Change is good. It’s not always easy to make a wholesale change to a formula that has been working for decades, but in the case of Forbidden Fantasy 2016 the decision to move to a different venue paid off huge. Now in its 19th year, FFF left its former home in Lake Perris to settle into sunny Laughlin at the Avi Resort and Casino. The location (and state) change brought a whole new set of opportunities to make the show more enjoyable for those displaying their trucks, as well as show attendees. What was once a one-day show could now be stretched into three with more time for judging, much more time for socializing, and the opportunity to stretch out and enjoy all the amenities that a fully stocked hotel and casino had to offer. FFF has always been a family based event, as are many mini-truck shows, but the long weekend meant folks could get a room, stay for a few nights, and wander through the sea—or river—of fully-built customs to really take in what this show is all about. One principle drawback of the Avi actually worked in favor of FFF. The display area real estate was significantly smaller than in years past, but that resulted in a more selective process for which vehicles were placed into the premium locations, and a marked increase in quality of builds. With less space to occupy, every single one of the custom, full-size, mini-trucks and cars that were out on display were heavy hitters. The drama-free weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, made evident with all the hugs, high fives, and bad dancing that took place near the DJ booth. The new location will continue to serve FFF well in the future, the Colorado River will continue to flow past the shore of the Avi Resort, and the mini-truck community will continue to build some of the most badass trucks around.