The inaugural Summit Truckfest at the Norway Racepark, in Norway, Ohio, was the place to be for every type of truck fan, because every segment of the sport was represented, as well as a few we had never seen. Beyond being just a static display of show trucks, the Summit Truckfest was an exciting moving display of what really can be done with trucks beyond a nice paint job and a set of wheels. Perhaps because Summit is a major supplier of parts to make trucks faster and more useful, its gathering highlighted what can really be done with trucks to make them move better. The array of events to be witnessed included heads-up drag racing, an audio competition, off-road type courses, a monster truck demonstration, and exhibition runs by wheel standers, jet cars, and full nitro-burning funny trucks. If you are looking for a truck show that never stops spinning its wheels, the Summit Truckfest is the show for you.