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  • Gauge Buyer's Guide - Watch Those Needles

Gauge Buyer's Guide - Watch Those Needles

A Gauge Buyer's Guide

Calin Head
May 1, 2008
Gauges are the instruments that show us the things we need to know about our trucks. Is it running hot? How fast am I going? Do I still have oil pressure after bottoming out? These are all questions gauges will answer. Every truck has at least a few gauges, but for the most part those are boring. We compiled this guide to show you what's out there and where to get it. There isn't enough room in this whole book to print every gauge, so we took a sample of the coolest. So sit back and enjoy our guide to gauges.
Photo 2/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide auto Meter Gauge
Auto Meter has a few new lines of gauges for '08: the ES, GS, and Retro. The ES (black bezel) and GS (chrome bezel) gauges are available in short-sweep electric, mechanical, and electric full-sweep. The ES lights up red, while the GS lights up green thanks to Auto Meter's signature, high-definition, through-the-dial LED illumination. The 3-3/4-inch, pedestal-mount, retro-style tachometer accurately reproduces styling cues of the first tachometers produced by Auto Meter in the late '50s and early '60s. Beneath their shiny exterior these tachometers are all business, featuring the same high-quality, race-proven, precision air-core movements that Auto Meter uses in all of its racing tachs.
Auto Meter
(866) 248-6356

Photo 3/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide air Zenith Led Gauge
For all you air-suspension guys, check out Air-Zenith's LED digital air-pressure gauge. This gauge is rated to 220 psi and has two faceplates available (White or Smog). Every gauge comes with an electrical pressure-sending unit and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
Air-Zenith USA
(702) 270-7988

Photo 4/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide aem Digital Display Gauges
AEM is proud to introduce its digital-display gauge line that includes sensors and all necessary hardware in one box. The digital-display gauges are available for oil pressure, fuel pressure, water temp, trans temp, oil temp, boost, and voltage. Each gauge includes 24 sweeping LED lights for immediate reference to the measured parameter, and an integrated three-digit display that reveals real-time operating conditions.
(310) 484-2322
Photo 5/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide avs Air Gauges
Got 'bags? Then AVS has air gauges for you to consider. Available in single- or dual-needle models, the face of the 2-inch AVS gauge is brushed aluminum and has black markings up to 200 psi. Both models have an aluminum trim ring and built-in lighting.
(559) 486-5444

Photo 6/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide cockpit Rings
Give your truck an instant aircraft look with these precision-machined Cockpit Rings designed to fit on 2.125-inch and 3.75-inch Classic Instruments gauges. The large speedo ring features turn-signal and high-beam LED lights in the simulated adjuster knobs. The rings feature a matte-black powdercoat finish with machine screws at each corner. They are in stock and ready to ship and carry a full 5-year warranty.
Classic Instruments
(800) 575-0461
Photo 7/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide brothers Billet Panels
Brothers' '47-'72 billet panels are constructed of aircraft-quality aluminum which has been machined to fit perfectly into the dash using the existing mounting holes. The billet insert comes in a machined "brushed" finish, and the gauges mount from the rear of the panel for a flush look. The '47-'59 gauge packages include a mechanical speedometer and electrical oil pressure, water temperature, voltmeter, and 0-30 ohm fuel gauge. The '60-'66 gauge packages include the same gauges as well as a 0-7,000 rpm tachometer. The '67-'72 insert is designed to accept Auto Meter Competition gauges, which are sold separately.
Brothers Mail Order Industries
(800) 977-2767

Photo 8/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide dakota Digital Gauge
If you've got a '55-'59 or other classic Chevrolet truck, then check out what Dakota Digital has for you. The vacuum fluorescent instrument package is a six-gauge system that has a 255-mph speedometer, 0-9,990 rpm tachometer, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, and voltage gauges. The system also features odometer/trip odometer, turn signal, high beam, check engine, brake, and cruise control indicators. It is available in your choice of a blue, green, or high-contrast teal-colored display. This package includes the required senders and features the Series III control box with pushbutton speed calibration and user-adjustable warning points for oil pressure and water temperature.
Dakota Digital
(800) 852-3228

