
BP: "I think I'm going to run a set of Cooper all-terrains on 20-inch black Rockstar wheels."
DP: What is your strategy going to be for each event?
BP: "My strategy will be very simple. It's to try and keep the truck together throughout the entire event."
DP: What spare parts are you bringing?
BP: "I'm going to bring front and rear driveshafts, a spare Sun Coast transmission, thanks to Ron at Sun Coast. I'm also bringing a spare transfer case, turbo, injectors, and a couple axels. Oh yeah, and lots of nitrous!"
DP: Who are your crewmembers?
BP: "Chase Fleece will be my crew chief, and as of right now I don't know who else will be there-yet."
DP: Any other thoughts?
BP:"I just want to thank Diesel Power for letting me be in this event, and all the people that have helped me with the truck: Fleece Performance, Sun Coast Converters, Steven at South Run Performance for moral support [laughs], and my dad and girlfriend for putting up with me and the truck for the past three years! I am really looking forward to this event."
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