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Diesel Performance Parts - Oil-Burner Performance Goods

Some Really Cool Diesel Power Parts

Mike Finnegan
May 1, 2006
Contributors: Gary Blount
Diesel trucks are all the rage now, and they aren't being bought only by farmers and construction workers anymore. Nowadays, it's just as cool to hear a turbodiesel spool up through a 4-inch exhaust tip beneath a lifted truck as it is to hear a big-block V-8 growl from a lowered one. The benefits of diesel engines have been touted repeatedly in Sport Truck, so we'll skip the part where we tell you how great they are and just show you some bitchen new projects to make them haul the mail. Check it out.
Photo 2/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories hooker Headers
Hooker Headers Turbo-Back Exhaust System
Application: Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesel Trucks
Hooker's new single- and dual-outlet turbo-back diesel exhaust systems are robotic-welded for leak-free operation. The system is mandrel-bent from 4-inch 16-gauge 409-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion, increase exhaust flow, reduce power-robbing backpressure, and lower EGT, resulting in longer engine and turbocharger life. All systems include a 7-inch round muffler with a free-flow perforated core, which exhibits an aggressive yet mellow big-rig diesel sound. All single- and dual-outlet systems include polished stainless steel 4- to 5-inch slash-cut exhaust tips. Hooker includes all necessary clamps, hardware, hangers, and comprehensive instructions written for the home mechanic who likes to turn his own wrenches.
Holley Inc.
(800) HOLLEY-1 (465-5391)
Photo 3/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories afe Filters
Afe Cold Air Intake
Application: '06 Chevy Duramax
This new Duramax Cold Air Intake flows 71 percent more than stock, enabling module- equipped engines to develop full power without fuel cut-back from high EGT. Its rugged construction features a 16-gauge sheetmetal airbox with an aluminum diamond tread cover for extra protection from engine heat. The kit is available with aFe's standard progressive media and patented Pro-GUARD 7.
Advanced FLOW Engineering
(951) 493-7100
Photo 4/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories true Flow
True Flow Full Depth Foam Air Filters Diesel Applications
Application: All
Designed specifically for the diesel truck application, this new revolutionary foam air filter combines great airflow capability, huge dust-holding capacity, and very high filtration efficiency for extremely small particles. True Flow's new diesel filter not only features all the benefits of our full-depth foam filters but also have been specifically designed to withstand the abuse of the high-output diesel engine. This new filter features a reinforced frame to eliminate flex along with a neoprene seal to ensure no dirt passes by unfiltered. Airflow has also been increased by adding 30 percent more surface area by pleating the foam media across the filter area. True Flow foam full-depth filters come with a limited lifetime warranty and are easy to wash and reuse.
True Flow
(866) 999-9098
Photo 5/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories auto Meter
Auto Meter Diesel Triple Pillar Kit
Application: '03-'05 Dodge Ram
Dodge Ram Diesel Truck A-pillar kits come fully stocked with white-face phantom gauge combinations of transmission temperature, pyrometer, and boost gauges. These kits are an easy way to keep tabs on your truck's vitals. Designed as a true A-pillar trim replacement, the pillars are molded factory taupe finish matched Revo Tech.
Auto Meter
(815) 895-8147
Photo 6/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories banks Power
Banks Monster Exhaust Diesel Duals
Application: Ford, GM, and Dodge Diesel Engines
Gale Banks Engineering's diesel Monster Exhaust in split-dual system is available for GM Duramax, Ford Power Stroke, and Dodge Cummins. The Banks Monster split-dual exhaust is engineered to safely accommodate the spare tire, shocks, and brake lines. All of the kits are mandrel-bent 100-percent stainless steel, with polished exhaust tips, and come with Banks' lifetime warranty.
Gale Banks Engineering
(888) 638-7131
Photo 7/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories banks Power
Banks PowerPDA
Applications: Chevy, Dodge, and Ford Diesels equipped with Banks Six-Gun Tuner module
The Banks Power PDA, a Palm Tungsten E2 PDA, is an easy-to-use, full-color, portable touch-screen interface to Banks Six-Gun Diesel Tuners and an interactive window into the vehicle. It also adds power by as much as 27 hp and 40 lb-ft torque. The full-color PDA enables the driver to monitor a broad range of engine functions and add power. It displays four engine functions at a time; two of these are user-selectable with more than 12 parameters to choose from. It has six levels of adjust-on-the-fly power, and can time 0-60 mph and quarter-mile performance runs, logging EGT and boost for later review.
Gale Banks Engineering
(888) 638-7131
Photo 8/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories center Force
New Centerforce Clutches
Application: '87-'94 Ford 7.3L Diesel
Centerforce announces the addition of a clutch upgrade for the '87-'94 Ford 7.3L diesel. This new clutch assembly is designed as a direct bolt-in for perfect fit and function. This new application is now available as a Dual Friction clutch assembly to be used for normal street driving and high-torque applications.The clutch includes a single mass replacement flywheel and pressure plate. The clutch disc and flywheel are included.
(928) 771-8422
Photo 9/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories bully Dog
Bully Dog Power Pup Programmer
Application: Chevy, Dodge and Ford Diesels
The Power Pup fits Duramax-, Power Stroke-, and Cummins-powered trucks. It provides four on-the-fly power settings, adjusts the speed limiter, recalibrates the speedo for tire size, reads trouble codes, is programmed with engine safety features, and is internet upgradeable. When it's time for a new truck, the Power Pup is completely vehicle transferable. The four power settings include stock, 48 hp/134 lb-ft, 69 hp/209 lb-ft, and 138 hp/294 lb-ft.
