Fast-moving thunderstorms wreaked havoc on Wednesday’s drag races, so Diesel Power Editor KJ Jones and Truck Trend Network Content Director Sean P. Holman decided to meet with all 10 drivers at 7am the next morning. They were given two options and unanimously chose to ditch the runs made the previous day and start over with a qualifying round followed by bracket eliminations. The track was soaked when all of the trucks arrived, but once again, the staff members of Diesel Power, Truck Trend, Truckin’, TEN, ATS, and Bandimere Speedway used leaf blowers, jet driers, squeegees, brooms, and plenty of elbow grease to get the track dry and clean before the next storm arrived. In the end, reigning Diesel Power Challenge champion Lavon Miller came away victorious after a fast-paced morning full of super-close runs, broken parts, red lights, and Ric Flair “Wooo!” cheers after some of the best runs. To find out how everything played out, make sure to get a copy of the October issue of Diesel Power.