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  • Particulate Matters - Dress for Success, Diesel Style

Particulate Matters - Dress for Success, Diesel Style

All Good in the Hoodie

KJ Jones
May 29, 2016
Photographers: KJ Jones
How many of you are required to wear uniforms on any sort of a regular basis (for work, school, a sport, etc.)? Another question, how many of you (maybe even subconsciously) adorn the same type clothing each day, even though the repetition doesn’t technically constitute an actual mandated or required uniform? I’m kind of guilty on that one.
Living in Southern California, where the climate is pretty nice yearround, I’m typically seen wearing a pair of Dickies brand work shorts (cell phone pockets rule), a T-shirt touting some facet of high performance, a pair of sneakers (some folks call them “tennis shoes”), and my trademark/signature/always-present Diesel Power bucket hat. Hoodies are also part of my standard repertoire. I wear them throughout the winter months and on any early mornings and evenings during the other seasons, when temperatures are on the chilly side. More on hoodies in just a bit.
Photo 2/4   |   002 Particulate Matters Hoodies Kj Collection
This is just a small glimpse of my growing hoodie collection. The grey shirt certainly stands out like a sore thumb amid all of the black-colored sweatshirts. I like to rock 3XL, mainly because it’s a size that affords me a bit more movement than the 2XL shirts.

While The Enthusiast Network doesn’t “make me” don this gear each day, the getup has been my unofficial, personal uni (‘u-nee’, the abbreviated term for a uniform that I came up with) for more than 10 years. The way I see it, they’re clothes that I’m comfortable wearing, and the powers that be at TEN don’t have any problem with the fashion choice. It’s neat and consistent, and I will gladly step up my apparel program to long pants and either a collared or Polo-style shirt, whenever a tonier look is necessary. That’s never a problem.
Now…Getting back to those hoodies. As many of you know, I travel thousands of miles each year, attending various diesel events and visiting shops around the U.S. In my journeys, one of the things I’ve noticed at every stop is that hooded sweatshirts are the outerwear worn by almost all of the diesel enthusiasts I meet. Yes, hoodies rule the scene, and black appears to be the preferred color--by a landslide (but pink is also thrown into the mix for the ladies)! To my knowledge, no one has actually declared that the hoodie is the official uniform of diesel enthusiasts; I think the huge number of people who wear the sweatshirts regularly proves that they really are. So, with the publishing of this column, let’s consider it “official” from this point forward!
I’m also cultivating a little collection of diesel-related hoodies, which include 3XL hooded sweatshirts from many popular shops (by the way, Alec Hembury, I’m still waiting for that Industrial Injection deal you’re supposed to be sending), race teams and events. Now, before you start thinking I’m plus-sized or something, I realize my preferred shirt size is a tad too big for me. But, I really like the roominess the larger hoodies offer, so my cache is made up of mostly that size (and some 2XLs).
Photo 3/4   |   003 Particulate Matters Hoodies Diesel Power
Is a Diesel Power-branded hoodie in your future? Let us know what you currently have and whether you plan to add one of ours to your collection!

I’m closing this column with an invitation for you to let us know “what’s in your closet?” when it comes to diesel-associated clothing, and, more specifically, the hoodie sweatshirts and other pieces that you wear on a regular basis. I have a feeling that many of you who are reading this have a lot more gear than I do, but know that I’m working on increasing my count. I also want to let you know that our own version of the oil-burner-enthusiast’s uniform (that’s right, a Diesel Power hoodie) is being developed and will be available through Xtreme Diesel Performance (XDP), online or in-store, hopefully by the summer of 2016 (which could be by the time our print readers see this).
Photo 4/4   |   001 Particulate Matters Hoodies Crowd
Look closely at this photo, taken at the 2016 Rudy’s Season Opener event in North Carolina. Temperatures were on the low side, and we counted no fewer than 15 diesel enthusiasts around the Rudy’s Diesel Performance & Offroad vendor tent, all wearing hoodies (and apparently waiting in line to possibly buy more).