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2010 Geneva Auto Show Photos And Coverage

The Editors of Truck Trend
Mar 13, 2010
Photographers: Staff
The first major European auto show of the season has a huge number of truck, SUV, and van debuts this year. Some of these vehicles are coming to the U.S., such as the next-generation Touareg and Tiguan, the next Kia Sportage, the new Mini Countryman (we finally get to see what the production model looks like), the Cayenne hybrid, and the refreshed RAV4 and Mazda5. There are also plenty of models we wish would come to the U.S. that are being unveiled at the show—including the diesel-powered Infiniti FX and EX, Volkswagen’s Amarok pickup, and cool little vans like the Ford C-Max/Grand C-Max and the Opel Meriva. There are several European vehicles and concepts on the show floor as well, such as Citroen’s DS High Rider concept. Keep coming to to look at the weird, the wild, and the future models that are coming our way.
- Allyson Harwood
Photo 2/123   |   2010 Geneva Motor Show Poster
Vehicle List
2010 Infiniti EX and FX Diesels
2010 Opel Meriva
2010 Toyota RAV4
2011 Kia Sportage
2011 Mazda5
2011 Mitsubishi ASX
2011 Porsche Cayenne
2011 Volkswagen Amarok
2011 Volkswagen Touareg
2012 Ford C-Max
2012 Ford Grand C-Max
2012 Mini Countryman
Nissan Juke
Citroen DS High Rider Concept
King Saud University Gazal-1
Citroen DS High Rider Concept
Compact, Spacious, Muscular, and Green -- All at the Same Time
It's compact, spacious, and muscular. And it's called the Citroen DS High Rider. The French automaker is slated to bring its newest concept to Geneva where it'll show off the future design cues and philosophies expected to make production in the near future on the upcoming DS4.
Photo 3/123   |   Citroen DS Hi Rider Concept Front Passenger Side
Rather than go the traditional, sleek two-door route, Citroen's design team focused creating a sturdy look. Its broad shoulders and rear haunches accentuate that goal, while a pulled back windshield and seamless side glass give it a contemporary and clean profile. Like the Aston Martin Rapide and other cars of late, its hidden B-pillar emphasize athleticism and refinement.
The front incorporates gaping air intakes and slim headlights. Of course, there's a large Citroen chevron badge with prominent grille there too. The hood is sculpted for more character and its high beltline and 19-inch wheels really make the DH High Rider one attractive concept.
Photo 4/123   |   Citroen DS Hi Rider Concept Rear Three Quarter
It's green too. Under its hood is a full hybrid powertrain employing a HDi DPFS diesel engine and an electric motor mounted on the rear axle.
2012 Ford Grand C-Max
Ford's New Mini-Minivan Almost Ready to Hit European Streets
We first saw the new Ford Grand C-Max back in September at Frankfurt, and though it appeared complete, it was technically a concept. The production car makes its debut in Geneva.
Photo 13/123   |   2012 Ford Grand C Max Front Three Quarters Driver
Europe gets both a five-passenger and a new seven-passenger C-Max, while North America is slated just for the seven-passenger C-Max, so far. There's good reason for this: Ford also will update the Escape/Mariner C-segment crossover, a big seller here but not overseas.
The U.S.-bound Focus C-Max looks much like this five-passenger model in a front-three-quarter view, but the seven-passenger model will have minivan-style sliding rear doors. It's more Mazda5 competitor than Chevy Orlando competitor. The '11 Focus and Focus C-Max will score more like 75- to 80-percent common parts. And suppliers to the new Focus will make the same parts and components around the world.
Photo 14/123   |   2012 Ford Grand C Max Front Three Quarters Passenger
Ford isn't talking engines, but an updated version of the current Focus' 2.0-liter four will be standard, and a new 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine will be optional in the Focus/C-Max lineup. A 2.0-liter EcoBoost four could power a hot hatch version of the Focus up to a year after the '10 launch.
Ford says it's growing its North American sub-C/D-class (Fusion/Milan/MKZ) lineup from four models (two- and four-door Focus, Escape, and Mercury Mariner) to nine: four- and five-door '11 Focus (the two-door is being cut), Focus C-Max, the Focus BEV (Ford counts its electric version as a separate car) a C-segment Mercury on the Focus platform and two '11 Fiestas, four- and five-door.
Photo 15/123   |   2012 Ford Grand C Max Front View
Like General Motors, Ford sees huge growth in sub-C/D cars in the coming decade. Ford and GM are selling much better-equipped compacts and four-cylinder midsize cars at higher transaction prices these days than in the recent past. This is important to Ford's strategy: Popular C-segment cars already sell for the equivalent of $25,000 to $30,000 in Europe.
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2012 Ford C-Max
Ford Shows Production Version of New Multi-Activity Vehicle
We first laid eyes on Ford's Focus-based C-Max multi-activity vehicle as a concept at Frankfurt, and it now makes its production debut at the Geneva motor show.
Photo 25/123   |   2012 Ford C Max Front
Ford first teased the C-Max with the iosis MAX concept unveiled at the Geneva show earlier this year. It employs Martin Smith's "kinetic" design that will rule the look of virtually all global Fords from midsize on down in the coming years. This will be the first time we get to see the C-Max's interior, production or otherwise.
Competitors in North America will include the Mazda5 and the 2012 Chevrolet Orlando. Its entry into the U.S. market also reflects Ford's belief that the C-segment, or compact size, will overtake the C/D/midsize (Fusion) segment as the predominant car size here in the coming decade. General Motors concurs with Ford on this point.
Photo 26/123   |   2012 Ford C Max Front Three Quarter Driver
The C-Max, along with the Mondeo, also marks the debut of Ford's first EcoBoost four-cylinder production engine, a turbocharged 1.6-liter direct-injection unit. Other C-Max features will include semi-automatic parallel parking (as introduced in the Ford Flex/Lincoln MKT) and a blind-spot detection system.
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2010 Infiniti EX and FX Diesels
Infiniti Gives its Crossovers an Oil-Burning Option
A diesel offering is a must in Europe. To help appease the high demand for oil-burners in that market, Infiniti has created diesel-powered variants of its FX and EX crossovers.
Billed as the FX30d and EX30d, respectively, both crossovers make use of an all-new 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6. Called the "V9X," the new engine was developed in partnership with corporate parent Renault, and is built in France.
Infiniti says the V-6 is capable of producing 235 horsepower, and lays down a solid 405 pound-feet of torque from 1750-2500 rpm. In both models, the engine is mated to a seven-speed automatic as standard equipment. Perhaps more important to European buyers, the CO2 levels are rather low (224 grams of CO2 per kilometer in the EX, 240 grams in the FX), and fuel economy is equally thrifty.
Few details differentiate the diesel-powered FX and EX models from their VQ-powered siblings, but engineers did have to thoroughly revamp the engine compartment -- subframe included -- to accommodate the new diesel.
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A diesel offering is a must in Europe -- Billed the FX30d and EX30d, respectively, both crossovers make use of an all-new 3.0-liter..

2011 Kia Sportage
Kia Ute Latest Vehicle to Don the Automaker's New Corporate Face
Having made its world debut in Geneva, the 2011 Kia Sportage will share top billing on the Kia stand at the New York Show in a few weeks' time along with the new Optima sedan.
Photo 38/123   |   2011 Kia Sportage Front
A crisp, handsome, compact SUV designed under the direction of Peter Schreyer, the third generation Sportage is 3.5in longer, 0.6in wider and 2.4in lower than the previous model. The wheelbase has only grown by 0.4in, however. Aerodynamic drag has been cut from a Cd of 0.40 to 0.37, and weight has been cut by 200lb. Although available with all-wheel drive as well as front drive, the new Sportage is even more road biased than its predecessor, riding an inch lower to the blacktop.
The exterior design was done in Kia's southern California studio, and clearly draws on the Kue concept shown the 2007 Detroit Show. A key design element is the relationship between its high shoulders and narrow glasshouse, says Schreyer. "We've created an SUV with a sportscar-like ratio between sheet metal and glass. The side-windows are very narrow which gives you an almost rally-car feeling." The striking reverse angle C-pillar enhances the car-like side graphic. "The size, the shape and the proportion of the C-pillar determines the entire look and feel of the car," confirms Schreyer.
Photo 39/123   |   2011 Kia Sportage Rear Three Quarter
A unique detail is the stepped line across the top of the windshield that echoes the design elements of Kia's new corporate grille. This feature first appeared on the Kee concept unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Show. "It's crucial that we draw real design inspiration from our concept and showcars and inject that motivation into our production cars," says Schreyer.
