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2015 Diesel Power Challenge Results

Mile-High Diesel Performance Takes Center Stage

Jul 20, 2015
Photographers: Diesel Power Staff
There is no competition on earth quite like Diesel Power Challenge, during which 10 drivers push their oil-burning trucks to the limit over three days of intense competition on the dyno, dragstrip, obstacle course, and sled pull track. For the 11th edition of our signature event, the competitors—chosen by you, our readers—invaded the mile-high altitude environment around Denver, Colorado, to prove who deserves to be crowned the winner of DPC. In the previous issue of Diesel Power, we showed you what everyone brought to the table, and here's how everything played out, along with all the scores, the carnage, and an up-close look at 2015's winner.
Photo 2/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Competitors Group Photo
There was a combined 10,483 hp and 19,702 lb-ft of torque (rear-wheel, of course) on display at Diesel Power Challenge 2015. Shown here pulling the sled is the '06 Dodge Ram 2500 driven by Jerry Adkins, which is responsible for 1,076 hp and 2,222 lb-ft of that massive sum.
The chassis dyno at ATS Diesel Performance in Aurora, Colorado (elevation: 5,471 feet) was calibrated using the shop's high-flow diesel particulate filter–equipped truck, and then it was time to get down to business—measuring the combined horsepower and torque output of each truck. Jesse Warren's '06 Ford F-350 had experienced a nitrous leak in the parking lot before the start of competition because, as he put it, "We installed some big parts last night." Once the pickup was strapped down, he started the first dyno run of the competition, which ended prematurely when the injection pressure regulator (IPR) in his truck's 6.0L Power Stroke engine couldn't take the stress.
Jesse and his team were given 10 minutes to make the repair while the tall, gray '11 GMC Sierra 2500HD owned by Cory Chomos was hooked to the dyno. His first two runs were made with the rig's compound-turbocharged Duramax engine running on only fuel, but with the help of nitrous, the combination was able to build 1,174 hp and 1,470 lb-ft of torque.
Next up was Jaran Holder with his 6.0L-powered regular cab '06 Ford F-250 that didn't deliver nitrous oxide as planned during the first run. For the second spin, Jaran's team member, David Ferguson, was employed as a "bottle man" to manually spray nitrous into the intake horn, which led to some teasing after he made a quick and early exit from the dyno cell. The taunts quickly turned to cheers when Jaran found out the truck made 967 hp during that second run, and he declared, "I'm going for 1,000!" During Jaran's third run, the "bottle man" had some help standing his ground as the truck made 990 hp (and 1,927 lb-ft)—not quite 1,000 but enough to get applause from the crowd as Jaran pulled his truck out of the shop.
With his repairs completed in time, Jesse Warren was able to return to the dyno and make two more runs, the first of which was done with only fuel and resulted in an impressive 811 hp and 1,605 lb-ft of torque. With one run safely in the books, Jesse went for broke using a healthy dose of nitrous to make 1,099 hp and 1,925 lb-ft on a run that caused the wastegate exhaust tube to be blown onto the floor.
The first Cummins-powered truck to take on the dyno was the 6.7L engine-swapped '00 Dodge Ram 2500 owned by Rick Fox. Rick decided to change nitrous jets minutes before making his one—and only—run and jumped solidly into First Place after hitting 1,264 hp and a massive 2,554 lb-ft of torque, which caused the crowd to erupt with applause and cheers.
Once things settled down, it was J.D. Gleason's turn to put his '09 Ford F-350 in the dyno cell. And, as Rick Fox did before him, J.D. took the one-and-done approach and made a single run. His 6.4L Power Stroke–equipped truck blasted coolant out of the overflow bottle as it made 1,202 hp and 2,133 lb-ft, which earned him the Third Place slot for the event. Next up was Jeremy "Buck" Stoneburner and his '01½ Dodge Ram 2500 with its VP44-equipped 5.9L Cummins engine. Buck made a single dyno run that ended with a loud pop when an intercooler tube burst, and his team seemed a bit down—until they learned the truck made a healthy 811 hp and 1,395 lb-ft of torque.
