After reviewing many of the stories we have compiled for this month’s issue, we came to the conclusion that a large percentage of them had to do with getting out and using your truck. We do our part to promote building useful trucks by inviting our readers to participate in our Sport Truck Challenge, which you can read about in this issue ( "Bragging Rights," page 24). Our sister, or mother publication (depending on how you look at it), Hot Rod, has also come up with an event to do away with trailer queens. It’s called the Power Tour and it is a fun-filled action-packed 10-day driving spectacle that travels from the West Coast to the East Coast. After each day of driving participants are treated to a cruise night sponsored by one of the industries leading manufacturers. Each year the Tour gets larger and the vehicles that take the drive get nicer. It doesn’t matter what kind of iron you’re into—late-model, street rods, 1950s customs, or trucks—they’re all there. And if it sounds like something you might want to join, stay tuned because we’ll have more info to come about our involvement for next year.