Louisiana is known for many things. It’s famous for everything from alligators to zydeco music. But it’s not often that you hear about the wonderful people of Louisiana and the outstanding truck shows they put on. In case you haven’t experienced Louisiana for yourself, the folks there are hard-core truck enthusiasts…not to mention really serious about having a good time.

When we trekked off to Sulphur, Louisiana, to catch a glimpse of what the sport truck scene might be like there, the Lookers truck club introduced us to Cajun creativity. The club’s show, Smokin’ in Southwest Louisiana, displayed some brilliant examples of truck modification. Although the Smokin’ show may not have been the world’s largest truck show ever, it may have been just as grand, simply because it was conducted entirely in the spirit of true southern hospitality. That’s really what these shows are all about, anyway—having a great time with good people, surrounded by awesome trucks, and sharing ideas about it all.

To get more information about the next Smokin’ in Southwest Louisiana show, contact the Lookers club at 337/528-3797.