Despite sore feet and heavy eyelids, Friday came and went with the (heavy) blink of an eye. Friday’s SEMA exploration included the wheels and tires area of the South Hall and the New Products display cases. We found tons of things that probably wouldn’t interest the mini trucker, so we’ve tried to stay kind of on task and exclude the ten thousand 2014 Chevy Silverados and lifted Fords and Rams.

It seems that air horns are still “in,” which was somewhat surprising. The Hornblasters guys left our ears ringing for an hour, no joke. Big wheels are also still “in,” which isn’t surprising. We found a Ram (not a mini truck, so we apologize) outside sporting 30-inch and 32-inch Donz Wheelz. They were huge. Will we see something like this on a mini truck? Inside, we found every shape, size and style of rim imaginable. Many were utterly ridiculous, but hey, that’s what SEMA’s for, and whatever your style is, rock it proudly.

In the off-road section, we found a pair of overseas Toyota Hiluxes. Despite the off-road emphasis, it’s still always cool to see some overseas mini trucks. This was the third new Hilux spotted. And yes, that is a creepy poodle, dedicated to the lighthearted nature of you mini truckers who have a sense of humor. Promptly at 4PM, the party really got going with the popular and entertaining roll-out Cruise, which did include a handful of mini trucks. We’ll have coverage of that soon, so stay tuned!