The big '11 GMC Sierra 3500HD owned by Bill Whitters filled up the dyno's drums with four rear tires, as he made three pulls using only fuel and no nitrous. After confirming some mystery smoke was not caused by an oil leak, Bill's team tightened all the turbocharger plumbing, and the truck made 758 hp and 1,190 lb-ft of torque. The bright red '06 Dodge Ram 2500 driven by Jerry Adkins took three turns on the dyno, but it was the first one that ended up going into the scorebooks. That initial run got the crowd really excited when the display screen showed the truck's common-rail 5.9L Cummins made 1,076 hp and 2,222 lb-ft of torque.
Jared Rice said there were just 83.8 miles on the stroker 6.6L Power Stroke engine in his '10 Ford F-350 when it reached the dyno. The dualie took just one turn and sprayed coolant all over the engine bay and fenders, as it made a solid 1,032 hp and 1,972 lb-ft of torque.
The last person to take the stage during the dyno competition was Lavon Miller and his '04½ Dodge Ram 3500 with the "Enforcer" 6.7L Cummins under the hood. He was looking to improve on his First Place run from the year before (with a different engine), which was 948 hp and 2,034 lb-ft. Before his first hit, the team went scrambling for fuses and a multimeter to try and fix a nitrous solenoid that wasn't firing. But, as time started to get short, Lavon decided to route a line directly from the passenger seat to just in front of the turbo inlet. The first run was good for 1,070 hp and 2,151 lb-ft, but Lavon decided to increase the pressure in the rear tires to 55 psi and have the truck re-strapped to improve traction. The second run made 1,077 hp and 2,284 lb-ft of torque, putting Lavon in Second Place, so he decided against trying to beat the clock and make a change to the turbo wastegates because, as he says, "We don't have enough time, and everyone will like us better if we just call it now."
Top 3 - Dyno
1. Rick Fox: 1,264 hp, 2,554 lb-ft, 3,818 total
2. Lavon Miller: 1,077 hp, 2,284 lb-ft, 3,361 total
3. J.D. Gleason: 1,202 hp, 2,133 lb-ft, 3,335 total
Photo 3/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Competitors Group Photo
Photo 4/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F350 Front Ats Dyno Jesse Warren
Photo 5/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F 350 Diesel Dyno Smoke Jesse Warren
Jesse Warren's '06 Ford F-350 was one of two 6.0L Power Stroke trucks entered in the competition. After some quick repairs following a part breaking (which resulted in a scuttled first pass), Jesse used the infamous engine to put up 1,099 hp and 1,925 lb-ft of torque that blasted the wastegate's exhaust tube onto the floor.
Photo 6/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F250 Diesel Dyno Jaran Holder
Photo 7/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F250 Diesel Dyno Nitrous Blast Jaran Holder
The ¾-ton, regular cab '06 Ford F-250 owned by Jaran Holder tied for the lightest vehicle in the competition at just 7,145 pounds. A nitrous-system failure didn't stop him from attempting to achieve 1,000 hp, though. With the assistance of a "bottle man," who sprayed nitrous directly into the turbocharger inlet, Jaran's final pull registered 990 hp and 1,927 lb-ft at the rear wheels.
Photo 8/84   |   Dpc2015 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 6
Photo 9/84   |   Dpc2015 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 6
Photo 10/84   |   Dpc2015 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 6
Photo 11/84   |   Dpc2015 Dyno Crowd Cheering
Rick Fox and his '00 Dodge Ram 2500 with its 6.7L Cummins engine swap, compound turbochargers, and nitrous assistance wowed the crowd by making 1,264 hp and 2,554 lb-ft of torque. The combined total of 3,818 put him into First Place during the initial event of DPC 2015.
Photo 12/84   |   Dpc2015 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 6
Photo 13/84   |   Dpc2015 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 6
Lavon Miller and his crew (seen here in a reflection on the mirror-equipped hood of the '04½ Dodge Ram 3500) make a quick fix while the truck was strapped to the dyno. A nitrous solenoid refused to fire, so the team zip-tied the nitrous feed line in place to spray directly at the inlet of the turbo. The result was 1,077 hp and 2,284 lb-ft of torque and a Second Place finish.
