Oasis Wheels Factory Tour - Hot Wheels!

We go behind the scenes at Oasis Wheels and see just what goes into making some sweet rims

Tom Gomez
Jun 30, 2006
Photographers: Tom Gomez
Photo 2/17   |   Here is where the magic happens. No, it's not their bedroom, so get your mind out of the gutter. Vickie and Kasey discuss and design the new Oasis 24-inch IROC wheel. Using a CAD-design system, all Oasis wheels meet or exceed DOT requirements and are tested in-house before delivery.
As most of you know already, the automotive market is full of custom wheel companies vying for your hard-earned dollars, and almost every automotive truck mag is full of wheel ads for every type of vehicle under the sun. The prices for these wheels run from super-expensive to baller-on-a-budget pricing. For those of you who have bought these low-budget wheels, you know what you got. That's right, cheap-ass wheels, most likely made in a cave somewhere out of old tin cans.
Here at Sport Truck, during deep discussion--OK, we were at Wendy's looking at the extra-value menu--the topic of wheels came up and our inquiring minds said, "How do they make a custom wheel?" The answer? Oasis Wheels located right here in sunny Anaheim, California. We stopped by Oasis wheels and asked owner Juan Hernandez and brother Miguel, "How do you make a wheel?" It just so happened that Juan had two of his best employees, Vickie and Kasey, working on a new wheel design and getting ready to actually make the prototype wheel that day--what luck!
Photo 3/17   |   oasis Wheels Factory finished Wheel
When we met Vickie and Kasey, the first thing we noticed is that these two employees were the hands-on type of people--they do it all. Alright, so maybe we noticed some other things, too. But, you have to admit that watching them make a wheel sure wasn't boring. Hang on to your hats, as we give you a down-and-dirty tour of what it takes to make a custom wheel. So, the next time you buy a set of wheels from Oasis, just think of the time and tender-loving care that Vickie and Kasey put into making each wheel.

Happy motoring!



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