Photo 40/123   |   2011 Kia Sportage Side
The interior, which features striking splashes of color in some versions, is the work of designers in the company's Frankfurt studio. Black cloth is standard, and unusually, an all-black headliner can be specified. Options include part-leather and full-leather seat trim, with a choice of contrasting stitching. Base models feature a dark Gun Metal colored dashboard and centre stack, but as with the Soul buyers will be offered a number of contrasting color treatments on higher trim level models.
Manual air-conditioning is standard. The audio system for new Sportage features CD player with MP3, USB and iPod connectivity. An all-new navigation system with a 7.0-inch screen, Bluetooth and voice recognition will be offered. Other available high-tech "comfort & convenience" features include a Smart Card (for keyless entry, together with engine start/stop button), "welcome home" escort lights, Xenon headlamps, LED Daytime Running Lights and a tailgate-mounted reversing safety camera with interior mirror display monitor.
Photo 41/123   |   2011 Kia Sportage Front Three Quarter
The hatch-like design means the C-pillar has been moved 7.3in rearward compared with the old Sportage, improving rear seat access. Luggage space benefits from a 2.8in increase in the rear overhang. With the rear seats upright, the cargo bay is 3.2in longer and 4.3in wider at floor level, thanks to the more compact design of the new multi-link rear suspension. Kia claims cargo capacity is among the best in class, ranging from 19.9cu ft with the rear seats occupied, to 47.8 cu ft with the rear seats folded.
Storage space within the cabin includes a larger glovebox (cooled in some models), a larger center console and four door pockets. Two large cup-holders are located between the gear selector and the centre console, while the folding centre armrest in the rear seat has twin cup-holders.
Photo 42/123   |   2011 Kia Sportage Rear
U.S.-spec Sportages will be available with a choice of four cylinder or V-6 engines, driving through a six speed automatic transmission. Traction control is standard on the FWD Sportage. The AWD drivetrain delivers 100 percent of engine torque to the front wheels, with a percentage of torque automatically transferred to the rear wheels to maintain forward momentum if wheelspin is detected. In slippery conditions - such as rain, snow, mud, unpaved roads and off-road - the driver can manually select 'Lock Mode' for better stability. This mode shares the torque equally (50%/50%), between the front and rear axles and maintains that split up to a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). Whether FWD or AWD, traction is also boosted by the available Hillstart Assist Control which prevents slipping backwards, and Downhill Brake Control which limits vehicle speed to just 5 mph on steep descents.
Steering is by way of a new electric power steering rack-and-pinion system that is speed-sensitive and requires just 2.96 turns of the steering wheel from lock-to-lock. Kia says switching from the previous model's hydraulic system to electric power assistance offers a 3.5percent improvement in fuel economy.
Both the front and rear suspension systems are mounted on a lightweight hydro-formed subframe. Up front are MacPherson struts, largely carried over from the previous model, while at the rear is an all-new multi-link system. Adjustable rear shocks are available as an option on European-spec Sportages. The new Sportage will go on sale in the U.S. later this year.
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2011 Mazda5
Mazda's Mini-Minivan Gets the Nagare Style Makeover
Mazda is continuing to update its full lineup of vehicles with its new “Nagare” design philosophy and the latest up to the plate is the mini-minivan Mazda5 which is bowing at the 2010 Geneva show. In addition to looking happier, it will make owners happier knowing they’re producing 15 percent less pollutants than the outgoing model.
Photo 46/123   |   2011 Mazda5 Front Passengers Side View
Most of the notable updates to the Mazda5 are external, particularly in front, where the Mazda5 is the latest model to get the big, smiling grille that’s polarized many car fans. Past it, the Mazda5 also gets a bevy of character lines running up its sides along the dual sliding doors. More than just updated styling, Mazda says the new look also improves aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.
Inside, the six passenger seats can be arranged several ways to maximize passenger and storage space. A new “karakuri” configuration for the second-row seats allows them to be converted into more storage space as well.
