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Hot 25 Diesel Products at SEMA 2017 #TENSEMA17

Innovative New Parts and Accessories for Diesel Enthusiasts and the Rigs They Love

John Lehenbauer
Nov 3, 2017
Photographers: Courtesy of SEMA
The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the premier venue for aftermarket parts manufacturers to debut new products for the diesel-truck market. Representatives from companies specializing in engine performance, suspension mods, dress-up accessories, or utilitarian equipment for almost anything on wheels are on hand displaying and promoting their latest upgrade hotness.
Each year, we roam the many aisles of the SEMA Show, and dodge literally thousands of auto and truck enthusiasts, to find cool products to tell you about. Here is the rundown of our Hot 25 Diesel Products at SEMA 2017.
Distributing Fuel
BD Diesel Performance has a new fuel-distribution block for Dodge Ram and Ram pickups with 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins engines. The block is designed to work with high-flow dual CP3 pumps and performance lift pumps from FASS Diesel Fuel Systems, PureFlow AirDog, and BD Diesel Performance.
Photo 2/26   |   001 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
BD Diesel Performance
(800) 887-5030
Get Cool Air
K&N Engineering’s new 77 Series cold-air-intake system was designed for ’16-to-’17 Nissans with the 5.0L Cummins engine. It increases horsepower, improves throttle response, and improves the engine’s exhaust tone, and replaces the entire stock air-intake hardware in less than 90 minutes.
Photo 3/26   |   002 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
K&N Engineering
(800) 858-3333
Uninterrupted Fuel
The aFe Power’s Pro Diesel Fuel Pump for ’01-to-’16 6.6L Duramax engines, provides increased, consistent fuel flow for towing, on-track, and street performance. The unit is able to flow up to 187 gph, and featureshigh-pressure Viton seals, CNC-contoured manifold passages, and a heavy gauge wiring harness.
Photo 4/26   |   003 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
aFe Power
(877) 512-8111
High-Performance DPF
Bully Dog has a new, stainless steel replacement diesel-particulate filter for ’08-to-’10 Ford, ’07-to-’08 Dodge Rams 2500/3500, and ’09-to-’12 Ram 2500 trucks. The unit is said to provide increased airflow for improved horsepower and torque.
Photo 5/26   |   004 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Bully Dog
(940) 940-9914
Rollin’ Rockers
Twenty-four valve Cummins engines built for performance need rocker arms that can handle the abuse of big horsepower. That is why Manton Pushrods developed its 24-valve/Common-rail Cummins Roller Rocker Arm System, fitting ’98.5-to-present 5.9L and 6.7L engines. The rocker arms feature extreme tool-steel bodies with bushings to improve friction, Nitrate-steel trunion bearings with oil grooves to prevent galling, nitrated tool-steel adjusting screws with 12-point adjusting nuts, and proprietary axle-pin and roller material. ARP fasteners are included to keep things in place.
Photo 6/26   |   005 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Manton Pushrods
(951) 245-6565
Controlled Injection
Banks Power has developed a new water-methanol injection system, the Banks Double-Shot Gen II Module. The Double Shot uses a truck’s OBD II data (engine rpm, vehicle speed, MAP, etc.) to dynamically adjust the injection calibrations on the fly. The system features proactive anti-detonation water-injection capability, and includes a plug-and play-harness for connecting it with an iDash 1.8 interface.
Photo 7/26   |   006 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Banks Power
(800) 601-8072
A Big Titan for Titan
The 26-gallon fuel tank that comes in ’16-and-newer Nissan Titan XDs does not provide much range for the 5.0L Cummins engine. Titan Fuel Tanks developed the Titan XXL, a 50-gallon replacement tank for Titan XD. The tank is made of a military-grade polymer and includes all necessary mounting hardware for an easy installation.
Photo 8/26   |   007 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Titan Fuel Tanks
(800) 728-4982
Cleaning Coolant
Sinister Diesel has a Coolant Filter Kit for ’01-to-’15 Chevrolet and GMC trucks with 6.6L Duramax engines. The filter is designed to remove minerals and particles from the cooling system, which can cause seal damage and scale build up. Mounting hardware is included.
Photo 9/26   |   008 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Sinister Diesel
(888) 966-6543
Big Air
New from BorgWarner Turbo Systems is the S300SX-E 72mm Super Core turbocharger, a ‘charger that is built to support many various performance applications. The S300SX-E features hydrodynamic journal-bearings, and also has an effective high-ratio compressor stage, and a high-efficiency turbine stage. BorgWarner’s new turbo has an ultra-fast response and can make over 70 psi of boost.
Photo 10/26   |   009 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
BorgWarner Turbo Systems
Filter Recocation
Amsoil introduces its Ea Bypass Filtration System for ’04-to-present 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins and ’11-to-present Ford 6.7L Power Stroke engines; a system that facilitates the relocating single the oil filters anywhere in a truck, engine compartment for improved accessibility.
Photo 11/26   |   010 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
(800) 956-5695
Jam on It
“The Jammer” from Edge Products is a mandrel-bent diesel exhaust system constructed of 100 percent stainless steel tubing. It is designed to decrease backpressure, lower EGTs, and maximize airflow. There are systems available most GM, Ford, and Dodge Ram and Ram diesel trucks.