Photo 14/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Diesel Dyno Coolant Spray Jared Rice
The '10 Ford F-350 operated by Jared Rice is a dualie conversion with a 6.6L stroker engine. It blasted coolant all over the dyno cell on its way to making 1,032 hp and 1,972 lb-ft of torque.
Photo 15/84   |   Dpc2015 Dyno Event Crowd Scores
Spectators, including Diesel Power Editor KJ Jones, wait in anticipation for scores to be projected on a screen outside the ATS Diesel Performance dyno cell.
Photo 16/84   |   Dpc2015 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Dyno Intercooler Boot Repair Buck Stoneburner
Photo 17/84   |   Dpc2015 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Dyno Intercooler Burst Buck Stoneburner
Photo 18/84   |   Dpc2015 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Dyno Celebration Buck Stoneburner
A loud "POP!" at the end of Buck Stoneburner's dyno run made some people in the crowd head for cover, but it was just a silicone intercooler boot that had burst under extreme pressure. At first, Buck's team seemed disappointed with the run, but they were celebrating as soon as the 811hp and 1,395-lb-ft score was announced.
Upgrades and Repairs
We took a tour of the garage at ATS Diesel Performance after the dyno event was over and found teams working to make their trucks better. Less than five minutes after Lavon's final run, we found Jaran Holder's team with the seats and interior already removed from his truck in preparation for the installation of a six-point rollcage. Rick Fox and his crew decided to pull the input shaft from the transmission to make sure it had not been twisted by the enormous amount of torque the truck made. Bill Whitters' group was using a gauge to try and figure out why fuel rail pressure had dropped by 10,000 psi during their runs and suspected the fuel pump couldn't keep up with a dual CP3 injection pump setup that had been recently replaced with a CP3/CP4.2 setup. Lavon Miller's squad had expected the truck to make about 200 hp more than it did and suspected the wastegates were opening for a split-second when the nitrous was used at lower rpm, not allowing the engine to steadily build power. "Technically, they are doing their job, but we're not getting the monster torque number we wanted," was the explanation given by Lyn Miller, Lavon's brother and teammate.
Photo 19/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F250 Rollcage Installation Jaran Holder
Photo 20/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F250 Rollcage Install Interior Removal
Photo 21/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F250 Rollcage Installation Jaran Holder
Photo 22/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F250 6 Point Rollcage Complete Jaran Holder
As soon as the dyno event was over, Jaran Holder and his team cut holes in the roof and ripped out the interior of his '06 Ford F-250 regular cab to install a six-point rollcage. Jaran explained, "I'm hoping to get into the 10s, and we'd rather get beat by somebody than by some rule at the track."
10,000-Pound Trailer Obstacle Course
Day Two of DPC 2015 started at Bandimere Speedway, with competitors navigating 10,000 pounds of loaded trailer through an obstacle course that's designed around the Class A license test. Bill Whitters' big '11 GMC dualie was first on the course and set the early pace with a very fast run of 1:03.79 seconds. Bill's run actually would have put him in First Place had he not hit six cones, which added 30 seconds to his time.
Jerry Adkins was next with his red '06 Dodge and made a slow-and-steady run that ended with seven cones hit in the finish box for a total time of 2:25.66 seconds. DPC's other dualie, the '10 F-350 with Jared Rice behind the wheel, was third on the course, and his run was steady and fast—with no cones hit. Jared even spun all four rear tires during the back stretch and finished less than 1 second out of Third Place, but his truck suffered a broken rocker arm in the process.
Rick Fox pushed his '00 Dodge Ram through the course in a time that could have also taken Third Place, but he hit a cone in the finish box, which added 5 seconds to his time and put him in Fifth. Buck Stoneburner had a steady pass with his '01½ Dodge Ram but was charged with hitting eight cones, which added 40 seconds to his run. Cory Chomos used a heavy throttle application to launch his '11 GMC Sierra 2500HD, then was cautious in the Reverse section of the course but destroyed seven cones with extreme prejudice in the finish box. The '09 F-350 driven by J.D. Gleason made it through the course in quick enough time for him to be a contender for Third Place, but he took out two cones in the finish box, which added 10 seconds to his time.
