DPC '10 Competitor Interview: Cole Dow

1993 Dodge W250

Mike McGlothlin
Apr 1, 2010
For the first time in Diesel Power Challenge history, a first-generation Dodge will be joining us in 2010. The lightweight, standard cab '93 W250 will be piloted by Cole Dow, a West Coast diesel guru with plenty of drag racing and sled pulling experience on his side. His P-pumped 12-valve Cummins will be sporting an air-to-water intercooler, a large single turbocharger, and Cole has promised to use an obscene amount of nitrous in order to keep up with all of our twin-turbo'd competitors. This is his spin on prepping himself and his truck to do battle:
Photo 2/8   |   2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview cole Dow
Diesel Power: What changes are you making to the truck?
Cole Dow: "I put in a 47RE, thanks to J&H Diesel and all of their help, and got rid of the A518, non-lockup transmission. I am also going to a bigger S400 (not exactly sure what size yet), an external wastegate, an air-to-water intercooler, and bigger injectors."
Photo 3/8   |   2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview cole Dow
DP: What tires do you plan to use?
CD: "I've got a set of Nitto Terra Grappler tires that I think will perform really well."
DP: What is your strategy going to be for each event?
CD: "My strategy will be pretty simple-spray a lot of nitrous. Because it's gonna be hard to keep up with the twin-turbo trucks."
Photo 4/8   |   2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview cole Dow
DP: What spare parts are you bringing?
CD: "I'm doing what my friend said; "just make sure you bring enough spare parts to build an entire truck." So, that's just what I'm doing."
DP: Who are your crewmembers?
CD: "So far it's just me and my brother, Cory. He can do anything I can, and a whole lot more, so I feel we should have plenty of knowledge and mechanical skills to get any job done."
Photo 5/8   |   2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview cole Dow
DP: Any other thoughts?
CD: "I would like to thank you guys for picking me to be in the Diesel Power Challenge. It is a real honor, and I look forward to being involved in such a huge event."



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