The Truckin crew continues our coverage of the massive 2016 SEMA show with a stroll through Central Hall. Out of the three halls in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall seems to be where all the action happens. It is home to some of the largest and most recognizable booths and has the highest traffic, as evident by this writer’s difficulty from getting from front to back. The crowds seemed to gravitate towards the larger manufacturers with Ford, Chevy, Toyota, and Honda all having large footprint booths showing off the latest models in their truck lineup, with FoMoCo once again dominating the hall with its wall to wall display. Central Hall was bursting at the seams with aftermarket parts dedicated to all things truck and there was a great variety of performance parts from some well-known names, with some smaller component makers as well all vying for the attention of show attendees. There were more than a few custom trucks bearing the very parts that they were advertising, with a good selection of brand new Chevys, Fords and Toyotas mixed in with a some scattered classic projects with one Dodge D100 with a Cummins swap, sitting flat on the ground, that was just a stunning piece of work. Keep your browsers cemented here to the Truck Trend network for more coverage of SEMA 2016.