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  • DieselSite Shop Tour, Trucks, Transmission And HPOP Build

DieselSite Shop Tour, Trucks, Transmission And HPOP Build

A Look Inside The Legendary Problem-Solving Headquarters

Bob Carpenter
Jun 18, 2015
Photographers: Bob Carpenter
If you know anything about DieselSite, you know the company makes products that solve problems for serious diesel pickup enthusiasts. If you have never heard of DieselSite, you are in luck, because we took a visit to the Homosassa, Florida, company and peeked in every corner.
The first thing people usually notice upon visiting DieselSite is that the place is packed with diesel pickup enthusiasts. The parking lot is full of customized trucks. Owner Bob Riley helps make sure of that, as he provides a budget for every employee to help them build the truck of their dreams—even when he’s not a fan of the style. Bob, for example, would never own a lowered, flat-black pickup…but he’s sure impressed with the work Brian Cox has done to his ’00 Ford F-250.
Photo 2/36   |   When you ask everyone at DieselSite with a pickup to park in front of the building it takes up a lot of space!
“Owning and working on our own diesel pickup helps keep everyone involved in the hobby and intimately aware of the company’s products,” Bob explains. “When you have installed an HPOP on your own truck it’s much easier to describe it to a customer.”
What essentially started out of a garage with a good solution to a diesel truck filtration problem has grown into a huge, 18,000-square-foot facility with a seemingly endless amount of interesting products that are unique and typically solve some sort of problem diesel enthusiasts encounter—especially when they have been boosting the power of their truck.
Photo 3/36   |   Brian Cox lowered his truck and had it painted semi-gloss black for a wicked different look.
The latest addition to the parts catalog is the line of transmissions called Legendary. We all know the gear-changer becomes a weak link at some point in the power-boosting quest, so it was a natural progression for the company. But building a bulletproof transmission is no easy task, so Bob started out by buying an aftermarket transmission company and then training himself and the staff for nearly 2 years before selling a single one of them. That’s the kind of focus on quality that gets attention. For now, you can upgrade the transmission for your Ford F-250 and F-350 from ’89 through ’97 (E4OD), ’98 through ’03 (4R100), and even ’03 through ’10 (5R110).
Photo 4/36   |   The Legendary transmission is the latest problem-solver in the DieselSite line. Lots of high-tech engineering goes into this gear changer.
While there’s plenty of companies out there that will add an extra clutch or two and a shift kit to your transmission, DieselSite is way beyond such simple hop-up tricks. Bob has secured the rights to use the proprietary materials found in the most recent OEM transmissions on parts designed for older transmissions. So what you get is a high-energy friction material that can hold 30 percent more and produce 20 percent less heat. That’s a significant improvement when you’re talking about a 25-year-old transmission.
Bob also does a significant amount of machine work on the company’s transmissions, mostly to accommodate more clutch and friction plates. One example of his perfectionism is how he goes the extra distance to beef up the coast clutch. Most people would tell you there’s no need to do that, but Bob knows anyone who is using an exhaust brake or pulling a heavy load puts a lot of strain on the coast clutch, and that is a point of failure many transmission companies overlook.
But enough about that…let’s talk about the trucks the employees drive! Here’s a bit more about a few of the nicest ones we saw.
Photo 8/36   |   Bob Riley’s daily driver is a ’96 Ford F-350 dualie. It started out as a two-wheel drive.
There’s no way to avoid staring at the ’96 Ford F-350 dualie Bob loves to drive almost daily. The two-wheel-drive truck was converted to a four-wheel drive and a ’91 kingpin Dana 60 front axle was used. A Sky reverse front shackle kit with a 3-inch lift was used to get the truck up in the air. A Super Duty interior was put into the ’96 and custom fabricated bumpers were bolted on. A DieselSite Legendary transmission was installed to handle the fully built engine. The truck has 250/80cc injectors, and an H2E turbo with the Wicked Wheel 2. The .030-oversize pistons were part of a completely balanced rotating assembly. Head and main studs keep everything together. A DieselSite OBS fuel system was used on the truck, as was a DieselSite kit that allows the usage of an International water pump with an integrated coolant filter. The powerplant sends the exhaust through 7-inch stacks with custom heat shields.
Photo 9/36   |   Inside the machine shop at DieselSite there’s every machine and tool needed to customize parts with precision. CNC work is done down the road a bit.
The aforementioned lowered ’00 Ford F-250 built by Brian Cox sits 5 inches lower than it came from the factory and sports a custom semi-gloss black paintjob. Stacks measuring 7 inches get even more attention for Brian. DieselSite parts include a Wicked Wheel 2 on the GTP38 turbo, Dieselsite CPR fuel system, Adrenaline HPOP, transmission filter, transmission cooler, and coolant filter. Brian’s six-speed manual has a LuK clutch and a short shifter.
Robert Feltenburger’s white ’05 Ford F-250 was lifted 6 inches and then he added 6-inch exhaust stacks with custom heat shields. The stock turbo has a Wicked Wheel 2. Robert uses a DieselSite coolant filter, Adrenaline HPOP, Dieselsite (HPODS) High Pressure Delivery System, and transmission filter. The next thing that will be installed in the truck is a Legendary 5R110 transmission.
Photo 10/36   |   The High Pressure Oil Delivery System for 6.0L Fords helps ensure maximum fuel delivery. Even stock pumps can benefit from quieter operation, quicker starts, and better acceleration. But if you have a modified truck, this HPODS will really wake things up.
Dan Shoda’s ’02 Ford Excursion has a 6-inch Fabtech lift with Hostile wheels and 35-inch Nitto tires. The looks are further enhanced with an ’06 front end. The truck was painted a custom Dark Wedgewood with metallic. In addition to a Hydrachip tuner, the engine has an Adrenaline HPOP from DieselSite, DieselSite engine boot kit, boost relieve valve, and a Wicked Wheel 2 with the Turbo Master wastegate controller. Dan uses one of the new Legendary 4R100 transmissions with an external filter and a Tru-Cool cooler. An MBRP exhaust and AFE intake keep the flow going while a DieselSite kit allows the use of an International water pump with a coolant filter. DieselSite bellowed up-pipes are used on the truck, as is a DieselSite CPR fuel system. An SCT 4015 Bluetooth-to-iPad scanner keeps track of all the power and makes sure it all gets to the rear wheels. Dan added Mag-Hytec differential covers and a transmission pan. A Hellwig sway bar on the rear keeps the truck flat and level on twisty roads.
No matter when you visit DieselSite, you’ll find all kinds of interesting things being built, designed, and R&D’d because there’s always a new problem to solve when you’re fooling around with diesel pickups.

Adrenaline High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP)