Total Miles Driven: 9,161 miles
Total Gallons of Fuel Used: 658.137 gallons
Total Cost of Fuel Used: $1,832.25
Total Fuel Stops: 9
Total Monsters Drank: 21
Total Red Bulls Drank: 7
Worst Single Tank: 6.70 mpg (Titan XD)
Total Trucks Stuck In Sand: 0 (Miraculously)
Total Judging Book Pages: 791
Total Pens Lost: 9
Total Cost of Trucks Tested: $438,004
Total Weight of Trucks Tested: 45,724 lbs
Total Weight of Judges: 2,125 lbs
Total Hours Driving: 660
Total Flat Tires: 0
Total Tires Plugged: 2 (Honda Ridgeline, Ford F-250)
Pounds of Ballast Moved: 62,800 lbs
Trailer Weight Empty: 3,545 lbs
Total Horsepower: 2,906
Total Torque: 3,825 lb-ft
Total Cylinders: 54
Total Engine Displacement: 38.7 liters
Smallest Engine Displacement: 3.5L (x3)
Total Transmission Gears: 56
Most Buttons: 102 (Super Duty)
Total Number of Buttons: 540
Total Number of Switches: 90
Total Number of Knobs: 53
Most Cup Holders: 13 (Tacoma)
Total Number of Cup Holders: 69
Total USB Ports: 15
Total Juice Box Holders: 2 (Ridgeline)
Total Pounds of Ice Used: 106
Highest Altitude Achieved: 6,752 feet
Total Tacos Consumed: 27