It’s been 14 years since the last Endless Summer took place and that accounts for a whole new generation of mini-truckers who were treated to a great weekend in Bullhead City, Arizona, just south of the Davis Dam in the shadows of the Laughlin casinos across the river. Seductive Worldwide brought the West Coast truck run back, and even had it at one of the more popular locations of the past—Davis Campground on the banks of the Colorado River. The setting was perfect for the event, it was at the back of the campground, essentially blocking off the area for the mini-trucks to cruise around, music was blasting out of the stage, and clubs were able to gather together and have as much fun as they wanted without the general public telling them to keep it down. The clubs themselves were in full force with multiple chapters able to meet up by the barbeque and toss back a few adult beverages and talk about the extremely hot weather (it was over 100 degrees the whole weekend), share stories of runs past, or the trucks they will be building in the future. For anyone who wants to have a fun weekend, a truck run like Endless Summer should be on your radar. For more information about the event next year, go to