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Ten Reasons why Jeep will remake the Forward Control - EJS 2016 in Moab Day 2

(or why I want them to)

Fred Williams
Mar 22, 2016
Photographers: Fred Williams
I’ll start with full disclosure, I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania and my dad had an old orange Jeep Forward Control, so this may seem somehow contrived or just the rantings of a nostalgic maniac, but the fact is the FC-150 resto-mod Jeep showed in moab is brilliant and undoubtedly pointing to future products. I know everyone at Jeep will deny any possible future Jeep FC production vehicle, but ignore them, they are just being cagey. They hate when we figure out their future products and tell everyone.
The Jeep Forward Control Trucks are near perfect engineering marvels, and as close to flawless design examples as you could find. And I’m pretty sure Jeep excutives will read these 10 reasons, and put the old Jeeps right back into production.
Photo 2/17   |   Jeep Forward Control Resto Mod 1
1. The forward control offers optimal load storage ability on a light nimble short wheel base chassis. This resto-mod concept packs a 5-foot cab and 6-foot bed on a standard 2-door Jeep TJ frame. The efficiency of space is akin to other great designs like insulated coffee cups, Velcro enclosed shoes, and yoga pants.
2. The large wrap around windshield offers tons of visibility, without any annoying hood out in front to distract or bother you. The view is so epic that many relate it to viewing the Grand Canyon, and in fact the Grand Canyon was originally rumored to be called the Forward Canyon, or FC for short.
3. Having your engine right beside you in the cab of the FC allows great connectivity between driver and vehicle resulting in a textbook driving experience. Plus you can stash food on the engine to reheat it while driving.
Photo 3/17   |   Jeep Forward Control Resto Mod 6
4. Sitting above the front axle means you barely ever need a spotter. And no spotter means no one trying to steal food from your cooler.
5. Enzo Ferrari once said that the Jeep was the only true American sports car, and he was probably talking about the FC.
6. The Jeep Forward Control will revolutionize off road driving performance once again when reintroduced because off roading is a great adrenaline rush, and driving off a ledge in an FC will scare you so much your adrenaline levels will be through the roof!
Photo 4/17   |   Jeep Forward Control Resto Mod 9
7. The Jeep Forward Control resto mod shown at Moab is Orange, and I like orange. Not that anyone should listen to me, but isn’t that reason enough to reintroduce the FC to the market? I mean Henry Ford offered his Model A in any color you want as long as its black, and isn’t Orange the new Black??
8. Jeep only built the Forward Control FC150 and FC170 models from 1957 to 1964, and since then demand has been booming by myself and a few of my friends in the Jeep Forward Control Fan Club of America for Jeep to build more. If they don’t bring them back we may need to start a petition, and no one wants that.
9. The rumors of the 2018 Jeep Forward Control (2-door short bed), FC Unlimited (4-door short bed), FC Extra-Unlimited (6-door van), FC Super-Extra Unlimited (6-door van with long bed and raised roof), and FC Super-Extra Unlimited Supreme (6-door van with long bed, raised roof and matching boat and trailer) will not be verified by anyone at Jeep. But you’d have to be insane to think that they wouldn’t be true.
Photo 5/17   |   Jeep Forward Control Resto Mod 17
10. This year is the 75th anniversary of the Jeep brand, and of the 75th year of m&m candies and the FC sort of looks like an m&m candy with a pick up bed on the back. I’m not sure that proves anything, but I do like m&m’s.
So maybe these 10 reasons are not very believable, but none the less I think Jeep design did an awesome job bringing an old Jeep FC150 back to life atop a TJ drivetrain and frame. The heritage is obvious and the truck just looks fun. Sure it was designed as a work truck long before crash testing and fuel economy made designing and building new vehicles complicated, and I really doubt that the government will ever allow Jeep to make such a vehicle again. But that isn’t because the FC is unsafe or moves like a loaf of bread through a wind tunnel, it’s because the world just may not be ready for the Jeep FC to come back and make trucks great again.



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