Some days you just can’t catch a break. Verne Simons, 4-Wheel & Off-Road Technical Editor, used his solid-axle-conversion Chevy Tahoe as a tow rig, dragging his Willys flatfender out to Moab for some hardcore ‘wheeling. But one thing about Verne is he really, really, really loves to go off-roading. So it wasn’t long before the tow rig was hitting the trail as well. The only bummer is, he fried the power steering pump of the Tahoe on the trail with the big 37s aired down. With a gaggle of friend support, they worked through the night to install a new power steering pump from a local autoparts store. Naturally, the custom winch bumper and four-link suspension brackets reduced clearance to…let’s say less than a stock vehicle. But they soldiered on, fighting tight clearances and several additional runs to the parts store for things like fittings and pulley installer/puller tools. By morning, they were ready to fill and bleed the system, only to find the new pump wouldn’t move any fluid no matter what. So, that’s where we join Verne – on his back with a cold and no voice left, diving back in for another round of “let’s swap the power steering pump in the upcoming rainstorm so we can go ‘wheeling tomorrow”. Sometimes it’s enough to make you go a little crazy. But then again, aren’t we all crazy about off-roading? Be sure to check back at for more Moab coverage through the week.