Kris Horton is a custom car designer and digital artist based in Southern California and the owner of Cars By Kris, a freelance design firm that focuses on vehicle renderings. Horton has been creating digital 3D renderings for 12 years, having designed countless SEMA show vehicles as well as Ridler and AMBR contenders. Horton made his way into the automotive industry by creating his original concept for the 5th Generation Camaro, which debuted in Popular Hot Rodding in 2003. When people discovered the images in the article were actually digital renderings, people began approaching Horton for photorealistic images of their own project cars. He quickly became known for his unique 3D renderings and has been doing them ever since. Horton specializes in Pro-Touring cars and custom trucks, but also branches out to design and illustrate things like luxury yachts, military watercraft, apparel, and action figures. Horton is available for any vehicle illustration, concept design, or project proposal needs. More info and rendering samples can be found at