Take a production-based engine, offer the consumer all the additional items required to make it run in a non-production chassis-like front accessory drive system and wiring harnesses, stick it in a box, and sell it with a warranty. Do this for every performance engine in your inventory and maybe add a custom-assembled race engine or two here and there with high-quality parts. Make it available at a realistic price to anybody wanting a quality drivetrain that will make great power and not cause headaches. Nobody does that better than Chevrolet Performance. The company literally wrote the catalog on the process, and although other OEs and OE manufacturers have tried to duplicate GM’s success, there is simply no match to Chevrolet Performance in this realm. To drive home the fact that Chevrolet Performance offers a drivetrain repower for anything from full-mambo drag racers to hot rodders to restoration folks, it had on display this super-clean 1978 Silverado stock-spec restoration. Well, almost stock spec. Although the Corporate 10-bolt front and 12-bolt axles, brakes, T-case, interior, and exterior were all pretty legit representations of what would have rolled off an assembly line in 1978, the drivetrain was straight out of the Chevrolet Performance catalog, with a 6.0L L96 direct-injected V-8 sporting 360 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, a SuperMatic 4L70 overdrive automatic transmission, and all the stuff required to wire and fire it in the non-2018 chassis. That’s right—a vintage 1978 Chevy pickup that time-warped 40 years into the future. What’s not to love?