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  • Chevy S10 Components Buyer's Buide - Dime Time

Chevy S10 Components Buyer's Buide - Dime Time

Trick S-10 Components

Gary Blount
Jun 1, 2005
Photo 2/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide custom Chevy S10
One of the most popular trucks to cut down is the S-10. The GM-built mini has helped build the sheetmetal-draggin' scene in its own right. The sheer number of available aftermarket parts for the Dime is proof that it has formed its own die-hard community. It would be hard to list all the components available for GM's well-known mini, but we have cobbled together a list of key players and cool components to provide a quick-reference buyer's guide for the Dime enthusiast.
Photo 3/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide s10 Drop Kit
McGaughy's Suspension
The S-10 2/3 drop kit includes CNC-controlled precision knuckles. With the use of Makino horizontal machining centers, the quality is held at a consistent tolerance. A set of 3-inch blocks with U-bolts levels out the suspension system.
McGaughy's Suspension
(559) 226-8196
Photo 4/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide flanges
Doug Thorley
Shorty headers for '96-02 2WD S-10s feature 3/8-inch flanges and are constructed from tough 14-gauge mild steel. They feature steel donuts at the collectors, so they will never wear out, plus two high-quality gaskets and mounting bolts. The headers bolt directly to the stock head pipe. You can special-order your headers to come with a metallic-ceramic coating. The shorties are designed with ease of installation in mind, providing maximum performance while maintaining EO compliance. They come coated in a durable chrome-plated finish.
Doug Thorley
(951) 739.5900
Photo 5/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide universal Radiator
The company's universal radiators come equipped with mounting system side tanks, providing adjustable mounting for electric fans, coolers, and so on. The radiator tanks include internal fins for improved heat transfer.
(800) 851-1510
Photo 6/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide tilt Column
Flaming River Industries
This laser-cut all-stainless tilt column from Flaming River Industries electronically telescopes with built-in memory circuit for two driver positions. Precision piston-drive linear motion allows for 2 inches of adjustability for maximum driver comfort.
Flaming River Industries
(800) 684-8022
Photo 7/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide billet Steering Wheels
Chassis Tech
CNC-forged custom designed billet steering wheels are Chassis Tech's latest designs.
Chassis Tech
(480) 668-5448
Photo 8/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide chromed Gauge Shroud
Motor Head Jewelry
Motor Head's chromed gauge shroud takes its styling cues from '30s-era dashes, featuring classic rodder type, with a black-pearl background (various backgrounds are available). This bezel accepts 2-1/8-inch side gauges and a variable-size center gauge.
Motor Head Jewelry
(502) 899-9760
Photo 9/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide power Brake Boosters
MB Marketing And Manufacturing
These polished 7-inch dual diaphragm stainless-steel power brake boosters and master cylinders are designed with mini-truckers in mind. They give you the room you need to body-drop your truck with big wheels, without sacrificing the brake performance.
MB Marketing and Manufacturing
(828) 285-0882
Photo 10/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide hydroboost
Power Brake Service
Using Power Brake Service's new Hydroboost unit you can eliminate the need for bulky brake boosters. The Hydroboost is run from the power steering pump, requires no vacuum, and has a 2,000-psi output potential.
Power Brake Service
(562) 436-4111
Photo 11/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide fx3 Front Disc Brake Kit
Stainless Steel Brakes
The FX3 Front Disc Brake Kit is based on SSBC's patent-pending Force 10 Tri-Power caliper, which uses three thin-wall 38mm stainless-steel pistons to resist corrosion and minimize fade-inducing heat transfer to the brake fluid. It's compatible with a common, off-the-shelf brake pad for no-hassle maintenance.
Stainless Steel Brakes
(800) 448-7722
Photo 12/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide racing Seats
Street Scene
These racing seats are designed specifically for trucks. Soft ultra-suede material is extremely comfortable yet tough enough to be truck-durable. The seat features two deep cup holders for factory-style convenience.
Street Scene Equipment
(714) 426-0590
Photo 13/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide headers
Patriot headers include a made-to-fit header for '82-'93 S-10/Blazer 2WD SB Chevy engine transplants. They use longer primaries than shorty headers, exiting to the rear for more engine compartment space and ground clearance.
