Our buddy Trent McGee has been around the off-road community forever. His resume includes Tech Editor of Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road, marketing manager of several off-road companies, and even on-camera personality. So, when we came out into the parking lot of our hotel and found him under the hood of his CJ-7, we knew we had to go to video. Trent’s CJ-7 started off as a carbureted 2.5L four-cylinder. He rebuilt a 4.0L engine out of a 1996 Grand Cherokee and swapped it in place of the four-banger. But the recently swapped six-cylinder developed a rod knock on the way to Moab EJS 2016. Never one to turn tail and go home, Trent found a junkyard 4.0L and swapped it in, then finished the journey. But shortly after hitting town the engine stopped running and wouldn’t start. Check the video for the reason why. We’ll let you in on a little secret we discovered after we wrapped filming. After we got it to where it would start it was stumbling and running rough. It turned out to be nothing more than a loose injector harness clip. Always start with the small stuff. Be sure to check back at fourwheeler.com for more finds through the week.