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  • Hall of Fame: 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Hall of Fame: 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Pushed By His Sons to Build an Awesome Truck

Bob Carpenter
Oct 19, 2015
Photographers: Bob Carpenter
Photo 2/27   |   This 2500HD gets worked hard, pulling a 30-foot camper and various other trailers. After all, when you have a truck, you’re always helping someone move!
When you ask Mason Hall why he built this ’05 Chevy 2500HD truck, he laughs and says, “I think it was more my sons Chris and Chad who pushed me into it. Both of them are gearheads and have been around the industry for a long time.” Chris is the owner of Fat Boy Customs in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Chad is co-owner of Alligator Performance in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. That’s a pretty heavy-hitting duo. We can see why they pretty much pushed their dad into building an awesome diesel pickup.
Photo 3/27   |   Mason Hall’s ’05 Chevy was built to be reliable but pack a punch when needed.
It’s not like Mason is a stranger to custom vehicles, though. As a young man, he had several muscle cars. One was a Plymouth Road Runner with a 383 and four on the floor. Another one he fondly remembers was a ’70 Nova SS with a 396 in it. He thought those cars were fast until he took a ride in each of his sons’ modded diesel trucks. After that, he had a need for speed (and torque)!
Photo 4/27   |   A Mag-Hytec rear differential cover and transmission pan keep operating temperatures within reason when Mason is towing his 30-foot trailer.
“It’s great that I can not only use my truck to pull my 30-foot trailer but also to sneak up on those smoky Cummins trucks that think my pickup is just for looks. And I still get 19 mpg cruising on the freeway at 75 mph.”
Photo 5/27   |   The Chevy runs 20x9 American Eagle wheels. The 305/50R20 Nitto Terra Grappler all-terrain tires provide well-rounded on- and off-road performance in various weather conditions.
The transformation began at Fat Boy, where the truck saw the addition of new wheels and tires, an RBP grille, and custom paintwork. Fat Boy also installed a SnugTop bedcover and a backup camera. Then the truck moved on to Alligator Performance, where it received some simple performance mods like a plug-and-play tuner, gauges, and an exhaust.
Photo 6/27   |   A custom-painted RBP grille spices up the look of the truck.
Photo 7/27   |   2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd 025
Photo 8/27   |   Auto Meter gauges keep Mason informed of what’s going on inside the engine and transmission.
As Mason got used to 400 hp, however, he got a little bored and wanted more. Chad talked him into doing the next step of upgrades, which included a Max Effort EFILive programmer with tuning by DuramaxTuner, an Alligator Performance Stage 5 transmission kit, an AirDog lift pump, and more. There were also some intake upgrades, beefed-up HD steering parts, and some reliability mods completed by Diesel Race Parts. When all was said and done, the truck was fast and dependable—and it gets where it’s going in style.
Photo 9/27   |   Lots of speed parts are hidden in there. The truck has an S&B cold-air intake, AFE turbo mouthpiece, AFE hot-side intercooler pipe, AirDog II 165-gph lift pump, and a lot more.
So let’s get down to specifics and identify exactly which parts were added to the Chevy. The intake is an S&B cold-air intake, and it has an AFE Turbo Mouthpiece and AFE hot-side intercooler pipe. A MagnaFlow 4-inch downpipe-back dual exhaust adds a throaty tone to the Duramax. An AirDog II 165-gph lift pump keeps the fuel flowing, and an EFILive with DSP5 tuning by DuramaxTuner makes sure it all gets used up in the combustion process. Also under the hood is a Diesel Race Parts PCV reroute kit, fuel rail plug, EGR blocker plate, and billet mouthpiece plugs. A Mag-Hytec rear differential cover and transmission pan keep temps down by adding more fluid and cooling fins. Mason monitors his engine with Auto Meter boost, pyro, and transmission temperature gauges. The transmission is an Allison five-speed automatic with a Suncoast 1056 triple-disc torque converter. The axles have 3.73 lockers in them.
Photo 10/27   |   2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd 019
The suspension was leveled and Bilstein 5100 shocks were added to improve the ride. The Sulastic rubber shackles were a big improvement to the ride quality, too. Fabtech HD tie rods are much beefier than the factory options, and Mason also added a Cognito pitman and idler arm support kit. The Nitto Terra Grappler tires are mounted on 20-inch American Eagle wheels.
Photo 11/27   |   The SnugTop bedcover keeps bed contents safe and secure, while adding a clean look.
On the exterior, Mason added painted door handles, custom graphics, and a custom-painted RBP grille. The SnugTop bedcover helps keep others honest. A BedRug preserves the bed surface while assuring that precious cargo is well protected.
The truck turned out exactly the way Mason wanted. He has no plans for more upgrades or any future projects. “I wanted one part reliability, one part purpose, and one part fun,” Mason explains. “I can keep the tuning at 400 hp, and it will live a long time, but when I need to tow I can pull anything. Then, when I want to race the truck next to me, I turn it up to 5 and floor it!”
When you’ve got two superstars working on your truck for you, it’s just not that hard to do!



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