Jaran Holder made a nearly perfect looking run with his regular cab '06 F-250, hitting no cones and even whipping the trailer behind his truck during a big turn, finishing in Third Place with a run of 1:21.06 seconds. Jesse Warren blasted nitrous during the entire run in his '06 F-350 and did not officially hit any cones (although he sure did bend one at the finish), and his time of 1:14.00 seconds planted him solidly in Second Place. Proving experience counts, returning champ Lavon Miller used his '04½ Dodge Ram to quickly weave through the cones. He ended up not hitting any of them and finished with a First Place time of 1:10.09 seconds, while leaving the smell of burnt rubber in the air.
Top 3
1. Lavon Miller: 1:10.09 seconds
2. Jesse Warren: 1:14.00 seconds
3. Jaran Holder: 1:21.06 seconds
Photo 23/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F350 Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course Jesse Warren
Photo 24/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F350 Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course Finish Jesse Warren
The 6.0L Power Stroke engine under the hood of Jesse Warren's '06 Ford F-350 was working hard during the 10,000-pound trailer obstacle course event. Jesse used plenty of nitrous oxide and bent a cone but did not move it—so his non-penalized time of 1:14.0 seconds gave him a Second Place finish.
Photo 25/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 2500hd Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course Turn Cory Chomos
Photo 26/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 2500hd Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course High Speed Cory Chomos
Photo 27/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 2500hd Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course Cones Hit
Photo 28/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 2500hd Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course Cone Destruction
Photo 29/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 2500hd Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course Cone Stuck In Fender
Cory Chomos launched his '11 GMC Sierra 2500HD with plenty of throttle and wasn't afraid to make some high-speed maneuvers, but he ended up taking out seven cones at the end of his run and was penalized by 35 seconds.
Photo 30/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Obstacle Course Cone Damage
Photo 31/84   |   Dpc2015 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course Reverse Cones Hit
Photo 32/84   |   Dpc2015 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Trailer Ostacle Course Cones Hit
We had to jump out of the way and grab a member of the video crew when Buck Stoneburner went a bit sideways and hit eight cones during the Reverse section of the obstacle course event.
Photo 33/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Diesel Trailer Obstacle Course Jared Rice
All four rear tires spun as Jared Rice pulled his 8,890-pound '10 F-350 and the 10,000-pound trailer toward this picture-perfect stop during the obstacle course event. Jared managed to finish the course less than 1 second out of Third Place.
10,000-Pound Trailer Eighth-Mile Drag Race
The trailer-tow drag event started with some dramatics when J.D. Gleason ripped the VHT compound right off the track at the start of a 10.660-second-at-75.55-mph run that earned a Third Place finish. Buck Stoneburner took off a split-second late, then mashed the throttle to recover and finished in 14.698 seconds, while Bill Whitters left too early and red-lighted for a DNF (Did Not Finish).
Cory Chomos had a very slow start that was followed by an absolutely wild nitrous-assisted 16.456-second run, highlighted by massive trailer fishtailing. Jesse Warren experienced some wheelhop before finishing in 11.548 seconds, while Jaran Holder ran 11.231, Jared Rice 11.881, and Jerry Adkins 11.030. Despite the impressive elapsed times, trucks needed to be in the 10s to reach the podium.
Rick Fox was able to do just that and received applause in the pits when he returned after running a time of 10.660 seconds at 75.55 mph and taking Second Place. Lavon Miller made a smooth launch and had some noticeable trailer wiggle down the track but finished in First Place with what may be the fastest run in DPC history: 10.259 seconds at 75.83 mph.