Photo 12/26   |   011 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Edge Products
(888) 360-3343
Rocker Studs
To ensure that the rocker pedestal on 24-valve 5.9L Cummins engines stays in place, ARP has developed a Rocker Pedestal Stud kit. The kit uses studs made out of 220,000-psi-tensile-strength ARP2000 material. The studs have a black oxide finish and come in a package of 12 studs and 12 nuts, with ARP Ultra-Torque lubricant.
Photo 13/26   |   012 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
(805) 339-2200
Power and Economy
Tomioka Racing brings the BlueFin Plug N Go programmer to the U.S. The device is said to be able to give diesel engines a boost in fuel economy and up to 30 percent increased torque and horsepower. The performance increases help smooth power delivery and improve acceleration. Applications for the BlueFin include Audi and Volkwagen TDI diesel engines.
Photo 14/26   |   013 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Tomioka Racing
(302) 409-0668
Big ‘Gate
Turbosmart released its new V Series 50mm wastegate. The fifth-generation V Series is a direct fit for all fourth-generation Turbosmart units and they feature a unique collar locking system, a variable actuator cap and base, V-band clamps, liquid cooling, and 1/8-inch NPT ports. Several different spring sizes are included.
Photo 15/26   |   014 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
(909) 476-2570
Boost Control
The Electonic Boost Controller by ProSport Gauges, allows you to monitor and control boost on demand. It features a two-color display, dimmable lighting, warning alerts, and two selectable boost settings. It is a 52mm gauge that includes a waterproof boost sensor, solenoid, hose, T-fittings, and instructions.
Photo 16/26   |   015 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
ProSport Gauges
(727) 572-9011
Automatic-Transmission Improvement Package
Raybestos’ lineup of Performance Automatic Transmission Rebuild kits has been expanded to cover a few diesel-truck applications. These sets are sold exclusively by McLeod Racing, and include Far Pak gaskets and Raybestos Powertrain friction plates. Kits are rated to handle up to 1,000 hp.
Photo 17/26   |   016 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
McLeod Racing
(714) 630-2764
Synthetic Performance
Pakelo Lubricants introduces its new Krypton Racing full-synthetic engine oil, developed for use in high-performance diesel engines. Krypton is formulated with a high-quality base crude and exclusive additives that have anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-oxidation, and anti-foam properties.
Photo 18/26   |   017 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Pakelo Lubricants
Heavy-Duty Flex
High-performance diesel engines require stout componentry to operate at their full potential. This inspired Hays to develop heavy-duty flexplates for 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins engines. The the flexplates’ thicker (than stock) design allows them to handle the punishment of high-torque, big- horsepower powerplants. They are available in a zinc-dichromate or black oxide coating and every unit is SFI certified.
Photo 19/26   |   018 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
(866) 464-6553
Tough Internals
Allison automatic transmissions are durable units, but big horsepower and torque can cause them to eventually fail. When it is time to upgrade the internal components of your Chevrolet or GMC truck’s transmission, Defeo Manufacturing offers such performance components as its P2 Carrier/C2 Hub set for Allison units. This combination uses 4140 billet steel in a thicker throat, and a custom mating spline for increased strength at common failure points. The 6-pinion design improves the durability and stability of the carrier.
Photo 20/26   |   019 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Defeo Manufacturing
(800) 682-1290
Bigger Overdrive
Sonnax Industries has developed the Smart-Tech overdrive clutch housing kit for Dodge transmissions, to increase the strength and reliability of the overdrive. The kit features a billet housing that holds a taller clutch pack that increases the OD’s apply area by 16 percent, and the clutch pack’s steel has 28 percent more mass for better heat dissipation.
Photo 21/26   |   020 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Sonnax Industries
(800) 843-2600
Temperature Taker
The Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge (Velocity White Series) from Classic Instruments is a full-sweep electric gauge that includes such features as rugged air-core movement, a red warning light, data-logging, and programmable LED lighting. A stainless steel probe and mounting bung are included.
Photo 22/26   |   021 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Classic Instruments
(844) 342-8437
Brand New Blocks
If it is time to replace your truck’s worn out Duramax engine block, Chevrolet Performance now offers new cores. Along with the block, almost everything needed to support a an engine build, is now available through Chevrolet dealerships’ parts departments.
Photo 23/26   |   022 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Chevrolet Performance
(800) 950-2438
Oil for Proper Break-In
Driven Racing Oil’s new DBR 15W-40 Conventional Diesel Break-In Motor Oil is designed for turbocharged high-performance engines. It promotes proper surface mating during the break-in period and chemically assists piston-ring seal. DBR 15W-40 uses a proprietary anti-wear formulation that does not use conventional friction modifiers.
Photo 24/26   |   023 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Driven Racing Oil
(866) 611-1820
Split Signals
To accommodate simultaneous use of devices that can be plugged into a truck’s ODB-II port (programmers, diagnostics, etc.), AutoMeter has developed the OBD-II Signal Splitter.
Photo 25/26   |   024 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
AutoMeter Competition Instruments
(866) 248-6356
Improved Boost
Precision Turbo & Engine has developed a new housing for its 75mm and 85mm Sportsman turbochargers. The piece is made with investment-cast 330 stainless steel, and includes a stainless V-band inlet and outlet.Multiple A/R ratios are available.
Photo 26/26   |   025 25 Diesel Products Sema 2017
Precision Turbo & Engine
(800) 728-4982