(909) 599-5955
Photo 14/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide aluminum Flywheels
Aluminum flywheels for the '94-'03 2.2L Chevrolet S-10 are made from high-quality machined 6061 T6 aluminum and feature a 1050 steel friction surface with CNC-machined fastener holes and chamfers. The flywheels can be paired with just about any clutch disc material available - from organic to Kevlar and even sintered iron.
Fidanza Engineering Corporation
(440) 259-5656
Photo 15/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide platinum Xtreme Air Valves
GC Valves
Here are the new Platinum Xtreme air valves. These fast electric valves feature a bright nickel-plated finish.
GC Valves
(818) 343-2654
Photo 16/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide air Ride Suspension
Air Ride Technologies
This is a complete air-ride suspension for the S-Dime truck. The company's upper and lower control arms feature CNC-bent 219-inch-wall tubing and use OEM ball joints with an overall elegant design and fewer separate joining parts. The arms optimize alignment geometry and come with a built-in shock and antisway bar.
Air Ride Technologies
(812) 482-2932
Photo 17/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide rf Air Accessory System
The RF Air Accessory System provides remote inflation and deflation of air spring systems. The remote key fob operates the RF receiver from as much as 30 feet away.
Firestone Industrial Products
(317) 818-8600
Photo 18/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide dime Suspension Kit
Fender Bender International
The company offers everything you need to get your truck laid flat to the floor. The complete Dime suspension kit includes brackets, valves, air line, air tanks, compressors, and switches.
Fender Bender International
(877) 324-6464
Photo 19/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide four Link
Gravity Werks
This fully adjustable four-link uses rod ends and endlinks. The links are built using 1-inch DOM tubing with 1/4-inch wall. The tubing is drilled and tapped using a CNC lathe. All links are TIG-welded for a professional look and superior strength. The four-links include 1/4-inch laser-cut mounting brackets and all necessary Grade 8 hardware. They come raw, but are available in select coatings.
Gravity Werx
(866) 778-7923
Photo 20/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide conitech Airbags
Mac's Springs
These high-pressure Contitech four-ply airbags are rated to take pressures as high as 300-plus psi. This is a true hopper's 'bag, with port sizes available in dual 1/2-inch and dual 3/4-inch ports.
Mac's Springs
(800) 585-5117
Photo 21/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide speedbag Ii Air Suspension Kit
Master Image Customs
This Speedbag II complete air suspension kit features full four-corner front/back/side/side control. The 5-gallon air tank with 6-1/2-inch ports is coated internally to prevent rust, and the dual Firestone compressors are equipped with high-temperature braided lines and check valves to prevent tank pressure loss through the compressor heads. The eight SMC 400-psi valves feature bolt-on brackets and inline check valves as an added safety feature.
Master Image Customs
(714) 970-9488
Photo 22/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide digital Stealth Valve
Slam Specialties
These Digital Stealth Valve (DSV) fast valves feature a digital Stealth Mode for smooth ride positioning and control. In Stealth Mode, you can lower your truck smoothly and softly in approximately eight seconds. When you need to raise your vehicle for extra ground clearance, use Stealth Mode so you don't attract unnecessary attention from Johnny Law. The fast valve is a 1/2- or 3/4-inch diaphragm valve. The stealth valve is a 0.040- to 0.060-inch direct-acting valve.
Slam Specialties
(888) 352-5225
Photo 23/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide jardine Billet Mirrors
Jardine Performance Products
With more than 50 part numbers to choose from, Jardine Mix & Match Billet Mirrors are the perfect finishing touch to your project. Jardine Billet Mirrors are manufactured completely from 6061 aluminum stock. The mirrors are polished, then triple-chrome-plated for a beautiful show finish. The convex glass features nearly twice the viewing area of conventional flat glass. Mounting hardware is virtually invisible and features a maintenance-free pivot system that will remain tight and resistant to vibration.
