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Detonation: Lack of Funding

John Lehenbauer
Aug 1, 2016
Photographers: John Lehenbauer
It was a typical day: a few of us standing around talking shop. We were discussing our truck projects, where we’re at with them, and what we want to do with them. As the conversation continued, it began to shift gears and be less about the projects and more about why they weren’t finished. We came to a consensus that our upgrades and builds aren’t finished due to lack of funding. This always seems to be a problem. Then the question was asked, “What would you do if you came into millions of dollars?” Each of us had slightly different ideas of what we would do, but there was one underlying theme among us: our love of spending money on motorized cars, trucks, boats, bikes, and such.
Those who have had project vehicles will understand that it’s easy to run out of money. Most budgets are not big enough to meet our ever-expanding wants and needs. There never seems to be that little “extra” on hand to deal with any unexpected problems that arise. Wouldn’t it be nice to just build something the way you want without any worries? A winning lotto ticket or a filthy-rich uncle might help.
Now, I don’t see any fortune coming my way anytime soon, but if for some reason greenbacks drop in my lap, I will have a hard time restraining myself. It’ll be like giving a meth junkie money for another hit. I already spend all my extra cash on my vehicles, so if my pockets get deeper, I will have a revitalized desire to finish my projects that have been lingering. They’ll be bigger, stronger, and faster. Since I always seem to have this desire to buy just one more, I’ll purchase some project motorcycles, hot rods, and trucks. A brand-new or custom-built diesel pickup will also be a nice change from old beaters I usually have. Then I might start a car collection of exotic and vintage vehicles. If there are any funds left, they’ll be put toward building a competitive race truck to compete in the Outlaw Diesel Super Series drag races. It would also be fun to set the rig up to be a contender for the Diesel Power Challenge.
As you can tell by my wish list, I could spend a fortune pretty quickly if given the chance, and I didn’t even put a fancy place to live on the list. I just want to enjoy myself. Life is too short. There is no need for me to show off wealth. Honestly, I’m the type of guy who is happy wearing T-shirts and shorts and living in a small house. But I know everyone is different and some of you are thinking, No way I would spend my money on…I want a… (fill in the blanks). Well, everyone is able to make his or her own decisions about likes and dislikes and how to spend money.
Of course, I have all these ideas for spending money that I will never have. Just dreaming with my eyes open is really what I’m doing. I know I’m not the only one who loves his hobbies and dreams of having the extra capital to indulge those passions. There are others out there who spend every extra cent to enjoy theirs.
So, would you stay on the same path in life with your diesel hobby/obsession or would your allocation of money steer you on a different course? Switch to a fancy, high-priced home and a country-club lifestyle? Maybe?