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The Rams Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011

Team Dodge

Diesel Power Staff
Aug 1, 2011
Power. It’s what we all seek as diesel owners. Our compression-ignition, direct- injection engines give us every advantage over the common gasoline-vehicle drivers in the world. Our diesels give us the torque to tow, the strength to haul, the efficiency to get 20 mpg, and the speed to blow the doors off anything else on the road. That’s the Diesel Power way.
In the next 38 pages, you’ll be exposed to 10 daily-driven diesel pickups that have outrun, outgun, and outdone every other street-legal pickup on the planet. We’ve invited all of them to come together to battle in our seven tests of power. We call this event the Diesel Power Challenge, and this year we’ve invited this elite group of Dodge, Ford, and GM owners to gather in Denver, Colorado, for three days of torque, torture, and triumph.
In this month’s issue, we’ll give you a look at the components and drivers that make these machines so potent, but you’ll want to be sure to check back next month to see all the action from the dyno, dragstrip, sled pull, and 160-mile fuel economy drive.
Name: Joel Saunders
Age: 33
Hometown: New Ipswich, New Hampshire
Occupation: Landscaper
Photo 2/16   |   the Rams Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 dodge Ram 2500 Front Three Quarter
Hailing from the east coast and trekking more than 1,900 miles to Denver is Joel Saunders. Accompanied by just one crewmember—wrenching friend, Jeff Lagasse—Joel brought a complete spare parts truck with him to pick parts from. Right away, we noticed Joel’s license plate—which hints at the truck’s 11-second quarter-mile capability. Under the hood, we found a potent 5.9L powerplant equipped with dual CP3s and a compound turbo arrangement.
With plenty of drag racing experience, dyno runs, and a few sled pulls under his belt, look for Joel to be a mid- to frontrunner in every challenge. Our new trailer obstacle course event may play to his favor as well, as he’s used to towing a trailer on a daily basis. Joel’s never-say-die attitude and easygoing nature also makes him a great candidate to handle whatever problems his truck may face throughout the event.
Photo 3/16   |   the Rams Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 joel Saunders
Truck Specs
Year/Make/Model: ’06 Dodge Ram 2500
Engine: 5.9L Cummins with ARP 625 head studs, Hamilton Cams camshaft, pushrods, valvesprings, and retainers, and O-ringed cylinder head
Programming: Smarty TNT/MP-8
Lift pump: FASS 200-gph
Injection pump(s): ATS dual CP3s
Injectors: Extrude-Honed nozzles
Turbo(s): MPI compounds—HTT64/S480
Other Power-adders: Nitrous system, Snow Performance water-methanol
Intercooler: Banks
Intake: AFE with Banks intake elbow
Estimated Power: 830 hp fuel, 958 hp nitrous
Transmission/Converter: 48RE built by Goerend Transmission (all billet shafts) with Goerend torque converter
Suspension: 3-inch suspension lift
Wheels and Tires: Stock 17-inch wheels with 285/70R17 Nitto Terra Grapplers
Gearing: 3.73
Locker: ARB Air Locker in front differential
Other Modifications: Traction bars
Name: Dustin West
Age: 23
Hometown: Godley, Texas
Occupation: Diesel mechanic
Photo 7/16   |   the Rams Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 2005 Ram Front Three Quarter
Dustin West has been testing, tuning, and competing with his ’05 Dodge Ram since it was new. With nearly six years behind the wheel, he knows his truck inside and out—and he has absolutely no fear when it comes to this year’s competition. In fact, he obtained a speeding ticket (while testing the truck’s new setup) on his way to Denver!
A laundry list of upgrades, coupled with solid driving experience, should keep Dustin at the front of the pack throughout the challenge. Not afraid to push his Cummins to the limit, look for Dustin to try for 1,000 hp on the dyno and go for broke during the sled pull.
Photo 8/16   |   the Rams Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 dustin West
Truck Specs
Year/Make/Model: ’05 Ram 2500
Engine: 5.9L Cummins with 12-valve polished and balanced rods; ARP rod bolts; 0.070 fly-cut pistons; Bill Fletcher camshaft and cam bearings; Hamilton Cams push tubes; 110-pound valvesprings; Industrial Injection ported, polished, and O-ringed cylinder head; and ARP head studs
Programming: Smarty TNT-R/ Dr. Performance pressure box
Lift pump: AirDog II 200-gph
Injection pump(s): Industrial Injection twin CP3s
Injectors: 65-lph Industrial Injection injectors
Turbo(s): Industrial Injection Twins
Other Power-adders: Nitrous Express and Snow Performance water-methanol
Intercooler: Banks
Intake: Banks/ZZ Fabrication
Exhaust: 5-inch to 8-inch stack
Estimated Power: 907 hp, 1,659 lb-ft
Transmission/Converter: 48RE built by Goerend Transmission (all billet shafts) with Goerend torque converter
Wheels and Tires: 18-inch black XD Rockstars with 33x12.50 Nitto Mud Grapplers
Gearing: 3.73
Other Modifications: Traction bars
Name: Scott Lindsey
Age: 26
Hometown: Rangely, Colorado
Occupation: Coal miner
Photo 12/16   |   the Rams Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 2006 Ram Front Three Quarter
Another 1,000hp contender in this year’s Diesel Power Challenge belongs to Scott Lindsey. As a local Colorado resident, Scott knows the effect 6,000 feet of elevation (or more) has on diesel trucks, and he’s taken measures to optimize his truck’s performance under these conditions. More importantly, his ’06 Ram benefits from an Aurora 3000/8000 combination for great spool-up and top-end performance.
It’s long been Scott’s dream to compete in the Diesel Power Challenge, and now that he’s gotten the call, he’s trying his best to stay relaxed and focused. “I think my biggest issue will be to remain calm and just do what I love doing—putting the pedal to the floor,” he told us.
Photo 13/16   |   the Rams Of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 scott Lindsey
Truck Specs
Year/Make/Model: ’06 Ram 2500
Engine: 5.9L Cummins built by ATS with billet rods, ’03 pistons, 70-lpm injectors, fire-ringed cylinder head with bigger valves, valvesprings, pushrods, and head studs
Programming: Smarty TNT and ATS Atomizer
Lift pump: FASS
Injection pump: ATS Twin CP3s
Injectors: 41-lpm
Turbo(s): ATS Aurora 3000/8000 compounds
Other Power-adders: Nitrous Express NXD 4000, Snow Performance water-methanol
Intercooler: ATS SubZero
Intake: ATS Arc-Flow
Exhaust: Straight with 8-inch stack
Estimated Power: 850 hp, 1,550 lb-ft
Transmission/Converter: ATS transmission with ATS Five-Star torque converter
Wheels and Tires: 20x8-inch wheels with 305/55R20 Nitto Dune Grapplers
Gearing: 3.73
Locker/Axles: Rear differential locker and billet axleshafts from Yukon Gear and Axle and Randy’s Ring and Pinion
Other Modifications: Traction bars


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