Photo 47/123   |   2011 Mazda5 Rear Drivers Side
When the 2011 Mazda5 goes on sale in Europe this fall, it will feature a 2.0-liter gasoline direct-injection four-cylinder engine with “i-stop,” which shuts down the engine when the car is stopped. A 1.8-liter gasoline engine will also be available and both engines come standard with a six-speed manual transmission. U.S. models likely will not have the i-stop technology nor the manual transmission, as neither is expected to be ordered by a significant number of U.S. customers.
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2012 Mini Countryman
Going Big: Mini's Four-Door, All-Wheel-Drive Cooper
By Mike Floyd
After more than a year of concept teases and name guessing games, the long-awaited Mini Cooper Countryman -- the first four-door Mini of the modern era -- has finally come out into the light and is headed to U.S. Mini showrooms in early 2011 after a world debut at the upcoming Geneva motor show.
Photo 56/123   |   2012 Mini Countryman Front Three Quarter View
The fourth model variant in the Mini family, the Countryman (Mini says the name will be different in some markets) represents the BMW brand's movement in a new, bigger direction. According to Mini, the Countryman "bridges the gap between the classic concept of the Mini and a modern Sports Activity Vehicle." In other words, Mini needed a crossover. What brand doesn't these days?
While the Countryman is immediately recognizable as a Mini, there are several obvious differences. It's much bigger, of course, with four doors and lots more room for passengers and their gear. Like many crossover style vehicles, the Countryman employs an elevated seating position in an effort to improve overall driver sight lines. Rear seat passengers have the option of moving the seats both fore-and-aft, and the vehicle can either be outfitted with a standard two seat arrangement or an optional bench with either 60:40 or 40:20:40 setup depending upon option package. And the Countryman has a lot more cargo space than a traditional Mini, with a luggage compartment that ranges from 12.2 to 41.0 cu-ft and a wide-opening rear hatch for better cargo loading.
Photo 57/123   |   2012 Mini Countryman Doors Open Front
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2010 Opel Meriva
FlexDoors Increase New Meriva's Flexibility
Nearly two years after appearing at the 2008 Geneva auto show in concept form, Opel has recently revealed its second generation Meriva. Called a "small, affordable monocab" by the GM's European arm, the Meriva boasts what Opel calls "FlexDoors," more commonly known here in the U.S. as rear-hinged suicide doors. They open 84 degrees, providing more room for passengers when entering and exiting. A standard B-pillar maintains chassis rigidity and side-impact safety.
Photo 70/123   |   2010 Opel Meriva Front Three Quarter
Inside, the trendy lingo continues with "FlexSpace" rear seats that can be moved in a variety of directions to improve cargo or passenger space. According to Opel, the seats take less effort to move and fold down than before. Up front, a "FlexRail" console allows the front passengers to arrange storage compartments as they like. Also available is an integrated bicycle carrier that stores under the luggage compartment called "FlexFix."
Photo 71/123   |   2010 Opel Meriva Side Doors Open
All engines are turbocharged, ranging from 75 to 140 horsepower. Available transmissions include five- and six-speed manuals, and a six-speed automatic. Opel will also offer a reportedly fuel-efficient
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2011 Porsche Cayenne
Porsche's Contentious SUV Gets Hybrid-ized, Sheds Some Pounds
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Porsche's Contentious SUV Gets Hybrid-ized, Sheds Some Pounds - The 2011 Porsche Cayenne improves on many of the outgoing's traits while getting a boost in fuel economy and in some cases, more power.

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Porsche's Contentious SUV Gets Hybrid-ized, Sheds Some Pounds - The 2011 Porsche Cayenne improves on many of the outgoing's traits while getting a boost in fuel economy and in some cases, more power.

2010 Toyota RAV4
European-Market RAV4 Gets a Facelift
An all-new RAV4 may be a few years away, but Toyota is refreshing its compact SUV with a mild facelift for European markets.
Photo 86/123   |   2010 Toyota RAV4 Side
The result is rather attractive. New headlamps, a narrow grille, and a sporty front bumper fascia lends the RAV4 a car-like appearance. Although the look helps tie the RAV4 to European Toyota models like the Auris and Avensis, we can't help but see some Lexus IS in the new design. No mechanical changes have been announced, but Toyota says the interior will be spruced up to match the new exterior.
Sadly, we won't see the rhinoplasty in U.S. showrooms. Toyota representatives have confirmed that the facelift would remain a European exclusive -- at least for the time being.
