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The General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011

Team General Motors

Diesel Power Staff
Aug 1, 2011
Power. It’s what we all seek as diesel owners. Our compression-ignition, direct- injection engines give us every advantage over the common gasoline-vehicle drivers in the world. Our diesels give us the torque to tow, the strength to haul, the efficiency to get 20 mpg, and the speed to blow the doors off anything else on the road. That’s the Diesel Power way.
In the next 38 pages, you’ll be exposed to 10 daily-driven diesel pickups that have outrun, outgun, and outdone every other street-legal pickup on the planet. We’ve invited all of them to come together to battle in our seven tests of power. We call this event the Diesel Power Challenge, and this year we’ve invited this elite group of Dodge, Ford, and GM owners to gather in Denver, Colorado, for three days of torque, torture, and triumph.
In this month’s issue, we’ll give you a look at the components and drivers that make these machines so potent, but you’ll want to be sure to check back next month to see all the action from the dyno, dragstrip, sled pull, and 160-mile fuel economy drive.
Name: Newly Tolf
Age: 31
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Diesel mechanic

Photo 2/21   |   the General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 2004 Chevy Silverado Front Three Quarter
Newly Tolf is an avid drag racer, and his strategy coming into Diesel Power Challenge showed that. Thanks to the influence of an NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip located in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, Newly showed up at the event with a gutted interior and only one seat. His strategy was to dominate the asphalt events like the drag race and the trailer tow and sacrifice some distance in the sled pull. His choice of Nitto 420S tires meant traction would hopefully not be an issue while running down the quarter-mile. Look for Newly’s Dodge to be the strongest on the dragstrip, and with high 10s already under its belt, this lightweight truck could very well jump off to an early lead.
Photo 3/21   |   the General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 newly Tolf
Truck Specs
Year/Make/Model: ’04 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
Engine Size: 6.6L
Internal Engine Modifications: ATS pistons, Crower connecting rods, ARP head studs, SoCal Diesel cylinder heads
Programming: EFILive by Underground Diesel Performance
Lift pump: FASS
Injection pump(s): Dual CP3s with injection pumps modified by Underground Diesel Performance
Injectors: Exergy Engineering, 60 percent more than stock
Turbo setup: 80mm High Tech Turbo
Power-adders: NX two-stage nitrous, Snow Performance water-methanol kit
Intercooler: Stock
Intake: Custom with Airaid filter
Exhaust: MBRP Cool Duals
Estimated Power: 950 hp
Estimated Torque: 1,500 lb-ft
Transmission/Converter: ATS transmission with billet internals, Five-Star converter, and custom TCM tuning by Underground Diesel Performance
Suspension: Custom 3-inch lowering kit with Bilstein shocks
Wheels and Tires: 20-inch XD Spy wheels with 305/50R20 Nitto 420S tires
Gearing: 3.73
Axles: Stock with Yukon Grizzly rear locker
Name: Fidel Valasquez
Age: 24
Hometown: Ignacio, Colarado
Occupation: Mechanic
Photo 7/21   |   the General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 2002 Chevy Silverado Front Three Quarter
Hailing from ignacio, colorado, Fidel Valasquez comes ready to make a serious dent in this year’s competition. A built bottom end will ensure the Chevy’s Duramax engine can handle all the events with ease, while compound turbos (an S366 over an S483), a two-stage NX-D 4000 nitrous system, and Snow Performance water-methanol kit helps the engine make an owner-estimated 800 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque.
Fidel also chose a set of Nitto Dune Grapplers for traction, which have proven to be a very good tire for Diesel Power Challenge. When the competition starts, this bad blue Chevy is going to be a force to be reckoned with.
Photo 8/21   |   the General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 fidel Valasquez
Truck Specs
Year/Make/Model: ’02 Chevy Silverado 2500HD
Engine Size: 6.6L