Top 3
1. Lavon Miller 10.259 seconds at 75.83 mph
2. Rick Fox 10.498 seconds at 75.53 mph
3. J.D. Gleason 10.660 seconds at 75.55 mph
Photo 34/84   |   Dpc2015 2009 Ford F350 Diesel Trailer Drag Race Jd Gleason
Photo 35/84   |   Dpc2015 2009 Ford F350 Dragstrip Suraface Ripped Up Jd Gleason
J.D. Gleason literally ripped the surface off the dragstrip when he made the first launch of the 10,000-pound trailer drag race event. He ended up placing Third, after covering the eighth-mile in just 10.660 seconds at 75.55 mph.
Photo 36/84   |   Dpc2015 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Trailer Tow Drag Race Record Lavon Miller
Lavon Miller clicked off the fastest eighth-mile 10,000-pound trailer drag time in DPC history with a run of 10.259 seconds at 75.83 mph.
Photo 37/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 2500hd Trailer Drag Race Rear
Cory Chomos' run started pretty slowly, but you can see the exhaust starting to turn from black to gray as the nitrous oxide kicks in. It ended up being a crazy trip down the dragstrip with the trailer swaying back and forth wildly behind the '11 GMC Sierra 2500HD.
Drag Race
The weather had been threatening since the start of DPC 2015, but the skies opened and rain poured down after most trucks had only taken one trip down the track. The next morning, drivers were given the choice to continue the event at the point it had been called off or start over with the option to use a quarter-mile time from the day before in place of a new qualifying run. They unanimously chose to start over, which happened after the Truck Trend Network and track crews used every tool available to get the quarter-mile surface dry before the next storm arrived. After a quick qualifying round for the drivers who wanted to run, the bracket was set.
Round 1
Fox vs. Stoneburner
Unfortunately, Buck Stoneburner's truck suffered a broken transmission output shaft during the launch for his run, so he ended up getting credit for a start with a DNF (Did Not Finish) and giving the first round win to Rick Fox. Rick had a blazing fast 10.882-second qualifying run the day before and made a 12.566-second solo pass to advance in the bracket. Buck's team was confident they could repair the truck in time for the sled pulls later in the day and they managed to get it done.
Rice vs. Warren
Before this heat, Jared Rice joked with his team about all the adversity they'd faced, including a turbo housing that exploded during his qualifying run the day before. This time, the new turbo stayed together and helped Jared's dualie complete the quarter-mile in 13.425 seconds at 96.29 mph. Jesse Warren decided to swap a single nitrous jet for a dual jet setup—just like the system he used on the dyno—to make the truck manageable on the track. The move helped him run the quarter-mile in 11.654 seconds at 122.20 mph and advance to the next round.
Adkins vs. Chomos
The '11 GMC driven by Cory Chomos had some bad luck on the way to the track when the fuel return line popped off and had to be fixed on the shoulder of the road...then his truck shredded its engine belt...then his team found some "mystery oil" on the turbo in the engine valley...then his truck leaked fluid at the starting line and he was given a DNS (Did Not Start) for the race. This collection of maladies definitely put Cory in the lead for the Carnage Award and allowed Jerry Adkins to simply break the starting beams to move on to Round 2.
Miller vs. Whitters
Defending DPC champ Lavon Miller was paired with Bill Whitters and his '11 GMC in the first round. Bill covered the quarter-mile in 13.277 seconds, but Lavon made a 12.541-second run and advanced to the next stage.
Gleason vs. Holder
Jaran Holder and J.D. Gleason pitted their Fords against each other and pulled off the closest race of the entire competition. Once the tire and exhaust smoke cleared, J.D. and his 6.4L-powered F-350 finished with 11.482 seconds at 124.46 mph while Jaran and his 6.0L-equipped F-250 crossed the line at 11.320 seconds at 121.53. The "reaction time" win ended up going to J.D. because his 0.362-second launch was 0.262 seconds quicker than Jaran's 0.624-second start, resulting in a 0.10-second advantage for Gleason, which sent him to the next round.