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An all-new RAV4 may be a few years away, but Toyota is refreshing its compact SUV with a mild facelift -- at least for Europe, anyway.

2011 Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid
Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Debuts With 374 Horsepower
By Scott Evans
The second-generation Volkswagen Touareg SUV is news in and of itself, but the biggest story is the new hybrid model that bowed today in Geneva. How does more than 400 pounds of weight savings and 29 mpg combined grab you?
Photo 94/123   |   2011 Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Front Three Quarter View
It's an impressive feat alright. Volkswagen says that despite the fact that they increased structural rigidity by 45 percent and added a hybrid drivetrain, the new Touareg is 441 pounds lighter than the outgoing model, dropping it to just under 5000 pounds. Those savings are significant, as Volkswagen says they help make the new Touareg 25 percent more efficient than the outgoing model.
The Touareg Hybrid is powered by a 3.3-liter, twin-supercharged V-6 mated to an electric motor, the same setup that you'll find in the new Porsche Cayenne Hybrid. Together, they can put out 374 peak horsepower and 428 peak pound-feet of torque. Be gentle to the throttle and they'll return 29 mpg combined, considerably more than the current gas powered models that can do an EPA-estimated 25 mpg highway at best. More than that, the electric motor can also move the Touareg Hybrid by itself up to 31 mph.
Photo 95/123   |   2011 Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Rear Three Quarter View
The new Touareg is expected to debut later this year in both Europe and the U.S. The Touareg Hybrid will join its gas powered siblings here in the U.S., but diesel models are expected to remain in Europe.
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2011 Nissan Juke
The B-segment crossover, which will be produced in Nissan's U.K. Sunderland plant, will slot under the Murano and Rogue when it goes on sale here in the fall. The Juke's real-world debut is set for the Geneva auto show in March, a year after it was shown as the Qazana concept.
Photo 102/123   |   2011 Nissan Juke Side View Passenger
Nissan Juke Rear The exterior, according to Nissan, is a "distinctive combination of SUV toughness and sporting style." We're guessing the judges would also accept "haphazard." Crafted in Europe and refined at the automaker's Japan Design Center, Nissan aimed for the lower area to resemble an SUV, fitting it with butch wheels, wide tires, and higher ground clearance. The top half, Nissan says, is sports car inspired, with a high waistline, and a coupe-like roofline. A key detail: The rear doors hide their handles in the frame.
Nissan Juke Interior Nissan also says the sports car theme continues inside with a center console designed like a motorcycle's gas tank, adding a sense of "fun" to the Juke. The cabin seats five, and the luggage area boasts a storage area under the floor (except all-wheel drive models). Interior amenities will include climate control, leather upholstery, rear view camera, intelligent key, and a central command screen called Nissan Dynamic Control System, which allows the driver to control infotainment features and the minutiae, like the sensitivity of the automatic headlights.
Photo 103/123   |   2011 Nissan Juke Rear Three Quarters Driver
Nissan Juke Gauges The Juke rides on a platform shared with Renault. Its wheelbase is just shy of 100 inches, making it shorter than the Versa. Despite the smallness, Nissan will offer an all-wheel drive option. Called ALL-MODE 4x4-I, the system uses torque vectoring to reduce understeer while pushing its 215/55 R17 rubber. Front-drive Jukes use MacPherson struts up front and a torsion beam out back. All-wheel drive models exchange the beam for a multi-link setup.
Nissan Juke Cutaway Powertrain options in Europe include one diesel and two gasoline offerings. The top-line motor is a direct-injected, turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four that makes 188 horsepower and 177 foot-pounds of torque. It comes with a six-speed transmission when opted with front-drive and a continuously variable box with all-wheel drive. The non-turbo engine of the same displacement returns 115-horsepower, and offers the choice of a five-speed manual and CVT. A 1.5-liter diesel spins out 109 horsepower and 177 foot-pounds of torque, and comes only with a six-speed manual.
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2011 Volkswagen Amarok
The 2011 Volkswagen Amarok mid-sized pickup is slated to hit the South American market where it will be built this year. Europeans get the truck later this summer.
Photo 110/123   |   2011 Volkswagen Amarok Front
Double cab versions will be delivered to customers first, with single cab variants arriving in 2011. They can choose between two- and all-wheel drive editions, with the latter capable of being spec'd with a Torsen limited-slip differential. The LSD allows for 40% power to be delivered to the front wheels, 60% to the rear.
