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Diesel Power Challenge 2011: Thank You

It Takes an Army

David Kennedy
Sep 1, 2011
This year marks our seventh Diesel Power Challenge, and thanks to all the help we had—our lucky number seven turned out to be the best event yet. This year we moved our challenge 1,200 miles west to Denver, added an all-new test to the mix, fought off snow, and witnessed more diesel drivetrain carnage than ever before.
Photo 2/5   |   diesel Power Challenge Thank You david Kennedy Talking To Competitor
The fact that we were able to bring the top diesels in the country together in one location wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our sponsors, partners, and the families and friends of all the competitors. We’ve often said that having a great Diesel Power Challenge is all in who you invite to participate, and this year’s event drove that point home.
Diesel Power would like to thank our 10 competitors, their teams, families, friends, and bosses for helping each one of them take weeks out of their lives to compete in our event. The effort these 10 readers put in to preparing for the challenge was epic, and we can’t thank them enough for all their long nights, innovative ideas, and positive attitudes. We are honored to be able to tell their stories.
Photo 3/5   |   diesel Power Challenge Thank You some Diesel Power Staff
We’d also like to thank the staff of Bandimere Speedway—in particular Jeff Sipes—for facilitating our every need at this world-class motorsports facility. The track was fantastic, the views were stunning, and the hospitality was much appreciated. We’d like to extend that gratitude to Rodney Lewis and Bobcat of the Rockies for loaning us a brand-new 5650 skid-steer loader for use in our trailer-tow tests.
Speaking of towing, we also need to thank John Martin at for providing the 33⁄4-inch sled pulling hitch we used for all of our competitors. Our official Diesel Power Challenge staff truck was provided by, which was gracious enough to let us testdrive its 6.7L Cummins-powered, Allison 1000-shifted, Ford Super Duty for the week.
Photo 4/5   |   diesel Power Challenge Thank You bobcat On Trailer
We’d also like to thank Clint Cannon and the crew at ATS Diesel for not only hosting our dyno event, but also for letting us take over their facility for the week and running our sled pull. Our thanks go to Shifters Bar and Grill for catering all our event meals, Mark Rutt at the Denver West Hampton Inn for his personal attention to our every need, and Jose O’Shea’s for helping us celebrate our competitors’ accomplishments.
And while the entire staff looks forward to the Diesel Power Challenge like a kid looks forward to Christmas, we can’t thank Mike Harrington, Larry Saavedra, Julia Sanchez, Ron Hall, Scott Roon, Levi David, Robin Stover, Cody Kanuscak, Nick Zalesky, and 2008 Diesel Power Challenge competitor Scott Countryman for doubling our manpower when we needed it most. A special thanks goes to Harry Rawlins, who not only created our trailer-tow obstacle course, but who also solved every problem that came up—often before we even knew there was a problem.
Photo 5/5   |   diesel Power Challenge Thank You camera Crew Filming
Finally, on the behalf of the Diesel Power staff and our new publisher Jeff Dahlin, we’d like to thank Steve von Seggern, who’s not only been the publisher of Diesel Power since the very beginning—but he was also the guy who dreamed up this magazine in the first place. We thank Steve for his unending support and guidance, for his contribution to this industry, and for always upping the power in this diesel.
We’ll take good care of your baby.


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