Photo 9/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide ece Gauges
Looking to replace those faded or broken gauges in your '67-'72 truck? Then Early Classic Enterprises has what you need. You can get each gauge individually, or you can order a pre-assembled cluster in a shiny new bezel. Not only does it offer the gauges, but ECE has the proper printed circuit card and lens for a clean rebuild. Don't forget to check out the ultra-rare vacuum gauge, because you probably won't find one of those in the wrecking yard.
Early Classic Enterprises
(888) 777-0395
Edelbrock, known for producing a variety of performance-building products, now offers a line of pressure gauges to monitor your nitrous and fuel systems. Edelbrock's nitrous gauges are calibrated for 0-1,400 psi and are available in 1-1/2-inch diameter for bottle-mounted applications and illuminated 2-5/8-inch diameter for dash or pod-mounted applications. The fuel-pressure gauges are available for carbureted (0-15 psi) and fuel-injection (0-100 psi) applications. You can get these in either a 1-1/2-inch or 2-5/8-inch diameter with a liquid-filled illuminated face.
Edelbrock Corp.
(800) 416-8628
Photo 12/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide g2 Ratio Gauge
Innovate Motorsports announced the release of the G2 52mm (2-1/16-inch) wideband air/fuel ratio gauge. The G2 features a high-speed stepper motor, through-dial backlighting, and an illuminated pointer. It retails for $289. Each kit includes the gauge, an LC-1 wideband controller, oxygen sensor and bung/plug, and the award-winning LogWorks engine-tuning software.
Innovate Motorsports
(949) 388-4442
Photo 13/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide msd Lazer Gauge
MSD is introducing a line of performance instruments that aren't merely normal gauges with dressed-up pointers and faces. In fact, there are no pointers. Lazer Gauges are digitally controlled gauges with a spinning LED that is turned on and off at a precise moment, creating a bright trace. Using advanced digital controllers, Lazer Gauges also provide other unique features such as dual-sweep readouts, shift points programmed by touching the face of the gauge, and programmable warning indicators.
MSD Ignition
(915) 857-5200
LMC Truck offers a variety of reproduction gauges for '73-'87 Chevy/GMC trucks. These gauges are quality reproductions, manufactured to exact original-equipment specifications. On top of the repop stuff, LMC also has a full line of 2-1/16-inch electric full-sweep gauges. These feature an aluminum bezel and smoke-colored lens. The smoked lens goes black when the vehicle is turned off and illuminates a medium-blue color when on. These gauges also feature buttons on back to set warning levels and recall maximum readings.
LMC Truck
(800) 562-8782
Nu Image has a new line of stainless steel gauges that takes replacement gauge faces one step further. Added to the line of smooth stainless is the stainless steel with etched flames face. Combine the face replacement with the billet trim and needles to get the full-custom package. Nu Image gauge faces carry a lifetime warranty and are available for dozens of new vehicles from '99-'08.
Nu Image Components
(951) 278-2467
Simco Ltd. is a manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of specialty instrument clusters and gauges for aftermarket and OEM use. The company has developed a "plug-'n'-play" approach to instrument-cluster upgrades. You can now purchase a precalibrated cluster that drops right into your truck's dash. This allows you to upgrade your instrument cluster with the latest style and never have to pull off pointers or recalibrate your gauges.
Simco Ltd.
(810) 245-0188
Photo 20/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide equus Tachometer
Equus Products' 8080 shift light tachometer includes high-end features that everyone can afford. It easily installs with either a DIS inductive pickup clamp on a spark-plug wire, or it can be hard-wired for a more traditional connection. It includes a programmable shift light, four switchable Back-Lit colors, RMP recall, and a shock-mount bracket for easy installation. Equus offers a complete matching series to the 8080 as well as two other series: 6000 Black Series and 7000 Chrome Series.
Equus Products
(800) 544-4124
Photo 21/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide stylin Trucks Gauge Faces
Stylin' Trucks is proud to offer Daytona-edition color gauge faces by US Speedo. You can complement your truck's interior color scheme with your choice of red, yellow, blue, silver, white, orange, pink, purple, or woodgrain gauge faces. These gauge faces install directly in place of your stock gauges for a fast and easy upgrade. The face includes a needle-removal tool and complete instructions to simplify installation.
Stylin' Trucks
(800) 434-4381
The Faze CompetitionEL tachometer and gauge line produced by Sunpro features a bright-white dial face set against blue electroluminescent backlighting. Gauges are encased in HIPS (high-impact) plastic and feature a very slender design. They come standard with necessary sending units, EL power supply and accessories, a wide assortment of adapters, as well as a highly detailed instruction manual. On the other side of Sunpro's gauge arsenal is the 5-inch Sport ST tach. This tachometer features a smooth-finished bezel, 0-10,000 rpm range, air-core meter design, and large amber shift light, and it can be used on a two-, four-, six-, or eight-cylinder engines.
(800) 228-7667
Photo 24/24   |   gauge Buyers Guide us Speedo Gauge Face Kit
New from US Speedo is this stainless steel gauge-face kit in aqua blue for the '08 Ford F-250. A unique process changes the stainless steel to an icy blue color. The numbers are white and light up the factory green at night. It only takes about 20 minutes to install and involves no cutting, wiring, or gluing. Check out a full install of a smooth stainless face in this very issue.
US Speedo
(810) 244-0909


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