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GoPro Hero Cameras - Be An Internet Super Hero

Or Just Impress Your Friends With This Onboard Camera

Mike Finnegan
Aug 1, 2008
Photographers: Mike Finnegan
Photo 2/17   |   gopro Hero Video Camera the Camera
This is the coolest wireless onboard camera system we've run across in a long while. The Motorsports Hero color video camera from GoPro is amazingly small, self-contained, and takes fantastic video and still photos at a price most of us can afford. The Hero retails for just $179.99.
Photo 3/17   |   The Motorsports Hero is tiny. It measures 1 inch thick, under 2-1/2 inches wide, and 1-1/2 inches tall. The polycarbonate water housing protects the camera and provides a secure base for all of the different mounting attachments.
We grabbed one specifically for trying to track down an oil leak under the hood of one of our trucks that only appeared when the truck was running. By mounting the camera under the hood, we were able to hit the road and find out that we had a high-pressure leak coming from our power-steering pump. Once we fixed the pump, we realized there were many other much cooler ways to utilize the camera. So far, we've used the various mounts that come with the camera to video the suspension on trucks we've jumped, and we've also mounted the Motorsports Hero to a tonneau cover facing backward to watch the traffic disperse behind a truck that was throwing sparks.
GoPro also offers optional accessories for the camera that make it even more useful. For another 40 bucks you can add a wide-angle lens. There's also more unique mounts that allow the camera to be mounted to the top or side of a racing helmet or on your wrist when you're bikin' or snowboardin'. And did we mention that the mounting case is waterproof to 100 feet? Check it out.
Photo 17/17   |   gopro Hero Video Camera front View
The Final Word
This thing is killer. Unlike a lot of other onboard camera systems that use a separate recorder and lens, the Motorsports Hero is entirely self-contained. And since it costs less than 180 bucks, it's a bargain. The only thing we wish GoPro would change is the method for activating the camera. We'd like to see a wireless remote included or available as an option so that we could trigger the camera remotely. Now go check out www.sporttruck.com for exclusive vids of our adventures with the camera.


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