Bully Dog
(866) BULLYDOG (285-5936)
Photo 10/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories jet Chip
JET Performance Programmer
Applications: '01-'05 Chevy/GMC Diesel 6.6L LB7 & LLY
This programmer offers three levels of performance tuning for gains of as much as 130 hp and 205 lb-ft of torque over stock. It also allows the user to modify the factory speed limiter, up or down, and correct the speedometer for non-stock tire diameters and gear ratios. The programmer will also read and clear onboard diagnostic codes.
JET Performance Products
(800) 535-1161
Photo 11/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories comp Cams
Comp Cams Tri-Power Xtreme Cams
Application: GM Duramax Diesel
These new camshafts with design/lobe combinations are optimized for torque, fuel mileage, or horsepower. They are ideal for trucks with computer, exhaust, and turbo upgrades and designed to complement FAST-FLASH Power Programmers. The components are engineered to use factory valvetrain components, except valvespring upgrade requirement. Custom and race grinds are also available.
Comp Cams
(800) 999-0853
Photo 12/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories holley
Flowtech Exhaust System
Application: Chevy, Dodge, and Ford Diesel Engines
Flowtech's new diesel exhausts are manufactured from sturdy 16-gauge aluminized steel to resist corrosion. All tubing is mandrel-bent to ensure smooth exhaust flow, and all welds are robotic to ensure leak-free construction. Systems include free-flowing 7-inch mufflers to reduces backpressure for improved torque. The perforated muffler exhibits aggressive yet mellow big-rig diesel sound, while a big 4-inch tube reduces harmful exhaust gas temperature for longer engine and turbocharger life. Systems are easy to install and include all the components necessary for installation on any cab, bed, and chassis configuration.
Holley Inc.
(800) HOLLEY-1 (465-5391)
Photo 13/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories edge Products
Edge Products A2 Diesel Power Controller/Monitor/GPS/Back-Up Camera
Application: Chevy Dodge and Ford Diesels
This system has all the existing Attitude features, plus numerous new capabilities made possible by the A2's color LCD monitor and GPS technology. Carryover functions include mode-control for Edge Juice underhood power modules. This allows the driver to switch among five available power levels on the fly, giving '01-'06 Duramaxes as much as 125 more hp. Engine monitoring is now displayed by 3-D virtual gauges for such functions as exhaust gas temperature, boost, actual speed (corrected for non-stock tire diameters), percentage of auto trans slippage, engine rpm, engine temp, throttle percentage, and Juice power mode, as well as numerous additional parameters. The Edge A2 also captures 0-60 and quarter-mile times. Built-in safeguards cut back fuel to avoid engine overheating and premature transmission wear due to torque-converter slippage. Additional safety features include cold engine protection and defueling to maintain appropriate turbo boost levels. GPS navigation is built-in, using TomTom's award-winning software, and the system ships with maps of the entire U.S. preloaded. Coming soon will be a wireless back-up camera. In addition to showing hard-to-see children and pets, the weatherproof camera makes trailer coupling much easier.
Edge Products Inc.
(888) 360-3343
Photo 14/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories super Chips
Superchips Flashpaq with Tire Size Option Calibration
Application: '03-'06 Ford Power Stroke
Superchips Flashpaq units are handheld programmers designed to enhance today's computer-controlled engines. By reading and reprogramming the codes in the engine control unit, Superchips releases the power left in the motor by the manufacturer. Tuned every 200 rpm from idle to wide-open throttle, Flashpaqs are an economical way to increase a vehicle's performance. Flashpaqs also read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes, so the user can troubleshoot the vehicle. Plus, Superchips customers report increases in gas mileage of as much as 5 mpg for diesel vehicles. Superchips Flashpaq for the '03-'06 Ford Power Stroke diesel engine offers a significant difference with this tuner in that the user can now calibrate the speedometer for tire size changes. This new tuner also features Superchips TriTune, offering three different levels of performance: performance (towing as much as 6,000 pounds) with additional 100 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque; economy (towing as much as 8,000 pounds) with additional 89 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque; tow-safe (factory tow limit) with additional 46 hp and 82 lb-ft of torque; and transmission, rev, and speed limiters all optimized.
Superchips Inc.
(407) 585-7000
Photo 15/15   |   diesel Parts And Accessories zex
Zex Diesel Nitrous System
Application: All
Zex diesel nitrous system offers reduced turbo lag and improved throttle response with cooler exhaust temperature. For diesel engines, the installation of a ZEX Diesel Nitrous System adds great power with no additional tuning but offers huge power gains when used in tandem with power programmers that add additional fuel. By more thoroughly burning the increased volume of diesel fuel entering the engine, the ZEX Diesel Nitrous System increases power, reduces exhaust gas temperature, and gets rid of excessive exhaust smoke. The ZEX Diesel Nitrous System improves wide-open throttle response, reduces turbo lag, and greatly cools the inlet air temperature for maximum air density and power. Nitrous-oxide gas provides the extra oxygen you need to safely burn more fuel when tuning with your diesel engine programmer. The ZEX Diesel Nitrous System is a complete kit that includes everything you need for an easy, plug-and-play installation. The ZEX Diesel Nitrous System includes a 10-pound nitrous bottle, brackets, electronic throttle activation switch, as well as all the plumbing and electrical connectors.
(888) 817-1008


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