Jardine Performance Products
(951) 739-5900
Photo 24/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide air Ride Controller
Dakota Digital
The ARC-2000 air-ride controller monitors vehicle height and contains three automatic presets to adjust the vehicle to predetermined preset levels. This compact unit also features fully adjustable manual height control and monitors the psi air levels in all four 'bags with a digital display.
Dakota Digital
(800) 852-3228
Photo 25/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide remote Entry System
Dakota Digital
This 10-function remote entry system includes two six-button transmitters, with external antennas for increased range. The system also includes internal and external relays to control various functions from shaved door handle pops to your air system.
Dakota Digital
Photo 26/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide airbags
Mac's Springs
These four-ply airbags feature single or dual 1/2- or 3/4-inch ports, steel caps crimped for durability, a heavy-duty steel center ring, and a superior rubber bellow design to handle most any custom air-ride system. With high-pressure ratings more than 300 psi, these 'bags are designed for long life, extraordinary ride comfort, and corrosion resistance.
Mac's Springs
(916) 920-3220
Photo 27/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide v8 Swap Kit
Advance Adapters
This V-8 swap kit for S-10/S-15 trucks features conversion components such as motor mounts, headers, and radiators, offered to help you complete your conversion with a minimal amount of difficulty.
Advance Adapters
(800) 350-2223
Photo 28/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide precision Sport Shifters
B&M Performance & Racing Products
Precision Sport Shifters for the S-10 provide pinpoint-accurate shifts. The Precision Sport Shifters substantially shorten the shifter throw by 36 percent. They include a CNC-machined aluminum baseplate, a glass-filled nylon pivot ball, and a one-piece billet 303 stainless-steel stick.
(818) 882-6422
Photo 29/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide hoses
Classic Tube
These premade hoses feature a PTFE (Teflon) inner core, a single braid of Kevlar, a barrier layer, and a single layer of 300-series stainless-steel wire braid. The hoses comply with all federal safety regulations and are legal for street or racing applications.
Classic Tube
Photo 30/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide universal Muffler
DynoMax Performance Exhaust
Ultra FloTM welded-on universal mufflers include 12 new configurations, ideal for a vast range of configurations. Ultra Flo Welded universal models include 10 oval (4.5x9.75 inches) designs in 14-, 20-, and 24-inch body lengths, with connector sizes ranging from 2 to 3.5 inches id.
DynoMax Performance Exhaust
(800) 767-3966
Photo 31/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide grant Sheetmetal
IF Customs
Grant products Distributor IF Customs carries Grant sheetmetal roll pans, tail skins, combo skins, front corner fillers, taillight fillers, and Stepside shavers.
IF Customs (Grant Distributor)
(818) 837-3000
Photo 32/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide compressor
ShowTime's Fury Compressor is a 100 percent duty cycle compressor that's faster and quieter than any other compressors in its class. It comes with a warranty and is available only through ShowTime.
ShowTime Hydraulics
Stylin' Concepts
Baer front and rear disc brake conversions kits are now available at Stylin' Concepts. Complete two-piece kits include slotted and cross-drilled rotors. All kits are pre-assembled for easy installation right out of the box. Front kits come pre-installed onto a stock or Belltech 2-inch drop spindle and include: 13x1.1-inch rotors, billet hubs with a bearing installed, and braided brake hoses and brake pads, with ABS and non-ABS models available. Rear kits convert your stock drum brakes to discs and include: 12x0.81-inch rotors, single-piston PBR calipers, brackets, hardware, braided brake hoses, and brake pads.
Stylin' Concepts
(800) 434-4381
Photo 35/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide depth Foam Air Filters
True Flow Full
Depth Foam Air Filters are full-depth foam air filters that offer performance, reliability, and value. These filters have huge dust-holding capacities, and offer very high filtration efficiency for extremely small particles.
True Flow
(866) 999-9098
Photo 36/36   |   chevy S10 Components Buyers Guide integrated Turn Signal Kit
Painless Performance
This is the new Integrated Turn Signal Kit from Painless. The toggle switches for both turn signals and flashers can be mounted anywhere. Because the kit is designed to be an integrated system, turn signals will work in conjunction with brake lights.
Painless Performance
(817) 244-6898



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