Round 2
Adkins vs. Warren
The drag race between Jerry Adkins and Jesse Warren was almost as close as Gleason vs. Holder, with only 0.113 seconds separating the drivers' runs after reaction times were calculated. "That was an AWESOME race!!!" was heard being yelled by one team member after Adkins used nitrous to push his '06 Ram through an 11.191-second run at 128.85 mph against Jesse Warren's 6.0L-powered F-350. Jesse managed to click off the second-quickest elapsed time of DPC 2015 with 11.120 seconds at 129.55 mph, which allowed him to advance to the final round.
Gleason vs. Miller
J.D. Gleason and his '09 F-350 had to take on Lavon Miller and his '04½ Ram after a squeaker of a win in Round 1. While the Ford covered the distance in 11.386 seconds at 121.15 mph, Lavon's 11.386 at 122.52 mph took the win, thanks to the quickest reaction time of the entire event: 0.150 seconds.
Round 3
Fox vs. Warren
The only matchup in Round 3 pitted Rick Fox and his 6.7L-powered '00 Ram against Jesse Warren and his 6.0L-motivated '06 F-350. Less than a second separated their times, with Rick running 12.081 seconds at 127.35 mph and Jesse winning with 11.976 seconds at 127.61 mph—and their reaction times were just 0.014 seconds apart.
Round 4
Miller vs. Warren
The final round matched returning champ Lavon Miller with Jesse Warren in a highly anticipated shootout. Unfortunately, the rain returned and the track officials were forced to call off the race. A decision had to be made and Lavon Miller was declared the winner of the event due to him having the quickest overall run between the two of them.
Top 3
1. Lavon Miller 11.042 seconds at 130.72 mph
2. Jesse Warren 11.976 seconds at 127.61 mph
3. Rick Fox 12.081 seconds at 127.35 mph
Photo 38/84   |   Dpc 2015 Drag Race Bracket
Drag Races
Photo 39/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Drag Race Turbo Explosion
Photo 40/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Drag Race Turbo Explosion
Photo 41/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Drag Race Turbo Explosion
Photo 42/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Drag Race Turbo Explosion
Photo 43/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Exhaust Stack Turbo Explosion Oil Jared Rice
Believe it or not, the timing of this turbo explosion was good luck for Jared Rice (left lane). It happened during the segment of the drag race that was rained out and became an optional qualifying round, so his team had one night to make the fix. The "stock-appearing" compound-turbo system looks just like a factory Ford 6.4L setup to meet regulations for the Work Stock sled pulling class in which Jared competes.
Photo 44/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F250 Diesel Drag Race Qualify Jesse Warren
This run by Jesse Warren in his 6.0L-equipped Ford was the third-quickest qualifying time of the drag race event at 11.766 seconds at 126.47 mph.
Bracket race photos
Photo 45/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Drag Race Bill Whitters Vs Lavon Miller
Photo 46/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Drag Race Jared Rice Vs Jesse Warren
Photo 47/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Drag Race Jerry Adkins Vs Jesse Warren
Photo 48/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Drag Race Jerry Adkins Vs Jesse Warren
Photo 49/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Drag Race Photo Finish Jerry Adkins Vs Jesse Warren
Photo 50/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Drag Race Jd Gleason Vs Lavon Miller
Photo 51/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Drag Race Rick Fox Vs Jesse Warren
Photo 52/84   |   Dpc2015 Drag Race Rainout Brett Evans 20 Dollar Bet Win
Sled Pulls
By the time competitors made it to the sled pull arena, the crew at the Adams County Fairgrounds had managed to remove a massive amount of water from the track, leaving ponds on both sides of perfectly prepped surface. Bill Whitters had some trouble with an unexpected transmission shift at the start of his pull, but was able to re-start and ended up getting on the scoreboard by reaching the 209.5-foot mark.
It appeared that Jaran Holder had to lift off the throttle early during his turn, but the truck continued to pull until it reached 239.8 feet. The aggressive tires on Buck Stoneburner's '01.5 Dodge Ram threw dirt more than 20 feet into the air on the way to a 258.1-foot-long pull. The '00 Dodge Ram driven by Rick Fox made a solid run with plenty of wheelspin and ended up reaching 263.8 feet. Jerry Adkins had a strong performance in the sled pull and managed to get all the way to 284.9 feet, which was just 5.2 feet short of a spot the Top 3.
