10. Convoy (1978)
At the peak of the CB radio craze, out came this surprisingly good film based on C.W. McCall's classic truck music hit, "Convoy." Maybe it shouldn't have been a surprise with a cast headed by Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw under the direction of the legendary Sam Peckinpah.

9. The Driver (1978)
Another gem from 1978, starring Ryan O'Neal as an unnamed crook who specializes in getaways. And his favorite vehicle is a hot-rodded Chevy shortbed truck. Some of the best pickup driving ever caught on film.

8. Take This Job And Shove It (1981)
Not much of a cast (Robert Hays made one good movie--"Airplane"), and not much of a story (again based on a song), but this is the film that introduced Bob Chandler's Bigfoot Ford F-250 to the world. And that led to monster trucks.

7. Hell Drivers (1957)
British lorry drivers fight to expose the rackets of their corrupt industry. Very cool trucks--and a young pre-Bond Sean Connery lurks through many scenes.

6. They Drive By Night (1940)
The great George Raft and the even greater Humphrey Bogart under the fine hand of film-noir master Raoul Walsh in a tale of two truck-driving brothers caught up in murder. Great old trucks, and then there's Ann Sheridan around to throw in some sex appeal.