The Truckin crew continues our live coverage of SEMA 2016 with a stroll around the outdoor display area. While it is not technically a hall, the outdoor area is easily as large if not larger than any of the other areas. The only difference outside is there are only a handful of booths so the blacktop is just a sea of vehicles with a vast majority of those being trucks, and that’s where we came in. We always shoot the best of what’s out there in the truck world and SEMA is a best of the best and that is what this gallery is all about. This year, there was a pretty even amount of lifted and lowered trucks that would win a Best Of award at any other show, but this is a gathering of the best, this is a place where details get scrutinized in the court of public viewing. The build quality of every one of these trucks was stellar and we always feel fortunate to be able to see it all here at the SEMA show. We will continue to cover all of what this show has to offer as we move through the halls and shoot hundreds more photos for you to ogle.