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  • Diesel Power Challenge 2016 - David Ferguson

Diesel Power Challenge 2016 - David Ferguson

’05 Ford F-350, 6.0L Power Stroke

KJ Jones
Jul 8, 2016
Photographers: Ben Cooper
David Ferguson tells us all his efforts since earning a spot in the Diesel Power Challenge 2016 lineup have been dedicated to “silencing the haters”—the people who are of very little faith that a truck powered by Ford’s 6.0L Power Stroke engine can fare well against Cummins or Duramax-powered entries.
Photo 2/15   |   002 David Ferguson 2005 Ford F 350
“I’ve tried every combination on the market with this engine,” David says. The powerplant is now hopped up with a Colt Cams Stage 3 camshaft, Wayne Hauffman machined and de-lipped pistons, and the huge injectors of DPC 2015 podium-finisher Jesse Warren (a switch from 300-percent-over to 400-percent-over Warren Diesel squirters was made right before the team left for Denver). The compound-turbocharger system, highlighted by 98mm Holset and 75mm BorgWarner ’chargers prepared by Barder Turbo Service, includes cold- and hot-side tubing by Kevin Cyr. And, according to David (who’s clearly keeping details close to the vest), there are “many other add-ons” in the package. Jesse takes care of the tuning, using SCT software.
“It’s time to push the limits of the all-hated, all-despised 6.0L,” David says. As his teammate demonstrated at DPC 2015 (with an uncorrected dyno hit of 1,099 hp and 1,925 lb-ft of torque), the engine’s limits are much broader than nonbelievers think they are. We’ll see how much farther beyond that envelope the Red Diamond Diesel–prepared F-350 can go.
Photo 3/15   |   005 David Ferguson 2005 Ford F 350
David, a firm believer in the merits and capability of Ford’s 6.0L Power Stroke engine, upgraded his ’05 F-350’s powerplant with a Kevin Cyr–built compound-turbocharger package. The setup is highlighted by a huge, Barder Turbo Service–prepped 75mm BorgWarner S475 high-pressure ’charger and an equally massive 98mm Holset HX82 unit on the atmosphere side.
Photo 4/15   |   011 David Ferguson 2005 Ford F 350
The sparse cockpit features a mix of stock pieces (dash, seats) and hard-core race equipment. A nitrous-oxide bottle and switch panel now reside where the center console once sat, and a rollcage with swing-out door bars and a five-point safety harness are welded and bolted in to keep David safe in the event of a high-speed mishap.
Photo 5/15   |   007 David Ferguson 2005 Ford F 350
With an atmospheric turbocharger that measures 98mm, getting air to the big ’charger is essential. This headlight-mounted bell easily handles that assignment and adds a cool touch to the truck’s appearance.
Photo 6/15   |   015 David Ferguson 2005 Ford F 350
Aeromotive’s new and much-ballyhooed Eliminator diesel lift pump and a fuel cell are the lone occupants of the F-350’s bed, and they’re the major components in a fuel system that includes Warren Diesel’s 500cc injectors and dual high-pressure oil pumps. Nitrous oxide is also onboard but, unlike most competitors, David keeps the tank within arm’s reach inside the cabin.
Photo 7/15   |   008 David Ferguson 2005 Ford F 350
Photo 8/15   |   009 David Ferguson 2005 Ford F 350
Suspension components include a Flight Fabrications front four-link system and custom traction bars in the rear. One interesting tactic David is trying at DPC 2016 is the use of M&H drag radial tires. While the softer-compound rubber is proven on the dragstrip, the jury is still out on how the tires will perform on the packed-dirt surface at the sled pull. With tire changing not permitted, it’ll be interesting to see how the gamble pays off.
Build Sheet
Name: David Ryan Ferguson
City: Richmond, Indian
Vehicle: ’05 Ford F-350
Driver Experience: Dyno, drag race, sled pull, tow
Engine: 6.0L Power Stroke V-8
Turbo(s): One 98mm Holset HX82 (atmospheric) and one 75mm BorgWarner S475 (high-pressure) prepared by Barder Turbo Service
Fuel: Warren Diesel 500cc/400-percent-over injectors, dual high-pressure oil pumps, and Aeromotive Eliminator lift pump
Electronics: SCT X4 programmer with tuning by Jesse Warren
Injectables: Nitrous Outlet two-stage nitrous-oxide system
Intake/Exhaust: Tubular headers by Kevin Cyr
Transmission: Stage 3 5R110 five-speed automatic by Red Diamond Diesel, and a Diesel Performance Converters quad-disc torque converter
Suspension: Flight Fabrications four-link (front), custom traction bars, and Rancho shocks
Tires/Wheels: 390/40R 17 M&H drag radial, 17x12 Weld Method
Differentials: 3.73 gears (front and rear), spool (rear)



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