Speaking of power, VW offers two of its 2.0L TDi engines making either 158 hp/295 lb-ft or 120 hp/251 lb-ft. Both get mated to a six-speed manual transmission and can come with other features designed to enhance off-roading like Off-Road ABS, Hill Descent Assist, and Hill Hold Assist.
Photo 111/123   |   2011 Volkswagen Amarok Rear Three Quarter
The diesel powerplants give the Amarok a claimed 2535 lbs payload inside of its 27-sq-ft. bed and a 6173 max towing capacity.
Styling is bold and aggressive with a definite ruggedness. Up front, VW's contemporary nose is clearly seen.
Photo 112/123   |   2011 Volkswagen Amarok Front Three Quarter
VW executives hope to grab a hold of the pickup truck segment with the Amarok in the South American, South African, Australian, and European markets. The German automaker is still mum on whether or not the truck will arrive in the U.S., however.
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2011 Mitsubishi ASX
Hope you like that Lancer nose, because it's here to stay. It's already spread to the Outlander and the Europe-only Colt and now it's spread to the new Outlander Sport compact crossover that premiered today in Geneva as the European-spec ASX.
Photo 113/123   |   2011 Mitsubishi Asx Unveiling
Mitsubishi spent at least as much time during its press conference today talking about the future as it did about the ASX, as the two are strongly linked. The ASX, which we'll see here in the future as the Outlander Sport, marks the debut of Mitsubishi's new 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel, which the company claims is the first ever to offer variable valve timing on a diesel engine in a passenger vehicle. The new mill and its variable-geometry turbocharger make 148 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque while emitting only 0.51 to 0.53 pound of CO2 per mile depending on whether it's driving two wheels or all four.
The ASX also packs a number of green features including low rolling-resistance tires, regenerative braking and auto stop/start technology. All together, Mitsubishi says these features will help the ASX 41 mpg on the European Urban Cycle, 49 mpg on the European Extra-Urban Cycle and 34 mpg on the European Combined Cycle. Also helping is a relatively low curb weight of 3300 pounds for two-wheel-drive models and 3400 for Electronic All-Wheel-Drive models.
Photo 114/123   |   2011 Mitsubishi Asx Side View
The European ASX model will go on sale in the Spring following its debut in Geneva, but an exact on-sale date for the U.S. Outlander Sport model hasn't been set. We hope to see it by the end of the year, but we probably won't be getting the slick new diesel. U.S. offerings are likely to use Mitsubishi's 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and 2.4-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engines.
Photo 115/123   |   2011 Mitsubishi Asx Interior Passenger Side
That's not the end of the story, though. This new diesel is expected to make its way into other Mitsubishi products in the future and is already confirmed for European Lancers. These new diesel models will be the first wave of greener cars from Mitsubishi, which will include more EVs like the i-Miev and new plug-in hybrids coming in 2013 based off of the PX-MiEV concept. By 2020, Mitsubishi hopes to have plug-in hybrid and EV models account for 20 percent of its sales, with the other 80 percent made up of highly efficient diesel and gasoline models. Can Mitsubishi redefine itself as a green performance brand? It's certainly going to try.
Photo 116/123   |   2011 Mitsubishi Asx Rear Three Quarter View
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King Saud University Gazal-1
What happens when a king asks students at his university to build an off-road vehicle for him? A Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen rebodied to look like a super-sized Mahindra, from the look of the KSU Gazal-1 (named for the local gazelles that bound across the Saudi landscape). Developed with assistance from Magna-Steyr (the company that assembles the G-Class in Austria), the students at King Saud University were tasked with “combining a natural ability for extreme off-road driving with comfortable urban and suburban road use.”
Photo 121/123   |   King Saud University Gazal 1 Front Three Quarters
After selecting the G-Wagen as the basis, the students were allowed total freedom to redesign the entire bodywork, but according to the press materials, they decided to avoid “fashionable trends in favor of a timeless style.” All righty, then. The bodywork is said to be made of carbon fiber, but the representative says that after necessary reinforcements it weighs the same as the original steel G550. One of the goals was to “promote the culture of the auto industry and train young engineers.” We’re not convinced this project has instilled all the right lessons...



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