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  • 20 Years Of Sport Truck History - Product Of The Year

20 Years Of Sport Truck History - Product Of The Year

20 Years of Bad Fashion and Awesome Trucks

Sport Truck Staff
Nov 1, 2008
Photographers: Sport Truck Staff
Photo 2/22   |   truck Products bell Tech
Product of the Year

Bell Tech continued restyling the new C1500 trucks with its smoothie front bumper and roll-pan combinations. The company later became a constant supplier of custom "Cal look" cover trucks for Sport Truck.
Photo 3/22   |   truck Products boyd Wheels
Product of the Year

Boyd Coddington quit his job as a machinist in the late '70s and set the custom-wheel world on its ear when he introduced his two-piece billet-aluminum wheels. The Star, Rod Sport, and Pro Sport were available in 14-inch through 17-inch diameters and in polished, gold, or anodized finishes. Another innovative product of 1990 was the home louver-punching kit from Good Times Louvre Co.

Product of the Year

Phantom dualies were all the rage in the early '90s before the advent of large-diameter dualie wheels. Companies like Mickey Thompson and Goodyear offered super-wide tires to fit the single wheels filling up these widebody trucks.
Photo 6/22   |   truck Products holley
Product of the Year

Capitalizing on the number of show trucks running its carbs, Holley opened the Custom Shop. Now you could buy or rebuild your carbs with powdercoated and chromed parts for the ultimate custom look.
Photo 7/22   |   truck Products classic Cowl Cover
Product of the Year

You'd be hard-pressed to find a Cal-look Chevy that wasn't running Classics by Bernt's smooth wiper cowl.
Photo 8/22   |   truck Products KMC Wheels
Product of the Year

When KMC launched its line of dualie wheels, the phantom dualie trend was dealt a serious blow by guys who were willing to drop and roll a real dualie.
Photo 9/22   |   truck Products budnik Wheels
Product of the Year

We had a hard time choosing between the Tail Guard because it stopped so many tailgate thefts in the '90s, Sprint By Competition's truly flush-mount fiberglass tonneau cover for its great looks, and Budnik's combo steering wheel and rim packages. In the end though, the trend of matching your steering wheel to the wheels you rolled on trumped the other products in '95 and for years to come. Budnik was also one of the first companies to offer 18s with a matching steering wheel.
Photo 10/22   |   truck Products street Beat Customs
Product of the Year

Street Beat Customs' sliding ragtops had been around for years, but the mid '90s really saw open-air movement take off with this VW-inspired mod.
Photo 11/22   |   truck Products LED Lights
Product of the Year

Steve Warner was on to something when he visited Performance SC in Pacoima, California, to have flush-mount LED lights sunk into the roll pan of his Chevy, replacing the stockers. Little did he know that this story would literally set off a trend that continues even today. We've also got to give an honorable mention to Hotchkis Performance because it put together a complete tuned-handling package for Chevy trucks when the rest of the market was merely lowering these trucks and not really focusing on handling.
Photo 12/22   |   truck Products clear Tailligts
Product of the Year

Versus Motorsports clear taillights and corner lights started a trend (albeit an illegal one) that earned thousands of fix-it tickets for sport truckers everywhere.
Photo 13/22   |   truck Products caddy Light Installation Kit
Product of the Year

Sir Michaels wasn't the first shop to put Caddy lights in a truck, but when it released its installation kit in '99 everyone jumped on the bandwagon. To this day, Caddy lights are still cool even if they are a bit played out.
Photo 14/22   |   truck Products escalade Front Clip
Product of the Year

Back in the May issue, when we printed our first Cadillac Escalade front-clip swap, the parts came directly from GM. Pro Design in Santa Ana performed the swap and ignited a trend that is still going strong. The current-generation Escalade swaps are still hot, and there's a host of aftermarket companies making it happen.
Photo 15/22   |   truck Products DVD Players
Product of the Year

In 2001, in-dash DVD players became readily available in the aftermarket. Since then, nearly every show truck ended up with a TV in the dash.
Photo 16/22   |   truck Products edelbrock Crate Engines
Product of the Year

Edelbrock crate engines brought ready-to-run power to the people with the company's line of Performer motors.

Photo 17/22   |   truck Products katzkin
Product of the Year

In October, we had Katzkin Interiors recover the seats of our Comp Cruizer project. Since then, the company has made it easy for anyone to customize his vehicle's seats without visiting an interior shop with its presewn interior kits.
Photo 18/22   |   truck Products magna Charger
Product of the Year

Superchargers and sport trucks have always gone together like apple pie and ice cream. When Magna Charger released its intercooled Radix line of blowers, unreal levels of power on pump gasoline were realized.
Photo 19/22   |   truck Products air Ride Technologies
Product of the Year

There are a lot of bolt-on, link-type air suspension systems on the market and most of them are really good. Air Ride Technologies took the idea of lowering your truck to the next level by designing its StrongArms, ShockWaves, and AirBar system to actually make our trucks handle better than stock. The company's Street Ride Challenge events have demonstrated the viability of its systems in performance applications.
Photo 20/22   |   truck Products gale Banks
Product of the Year

The diesel performance explosion wouldn't have gained much steam without Gale Banks. Banks has been with us since the beginning, hopping up the Big Three's diesel trucks to run circles around their gasoline counterparts. The PowerPDA represented the ultimate combination of tuning power and organization.
Photo 21/22   |   truck Products truck Steps
Product of the Year

Lifted trucks aren't going anywhere. It's a functional trend that won't die. So when AMP Research released its electric running-board-style steps, the company made lifted-truck ownership a lot easier to deal with on a daily basis.
Photo 22/22   |   truck Products duramax
Product of the Year

Not to be outdone by all of the gas burners, Banks Power introduced a line of complete Duramax diesel engines. Now you too could get tons of power and mpg out of your project truck as long as you wanted an oil-burning soot machine. We mean that in the best way possible. Viva La Banks!



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