Jesse Warren continued to impress the crowd with the performance of his F-350, which was able to churn its tires all the way out to 290.1 feet with the sled in tow. Lavon Miller made steady progress down the track by avoiding excessive wheelspin, guiding his Ram to a total distance of 302.8 feet (which put him in Second Place). With all six wheels put to good use, Jared Rice was able to get his dualie '10 F-350 to pull the sled all the way to 319.9 feet for a decisive First Place finish.
Top 3
1. Jared Rice 319.9 feet
2. Lavon Miller 302.8 feet
3. Jesse Warren 290.1 feet
Photo 53/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Sled Pull Ragin Thunder Sled
Photo 54/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Sled Pull Hook
Photo 55/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Sled Pull Track Mud And Flags

Photo 56/84   |   Dpc2015 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Sled Pull Throwing Dirt Buck Stoneburner
Dirt flew about two stories into the air as Buck Stoneburner's '01.5 Dodge Ram 2500 churned out enough power to reach 258.1 feet.
Photo 57/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F350 Diesel 290 Foot Sled Pull Jesse Warren
Photo 58/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F350 Diesel 290 Foot Sled Pull Jesse Warren
It's hard to believe how much water the track crew was able to remove before the competition began. Jesse Warren got his truck out to 290.1 feet, which put him in Third Place for the sled pull and Third Place overall in DPC 2015.
Photo 59/84   |   Dpc2015 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 302 Foot Sled Pull Lavon Miller
Lavon Miller's pull was much like his overall performance during DPC2015 – strong and steady.And by reaching 302.8 feet, he earned Second Place in this segment of the event.
Photo 60/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Diesel 319 Foot Sled Pull Winner Jared Rice
The '10 F-350 driven by Jared Rice may have started off as a single-rear-wheel truck, but the dualie conversion is well-suited for sled pulling. Jared dominated the event and reached 319.9 feet with no trouble.
Fuel Economy
Unlike previous years at DPC, the amount of fuel used during the competition was measured instead of the previous method of having drivers plod along city streets and highways. To make sure there was no monkey business, the Diesel Power staff installed a locking fuel cap and/or tamper resistant tape. If anyone cheated, we saw no evidence, and many drivers expressed the desire to stay honest above all else. Jesse Warren kept dripping diesel into his truck's fuel cell while asking, "Are you sure that's enough?" And at the first refueling stop, Jerry Adkins went to another fuel pump after his truck took only half a gallon and was able to add just 0.3 gallons more. After the sled pulls, all of the trucks (even the two riding on trailers due to carnage) were filled up, and when the math was completed, Buck Stoneburner took Third Place, Jerry Adkins came in Second, and Lavon Miller was First.
Top 3
1. Lavon Miller 3.982 gallons used
2. Jerry Adkins 4.608 gallons used
3. Buck Stoneburner 5.895 gallons used
Fuel economy section
Photo 61/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 3500hd Diesel Fuel Fill Up Bill Whitters
Photo 62/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F350 Diesel Fuel Cell Fill Up
Photo 63/84   |   Dpc2015 2006 Ford F350 Diesel Fuel Cell Tamper Resistant Tape

Photo 64/84   |   Dpc2015 2009 Ford F350 Diesel Scale Weight Jd Gleason
Photo 65/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Diesel Scale Weight 8885 Pounds Jared Rice
Carnage and Special Awards
Each year, one DPC competitor gets the dubious honor of receiving the Carnage Award for having the most back luck, and Cory Chomos took home the hardware for 2015. Along with having a broken windshield that had to be replaced, being knocked out of the drag race by a leak at the starting line, and a fuel-return line that popped off, there was a transmission issue that delayed his trip to the sled pull track, and finally, a multiple-car accident near the arena that prevented his arrival until after the event was declared officially over. Honorable mention for the Carnage Award went to Jared Rice, whose team replaced a broken rocker arm, a malfunctioning thermostat, and a turbo assembly that exploded on the dragstrip during the qualifying round, yet managed to compete in every single event. The other special honors presented were the People's Choice award (chosen by the competitors) that went to Rick Fox, the Driver's Skill Award to Jared Rice, and the Long-Distance Award to Jesse Warren, who travelled 1,468 miles to DPC (just 50 miles more than Cory Chomos – he really couldn't catch a break).
