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  • Particulate Matters: On the Air - Diesel Performance Podcast

Particulate Matters: On the Air - Diesel Performance Podcast

On the Air

KJ Jones
Dec 7, 2016
Has your mind ever “raced” before? I mean, have you ever had several different and important-to-you thoughts in your head all at the same time? Well, if you’re familiar with this feeling, surely you know how difficult it is to break down and devote your focus to only one of the many thoughts you’re simultaneously pondering. Remember, to you, they’re all important!
Because no two days are ever the same for me, I’m usually thinking about a lot of things, ranging from deciding what Diesel Power’s editorial makeup will be to which vehicle will highlight our cover on any given month. To which city in our great nation will I travel to on my next business trip? What should our new Duramax-powered ’16 Chevrolet Colorado’s first upgrades be? And do I want pizza or steak and potatoes for dinner?
Seriously, from a cerebral standpoint, I’m all over the map. But I bet many of you reading this are in the same position. The way I see it, there’s a little ADD in all of us, and the older you get, the more it manifests itself. The good thing is, we always get things worked out.
In October 2016, I appeared as a guest on the very popular “Diesel Performance Podcast,” hosted by Paul Wilson and Danny Voss. “Remember, you have to do an interview, KJ!” was my mantra throughout the time leading up to the taping. However, while you would think it would be an easily remembered appointment, for me, it was something I thought about one minute and completely forgot about seconds later. With planning our annual coverage of the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association’s (SEMA) spectacular trade show in Las Vegas; squeezing a run to Port Angeles, Washington, into my schedule to check out a new compound-turbocharger system from Screamin’ Diesel Performance (details on that hotness are coming in a future issue); and typical day-to-day thoughts saturating my brain (I wonder what our dog does while we’re at work all day? Ha!), I really am amazed that I managed to compartmentalize things well enough to not miss the appointment.
After listening to several episodes of the podcast, which feature interviews with a veritable who’s who of movers and shakers in the diesel-performance game, I quickly realized that appearing on the Internet program is a pretty big deal in our hobby. Being interviewed by Danny and Paul is somewhat similar to the celebrities who get to sit on the couch at the Tonight Show and shoot the you-know-what with Jimmy Fallon. The big difference is, the discussion on the “Diesel Performance Podcast” lasts about an hour—not the mere 7 to 10 minutes some of Hollywood’s hopefuls and legends are afforded…and that depends on their star status, of course.
Our trio talked about a lot of things, and I answered several questions about the magazine and our annual Diesel Power Challenge event (past, present, and future). We also spoke very honestly about the hobby’s current climate and our thoughts and hope for the Diesel Nation as a whole with respect to the Environmental Protection Agency, the performance aftermarket, competition, the street, and so on. While I don’t think my appearance on the podcast will set any records for the number of Internet “clicks,” “hits,” “listens,” or whatever they’re called, I have to say, I really enjoyed being on the air and having a chance to just “talk diesel” for an hour with two pretty cool dudes.
While my interview on the “Diesel Performance Podcast” is a long way down the information superhighway by now, one of the great things about cyberspace is that the show I appeared on is archived and can easily be dialed up—for a first-time listen if you missed it or a refresher if your memory is as challenged as mine is—by typing the podcast’s URL ( in a web browser and searching through past shows until you get to mine. Would I do it again? If given a chance, you damn betcha I will! I hope you all enjoy the interview. Danny and Paul, thanks again for the opportunity!



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