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  • Scale Model Build Contest - Round 3 Summary

Scale Model Build Contest - Round 3 Summary

Round 3 Recap

Oct 27, 2009
Photographers: Courtesy Of Owners
From August 1 through October 1, 2009, nineteen builders participated in the Round 3 Scale Model Build Contest. This story is a compilation of the finished and unfinished builds. First through third place winners, and a runner-up, will be chosen.
"Too Mini"
Aaron went back to his roots with this 1/64th scale Chevy S10 hot wheels build. Displaying the same level of work that brought him a 1st place finish in Round 2 with "Sinkota", we have come to expect nothing less than this type of flawless build. Is this dime, barely bigger than a dime, too mini for the competition of Round 3? We'll find out!
"Startin' Over"
Rob build this two-tone pearl white and Tangelo orange pearl Chevy S10 with a rear frame custom made to look like Cebreco's "Payback" Toyota. This clean truck also includes 19" Irocs, air bags, full custom bed, 4 wheel disc brakes, and more. Although this clean Dime will definitely heat up the Round 3 competition, does it have what it takes, or will Rob have to start over with another model?
"Twisted Xtreme"

Augustin built 2 S10's for Round 3. "Twisted Extreme" is a two-tone orange and black truck featuring a V8. "Sinister10" is a wicked 3-wheeling sapphire blue and silver Chevy S10 lowrider that sits on 13X7 100 spoke wheels. Will these builds juice up the competition?
Joe, the Round 2 4th place finisher with his "Pavement Pounder" Hardbody, built a beautiful '95 Toyota for this round. With 20 inch Colorado Custom wheels, a full one-off custom box/tube frame, 3 inch traditional body drop, two-tone blue and white tweed interior and much more, Joe has, again, set himself up to finish this round nicely. He also posted many build pictures and had a very commendable build thread. Is Joe's Toyota toyin' with the competition?
"Trailer Queen"
Jason built an Acura Black with gold flake 1994 GMC Sonoma on 13 inch triple gold Daytons with white wall tires. He set his build apart from the rest with a wood bed instead of a traditional bed. He really went the distance by including a custom trailer, because "every trailer queen needs a lowrider custom trailer." Will this queen get knocked off her trailer in Round 3? We'll find out.
This 1995 Chevy Blazer 4 door includes a body drop, sliding ragtop, 20 inch wheels, custom made control arms, 4 12 inch subs, and more. An overall impressive build! Will this Blazer stay red hot, or get sent home in Round 3?
Brad's plan was to "use 3 kits, throw'em all in one box with glue, shake and see what comes out." What came out was truly a unique build, "a mini-escalade with a short bed." This 1995 Chevy Blazer includes an Escalade front clip, a cut-off rear roof and a fully molded rear gate, 24 inch wheels, HOK candy red paint with candy tangerine scallops, and much more. Now we're waiting for him to build the real thing! Does Blazalade have too much bling for its own good, or will the Mini Truckin' crowd appreciate the creativity?
Chris made a heroic effort to complete his 1995 Nissan Dually, and although he didn't quite make it in time, we are impressed with his effort and the way he came right back to post the finished product. This truck is body dropped, bagged, made into a regular cab, and is a convertible. Will this last-minute low one be able to keep its frame straight when put against the Round 3 competition?
"Dooled-Out Dragger"

Matt, the Round 2 Runner-Up, went all out on Round 3, easily completing three builds. Not shying away from big mods, he turned a Chevy dually into a 4-door, and a Chevy Blazer into a 2-door. For his third model, he blinged out an Escalade. He easily finished before the deadline, setting the standard for the rest of the field. Will this runner-up run over the other Round 3 builds?
"Rav Floored"

Josh, the Round 1 Runner-Up and Round 2 3rd place finisher, built 2 trucks for Round 3. He slapped some 22" semi wheels on '94 Toyota Longbed to complement the wide bed dually-look. As usual, he dove into the Supercar/high horsepower scene by adding Ferrari seats and a Viper V10 engine under the hood. The Toyota needs the horsepower in order to tow his second build, which is a 1997 Toyota RAV4. When was the last time you saw a juiced Rav4 on the floor, rolling on 24" gold Daytons? We haven't seen it either, and are expecting Josh to build it immediately. How will Toyotas fair in Round 3?
"German Vintage"
"Just For Looks"
"Alto Pero"
We don't know how he did it, but kalifkid, the Round 2 2nd place winner, completed 6 builds for Round 3. Ranging from a lifted Toyota Pickup on 54s to a floored Toyota 4Runner to a VW bus to a set of Nissans to an S10, we don't know how he keeps all the builds straight himself. Will quantity help him out in Round 3, or confuse the panel?
"Body Bagged"
Scott, Round 2 5th place finisher, had some good progress on his 1990 Chevy S10 Blazer, but building a house and sick Caddy pushed put the model build on the backburner.
"Twisted Envy"
Airbrushmaster started building a 1998 Dodge Dakota with a Dodge Challenger front end. Unfortunately, despite his late minute crunch-time efforts, he was unable to meet the deadline. We definitely like where this build was headed, and hope to see it competed!
Phillip was hoping to finish his build before the deadline, despite a wreck that put him in and out of the hospital. Unfortunately (but understandably), we never heard back from Phillip and have no pictures of what he was building.
We have no record that Twisted Fabrication started a Round 3 thread.
Dan was planning on building a 1999 Ford Lightning, but that's all we know!
We have no record that Jarod started his Round 3 thread for his Nissan Hardbody Kingcab build.
Nick threatened with 3 proposed scale model builds, but we didn't see progress on any of them!
Matt threatened the competition with a proposed 1995 F150 Lightning build, but the project must have fizzled before he started a thread.



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