The big event of the day is the Autocross Challenge, and we make it the last event so the competitors can get as many runs in as possible. It’s also where the coolest photos and video come from. This year Rob Byrd helped us design an action-packed course that was three-quarters of a mile in length. The trucks began the fun but challenging layout with a full quarter-mile straightaway and weaved their way through 10 corners, two hairpins, and a high-speed chicane, before hitting the “donut box” right before the finish. The donut box is exactly what it sounds like. As you are heading down the final stretch, you have to make a hard left and do a full 360 around a cone before continuing to the finish. It turned out to be one of the best photo spots of the event, with many drivers just never getting it quite right. But the ones who got through smoothly at least once were guaranteed a high spot among the finishers.