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Nov 26, 2015
Photo 2/10   |   001 Dirty Hooker Diesel Y Pipe
Y Not?
Lose the restrictive factory intake manifold and go for Dirty Hooker Diesel’s High Flow Intake Kit for Duramax LLY diesels. The one-piece Y-bridge intake is assembled from mandrel-bent aluminum, giving the intake manifold a massive increase in volume (152 percent greater airflow, according to DHD). With increased airflow comes lower EGT, extra power, and more torque, offering better performance than stock. The kit includes the main intake assembly and all necessary hardware.
Dirty Hooker Diesel
Photo 3/10   |   002 MOVE Bumper
Cheap Fun
Sure, you could go down to your parts dealer and get some off-the-rack bumper to install on your truck, but that’s boring, expensive, and unoriginal. The alternative? A weld-it-yourself unit from MOVE Bumpers. The MOVE bumper’s parts fit perfectly, giving the owner a fun weekend project welding it all together. MOVE bumpers are also available with and without lightbar holes and winch mounts, and the company will supply lights to the customer as well. They’re available for many eight-lug trucks, vans, and SUVs, as well as some light pickups.
MOVE Bumpers
Photo 4/10   |   003 Edge CTS2
Cutting Edge
The Edge Products CTS is being upgraded for 2016 and getting a new name: CTS2. Along with the second-gen update comes superior graphics and a slimmer case design. The full-color 5-inch display also delivers zero glare, and an HDMI plug helps with linking certain accessories. The Edge user can customize the display’s colors and backgrounds, and a new smartphone-like screen-swipe function allows for navigation through the tuner’s displays.
Edge Products
Photo 5/10   |   004 CURT Bike Rack
Bring the Bike
Mountain bikers, rejoice! Say you’ve got a teardrop camper and four bikes, and you want to bring it all with you on your trip to Moab. With the CURT Manufacturing Towable Bike Rack Shank, you can. It fits with CURT’s line of hitch-mounted bike racks, while an extension off the back allows you to fit a ball on the end for your trailer. The shank’s secure construction means you can trust it with a tongue weight of 200 pounds and a gross trailer weight of 2,000 pounds—more than enough for many small boats, trailers, and haulers.
CURT Manufacturing
Photo 6/10   |   005 Dickies Shop Jacket
Cold Shop, Warm Jacket
This author’s shop ain’t heated, so doing any kind of work during the winter can be brutal. But Dickies’ new Insulated Shop Jacket is just the ticket to prevent work-related chills. Like the brand’s Eisenhower jacket, this new one is water-resistant, and the full zipper, adjustable cuffs, and adjustable waist tabs keep body heat in and cool air out. It also heralds a new era in Dickies fashion, with modern colorways and a bike-jacket–inspired design you’ll want to wear outside the shop, too.
Photo 7/10   |   006 Yukon Manual Locking Hub
Wild Freewheeler
Available for the ’09-to’15 Ram HD pickup with four-wheel drive, the Yukon Gear and Axle Free Spin Kit eliminates the front hub in favor of a manual locking hub. Making the switch allows the truck’s owner to drive with the front axles fully disengaged when in two-wheel drive, helping with fuel economy and reliability. The kits are also available for earlier Dodge pickups as well, and they come with tapered bearings to replace the factory’s non-serviceable bearings for even more cost savings down the road.
Yukon Gear and Axle
Photo 8/10   |   007 Lockstrap Tie Downs
Strap It Down, Lock It Up
Most of us would rather not leave a $10,000 motorcycle sitting unattended on a bike hauler, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. To help deter theft and loss, one company has a solution. Lockstraps tie-downs come with innovative combination-locked carabineers and cable-reinforced webbing, making theft much more difficult. Both parts of the tie-down are secure, and the company has many other accessories for secure, safe hauling.
Photo 9/10   |   008 Garmin Nuvi Cam
Surveillance Chic
The prevalence of Russian dash cam videos on YouTube has us convinced we need to protect our rides better. Garmin is on the job with the Nuvi Cam LMTHT navigation system. A built-in camera faces forward and continuously records the drive, and in the event of an impact, it instantly saves the footage. The GPS feature also records where and when the event happened, all of which could provide invaluable information when seeking insurance payments or damages. The Nuvi Cam also gives traffic information and free lifetime map updates for easier navigation.
Photo 10/10   |   009 Roush CleanTech Propane Tank
Long-Range Propane Accessories
One of the drawbacks to propane propulsion is range anxiety, since the fuel isn’t readily available. However, Roush CleanTech now offers a propane tank for the Ford E-450 chassis that’s 56 percent larger than the standard fuel tank. It’s built for Ford’s 6.8L V-10, and the increase in range should provide municipalities, local governments, and even private customers some incentive to invest in the fuel. Additionally, the company provides a five-year, 100,000-mile extended warranty for transit customers.
Roush CleanTech



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