Carnage section
Photo 66/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 2500hd Diesel Roadside Repair Fuel Return Line Cory Chomos
Photo 67/84   |   Dpc2015 2011 Gmc 2500hd Broken Windshield Replacement Cory Chomos
Photo 68/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challange Carnage Award Winner Cory Chomos Shredded Belt
Photo 69/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challange Carnage Award Winner Cory Chomos Shredded Belt
Photo 70/84   |   Dpc2015 2010 Ford F350 Drag Race Turbo Explosion Broken Housing Jared Rice
Jared Rice shows us the rocker arm that broke during the trailer obstacle course event.
And The Winner Is...
Lavon Miller with his '04.5 Dodge Ram 3500 ... again. For just the second time in the history of Diesel Power Challenge there was a repeat winner, and he acted like a true champion from start to finish. Along with placing First or Second Place in every single event, Lavon wasn't afraid to lend a hand and give advice to other drivers. That's a sign of true swagger -- instead of wasting time bragging, he encouraged others to bring their A-game, and still managed to pay close attention to the details for his own performance. He was treated like a leader by the field of competitors, and we won't be surprised when some of his unique performance modifications start showing up under the hoods of other diesel trucks in the future.
The Winner of Diesel Power Challenge 2015
NAME: Lavon Miller
CITY: Plain City, Ohio
VEHICLE: '04.5 Dodge Ram 3500
DRIVER EXPERIENCE: Dyno, sled pull, drag race, and tow ENGINE: 6.7L Cummins with deck plate and 300-cfm head by D&J Precision Machine; longer billet rods; steel girdle; No Limit Fabrication billet camshaft and 1-inch longer pushrods; ARP main and 1-inch-longer head studs; high-nickel-content valve seats; and 110-pound valvesprings
TURBOS: Firepunk Diesel Side-By-Side Twin Kit with Engineered Inc. billet BorgWarner S366 over billet S484 compounds
FUEL: 12mm and 10mm stroker CP3 pumps, 275-percent-over injectors by Exergy Engineering, and dual AirDog 4G lift pumps
ELECTRONICS: MADS Smarty Touch with UDC custom tuning by Firepunk Diesel
INJECTABLES: NX Nitrous single-stage kit with "push to pass" button
INTAKE/EXHAUST: AFE cone filter, D&J Precision machine intake plenum, and Mishimoto intercooler/Steed-Speed Competition T4 manifold and MBRP 5-inch exhaust
TRANSMISSION: Full-billet Firepunk Diesel Competition Stage 3 48RE four-speed automatic
SUSPENSION: Reverse-leveled, Bilstein 5100 shocks, shock tower delete plates, and Firepunk Diesel traction bars
TIRES/WHEELS: 305/45R22 Nitto Terra Grappler G2/22x11 American Force
DIFFERENTIALS: AAM 9.25 with Detroit Truetrac in front and AAM 11.5 with factory limited-slip in rear
Winner section
Photo 71/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge First Place Trophy
Photo 72/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller And Kj Jones
Photo 73/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller Celebration
Photo 74/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Drag Race Jaran Holder Vs Jd Gleason
Photo 75/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller Dyno
Photo 76/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller Helping Jerry Adkins
Photo 77/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller Advice Rick Fox
Photo 78/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller Obstacle Course
Photo 79/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller Obstacle Course Reverse
Photo 80/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller Trailer Drag Race Record Setting Run
Photo 81/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winner Lavon Miller Fuel Fill Using Flashlight
Photo 82/84   |   Dpc2015 Diesel Power Challenge Winners Trophies Jesse Warren Lavon Miller Rick Fox
Photo 83/84   |   Dpc 2015 Scorecard
Photo 84/84   |   Dpc 2015 Truck Weights

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