The mini truck scene is going through a resurgence all over the country, and no place is it more evident than in Southern California. This area has always been a hotbed for the custom truck world, and is the birthplace for many trends in the mini truck community. The Southern California Mini Truck Council has been around since 1975, sparking the cutting torch flames for many builders to push the sport as far as it can go. The SCMTC organized their 2nd annual Show N Shine, and Ontario, CA was once again the setting for a lively show as the Council rebuilt its numbers with another kick-ass show. Sometimes a scene needs to get back to its roots to really see what it can become, and that is what the Council is trying to do. With no shortage of creativity and a real sense of family community, this is one scene the will not go out quietly. The trucks on display hovered around double the number that it was last year, with many entrants claiming that it was SCMTC President Dan Larson that was instrumental in getting the numbers up, as he has been tirelessly pounding the pavement throughout the year, attending as many shows and cruise nights as possible. Just like last year, the enthusiasm level was right where it needed to be as there was some real style with these mini fanatics. Rockers were on the ground, wheels were tucked as far as they could go, air tanks were proudly displayed, the paint schemes were on point, and everyone was milling around checking out each other’s rides. The SCMTC promotes many local shows throughout the year, so keep clicking over to to find out more.