Internal Engine Modifications: Howard’s Cams X-Beam rods, cut and coated LB7 pistons from Randy’s Engine and Machine
Programming: EFILive by Extreme Prejudice Racing
Lift pump: FASS 200-gph
Injection pump(s): Dual CP3s
Injectors: Industrial Injection 80 percent more than stock
Turbo setup: S366 over a S483
Power-adders: NXD 4000 nitrous system, Snow Performance water-methanol kit
Intercooler: Stock
Intake: AFE
Exhaust: Diamond Eye dual with 6-inch MBRP tips
Estimated Power: 800 hp
Estimated Torque: 1,200 lb-ft
Transmission/Converter: ATS Extreme with 2,600-rpm stall converter
Suspension: Lowering shackles, custom centerlink, and tie-rod sleeves
Wheels and Tires: Pro Comp 4000 wheels and 305/55R20 Nitto Dune Grapplers
Gearing: 3.73
Axles: Stock
Name: Owen Horst
Age: 33
Hometown: Clarkrange, Tennessee
Occupation: Business owner
Photo 12/21   |   the General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 gmc Sierra Front Three Quarter
Owen Horst could be considered a front-runner for the win. With dyno and drag racing expertise, Owen also has experience in the broken parts department, after scattering his engine a few days before last year’s challenge while it was making more than 1,900 lb-ft of torque.
In the past, he’s also made the final day of sled pulls in the prestigious Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, so it’s clear that Owen has experience on his side in all events. This year Owen’s truck is even stronger, as the GMC is rumored to make four-digit power without the three-stage nitrous system. Look for Owen and his truck to be a major player in the sled pull and dyno competitions.
Photo 13/21   |   the General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 owen Horst
Truck Specs
Year/Make/Model: ’06 GMC
Engine Size: 6.6L
Internal Engine Modifications: Fleece Performance long-block
Programming: EFILive by Fleece Performance
Lift pump: FASS
Injection pump(s): ATS dual CP3s
Injectors: Custom
Turbo setup: S466/S480
Power-adders: Custom three-stage with Nitrous Express parts
Intercooler: Banks
Intake: Fleece
Exhaust: 5-inch to 6-inch stack
Estimated Power: 1,000 hp
Estimated Torque: 1,900 lb-ft
Transmission/Converter: Sun Coast Stage V
Suspension: Custom ladder bars
Wheels and Tires: HUMMER H2 wheels and 305/55/17 BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires
Gearing: 3.73
Axles: Randy’s Ring and Pinion Torsion locker (rear), ELocker (front)
Name: Dmitri Millard
Age: 26
Hometown: Highland, Utah
Occupation: Diesel mechanic
Photo 17/21   |   the General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 2001 Sliverado Front Three Quarter
Last year’s winner, Dmitri Millard, is back to defend his title—with more horsepower than ever. After last year’s challenge, Dmitri went on a dyno rampage, putting down 1,437 hp, 1,585 hp, and 1,708 hp on various chassis dynamometers throughout the country. This Chevy isn’t a one-trick pony, however, as Dmitri also clicked off numerous 10-second passes, at more than 130 mph. Huge Garrett turbochargers (the GT55 is a whopping 106 mm in size) along with multiple stages of nitrous are what make this truck so dangerous to the competition.
With low 10s under his belt in the quarter-mile and a record-breaking trailer tow last year, look for this unreal Duramax-powered Chevrolet to dominate the dyno, trailer tow, and dragstrip events.
Photo 18/21   |   the General Motors Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 dimitri Millard
Truck Specs
Year/Make/Model: ’01 Chevy Silverado
Engine Size: 6.6L
Internal Engine Modifications: Mahle forged pistons, Carrillo connecting rods, Stage 2 heads, internally balanced engine built by SoCal Diesel
Programming: EFILive
Lift pump: FASS
Injection pump(s): Dual Industrial Injection stroker pumps (each 85 percent more fuel than stock)
Injectors: Industrial Injection eight-hole, 36-lpm injectors
Turbo setup: Garrett GT45X, Garrett GT55
Power-adders: Boss Noss direct port, custom three-stage with Nitrous Express parts
Intercooler: Banks
Intake: AFE custom
Exhaust: MBRP 5-inch
Estimated Power: 1,400 hp
Estimated Torque: 2,400 lb-ft
Transmission/Converter: Sun Coast Om3ga (Dodge 48RE-based) with PCS controller
Suspension: CalTracs bars, Cognito A-arms
Wheels and Tires: 18-inch Helo wheels and 285/60R18 Toyo Proxes
Gearing: 3.73
Axles: Stock


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